Your First Coaching Client

Create a Blissful Coaching Experience From Scratch

Struggling to see how you can package all your awesomeness into one coaching or mentoring offering?

Know you want to start offering a one on one experience to your online community but scared if you put something out there no one will take you up on it?

Or worse, you’ll come across as being an (dun, dun, dun,) imposter?


Well guess what?!

You’re the real deal. Not only to me but to your true fans as well.

And within that fan base is your first coaching client.  Not to sound too sexy time but they’re craving a little piece of you in the shape of a one on one experience.

So let’s give your followers what they want. We just need to unearth your super powers, find clarity on who it is you serve and how it is you can bring them relief – in your own special way!

What if you could...

  • Unearth your superpowers to unleash a force that will shape a one on one coaching or mentoring experience that will be unlike anything out there yet?
  • Find clarity on who exactly it is you're going to support with these super powers so you can speak directly to their soul and make your messaging and marketing SO much easier and second nature?
  • Have the easy to follow steps to create your first one on one service or mentoring experience that will be the perfect way to give your followers what they want - relief from a struggle in their days and one on one time with you? ​​
  • What if you can find your first coaching client as early as this time next week?

It's totally Doable and I'll show you how

The online world is hungry for more high touch offerings and one on one attention.

If you feel called to coaching or mentoring, now’s a great time to dip your toes into these welcoming waters.

There’s no need to overthink it or feel the fear of putting yourself out there. You, my dear, are an expert. Even if you’re not feeling it yet. There is no one out there with that same mix of natural talents and life experience to serve some one just a few steps behind you on their journey.

I’ll show you how to push through the self-doubt and experience this highly fulfilling stream of income – one on one coaching!

Hey there. I'm Kathy!

I train and mentor moms who want to start coaching.

I’ve always loved my creative outlets – blogging, knitting, spinning, sewing… SO much so in the past I made a few goes at turning them into a biz that will buy me the time and freedom to be with my young kids and dive into my own creative play just for fun.

Name the business model, I’ve done it all. I sold on Etsy. I did Farmer’s market. I taught classes.


But then I discovered that nothing beats working one on one with your tribe.

This is the start of your journey to diversify your income streams in ways that make sense.

And that starts with having real conversations and experiences with your community so you know on a deeper level what they’re struggling with. How you can truly help. Create those lifetime connections.

 It starts with one on one!

Nowadays, I specialize in training and mentoring moms to turn their passion into a sustainable and profitable coaching businesses.

And now I can help you create a simple one on one offering with my five day ecourse:



Here's what's inside...

Five lessons offered in video, audio and worksheet format

The steps all laid out for you for deciding on a coaching niche and coming up with a no-brainer coaching offer they can't resist

access to me and a community of budding coaches like you via the facebook group for Whenever you might get stuck

want an even deeper look at each of these Lessons?

Each of these lessons leans on my own superpower – creativity coaching – so as not to overwhelm you, keep it fun and access powerful parts of your brain you might have played with in a while, as you walk through the steps to create an irresistible offering for you first client.

You then get to move through the blueprint of not only finding  your first client to not only sign up but have them stick around for more of this amazing medicine that is you and your passion to serve your followers in a meaningful way!

Lesson 1: Your Superpowers

  • gain clarity around what it is you bring to the table and the area expertise this opens up for you
  • choose a struggle in the world you can bring ease to with your awesomeness
  • discover and embrace your chosen niche and start getting comfortable declaring it from the hill tops!

Lesson 2: Your ideal client's journey

  • pinpoint the essence of who exactly it is you want to servce
  • slip on her shoes and get a tour of the main struggles she experiences everyday
  • choose just one of these challenges that you can kill softly with your lesson one discovered superpowers

lesson 3: anatomy of your offer

  • create a list of procedure of how you will tend to the chosen problem you aim to mend for your first client
  • learn what it is you need to know about your new client before you proceed bringing ease to her situation
  • find clarity on how you can support her beyond the coaching experience to ensure she's set to soar

lesson 4: tools and proccesses

  • what exactly you need to offer a coaching service and get your first client online
  • learn ways to delight your clients so they keep coming back and spreading the word of your amazingness
  • the systems you need in place so you stay organized and don't drop any coaching task balls

Lesson 5: spread the word

  • a detailed checklist of what you need to do to ensure you welcome in your first client asap
  • how to introduce your coaching offering to your existing online followers
  • ways to build upon your first offering and create new ways to continue working with your first (and second, and third) client from now on

Want to experience the bliss of Your First Client?


I was feeling so excited about creating some products for my business, but super overwhelmed and confused with where to start and what to focus on. Kathy was able to zone in on what was important, truly listen and make some awesome recommendations. In a matter of a week of our strategy session, I busted through my resistance with niching and focused in on highly sensitive moms in a more obvious way and got a few leads and one new client. I feel more clear and confident!”

Lynne Newman|


This is for you if. . .

  • You're ready to start working with your peeps one one one but have no concrete picture of what that might look like.
  • Have a lot of ideas of how to help your community but not sure which one to run with.
  • Could use the support and cheer leading from someone who's been in your first time shoes before!

This is not for you if. . .

  • The thought of hopping on call with someone you've never spoken to before makes you want get back into your jammies and hide in the bathroom.
  • Looking for a get-rich scheme.
  • You like signing up for programs but actually moving through the doing bit? Meh. Not so much.

“I absolutely needed Kathy’s coaching to get me going. I came to her with so many ideas but not sure where to begin.

She helped me get clarity and see how my small steps each week would lead to the big vision -in a way that only another working mother could offer.

Most of my time was and is still dedicated to my children, and yet I knew that I had something else that needed to come through me. Something big. Thank you, Kathy, for your wisdom and guidance

Kestrel Gates|

If You're REady to...

  • See first hand how offering a one on one service such as coaching or mentoring is the perfect place to start birthing your online biz dreams.
  • Embrace the expert mindset needed to start making a difference in the world with your unique blend of gifts.
  • Learn the step-by-step process to create a small yet powerful one:one offering to introduce to your followers, and not waste any precious mama time figuring all of this on your own while you're at it.
  • And then get all the steps laid out to you to find your first paying coaching client, then...

sign up for the Bliss of First Coaching client today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The program starts the minute you join. You will gain instant access to all five lessons and get started on your first offering for your first client today!

The program is made up of five lessons that you can move through in five day’s time. You have the material forever so you can move through the course material over and over again while your business grows.

Five lessons taught in video and worksheets. Also included is a compilation audio so you can listen on the go. You also have the bonus of me sharing the offering you come up with and playing matchmaker, when I can, to help you find your first client!

Kathy is a kind, kindred mama spirit. Her gentle guidance, joy, compassion and love are a mama’s best friend. She’ll encourage you to follow the beat of your own drum and create a life that sings to you.”

Leonie Dawson|

Are you ready to experience the bliss of your first coaching client?


© 2019 Bliss Beyond Naptime

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