Hey Mama, Have dreams of starting an online biz?

But not sure if you’ll have to time to run a business (you know, with the chaos of motherhood and all)?

As a mom of two, and a coach to mom business owners, I know first hand that finding the time to build your business doesn’t come easy.

You’re in a frenzy creatively cramming in work in between your kids’ extracurricular activities, meal planning and naptimes.

You want to feel, and be, organized and productive so you can make headway on your entrepreneurial dreams

But mostly, you want to shake that constant anxious feeling that there’s never seems to be enough time to do it all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.


A 1-1 session where I work with you to customize your daily and weekly schedule to find flexible work time so you can start, and sustainably grow, your online business!



  • Feeling distracted and frustrated by your lack of focus.
  • Busting yourself wasting precious pockets of time on Facebook, saying yes when you meant to say no, and other busy work.
  • Getting annoyed with your adorable kids when they simply want to hang out with you when all you really want to do is work.
  • Exhaustion from cramming in all of your life's passions into one day - to the detriment of your self-care.


  • Excited and energized from knowing what to do and when.
  • Inviting in a flow to your days that honors your current season of motherhood while growing of your biz - without burning out.
  • Feeling connected with your kids and partners because with your new, healthy rhythm you can be fully present and peaceful.
  • Days filled with freedom, bliss and balance while you get to take baby steps toward your biz dreams!

Who is this for?

  • A mama swimming in business ideas , excited about the prospect of working from home, but just as passionate about being fully present for her kids.
  • A mama who can sense pockets of time but could use another set of eyes (and a mama's heart) on her life goals to have them pointed out to her.
  • A mama ready for a simple schedule to follow so she can start making progress on her work from home dreams.

“Before I started my coaching session with Kathy I felt completely overwhelmed. I wanted to grow my business but I didn’t have a plan of action. I felt stuck and was not moving forward. After our session together, I’m excited to implement all the tools Kathy provided me and am looking forward to following my new business schedule.

I would absolutely recommend the Rhythm Maker to anyone who needs clarity in their business and help with creating a solid plan of action.”

Christena Alyssandratos|Empoweredbychristena.com

What's included?

1. One hour Rhythm Maker Coaching Session

2. Printable Daily and Weekly Schedule customized just for you that outlines your work/life schedule

3. Productivity tips and hacks specific for your unique set of circumstances and season of life, biz and motherhood

so how does it work?

    Book your one hour session with me and have completed your Rhythm Maker questionnaire ready 48 hours before our call.
    We'll move through your biz, goals, family needs and current state of your mama bliss so we can invite more of that in your daily flow.
    I'll get to work crafting a daily and weekly schedule that integrates all these areas of your life and invites a sense of balance.
    We convene in one month's time to make adjustments to your schedule and explore any resistance that may have come up.

Ready to find time to work on your dream business?

Let’s get to work!
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Hey, Mama! I'm Kathy Stowell.

Life and biz coach and founder of Mama Bliss Coaching School. Over the last half decade, I’ve trained over 35 mamas from eight countries to coach other moms to deeper self-care, creativity and simplicity.

And rhythm is a crucial component of simplicity. It’s what I personally lean on to get me though the more stressful times in my mothering journey and what has afforded me the freedom and ease to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Even when my kids were a toddler and a newborn cute-ing up the house.

My background as a Simplicity Parenting Coach informs me to encourage you to let go of the clutter so you can genuinely live into your ideals, my Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching training inspires me to remind you that babysteps each day toward your dreams do indeed add up and my Communications Studies degree from University of Calgary make me talk good.

Remember this:

You could push your dreams to the side for the next few years.

But why would you? With a Rhythm Maker session we can find the time to work on your dream business ~now.

Instead of just thinking of ideas, you should start implementing them!

“Coaching from Kathy was incredibly helpful in focusing what I really wanted to get out of having my own creative business. I was at a point where I was feeling quite overwhelmed, and having her encouraging voice on the other end helped me to get excited about launching my website.

I really needed the nudge from Kathy, who kept me honest, to get some of my final tasks done, and breaking them down into smaller pieces really helped put it all into perspective. With her simplicity parenting coaching background, Kathy was also able to give me many tips and tricks to carve out the time I desperately needed to create and to recharge my own batteries.”

Terra Simieritsch



  • 1.
    Have a tangible pdf that clearly outlines both your daily and weekly times to work, times to play and how to honor your mama bliss - both on your own and with your family.
  • 2.
    Lean on this outlined schedule to make solid, mama-friendly progress toward your goals (with your health and happiness intact).
  • 3.
    Clarity on where you might see yourself a year from now, both in life and biz, and how today’s micro actions and rituals can get you there with ease


(1) 1-1 Sixty Minute Rhythm Maker Coaching Session
(1)Printable Daily and Weekly Schedule customized just for you that outlines your work/life schedule
(1) Thirty minute follow up call 30 days after our session


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Ready to find time to work on your dream business?

Let’s get to work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like the schedule we come up with?
By all means please do reach out to me and we will schedule a 30 minute follow up call to explore the resistance that has come up and make some tweaks and edits together.

I’m a busy mom. I can’t predict what the day’s going to bring. Is this going to work for me?
It’ll most especially work for you! The schedule is very much inspired by my coaching approach which is non-linear, organic and offers lots of flexibility and forgiveness for mamas. We go over the different scenarios of what may come up, how to forgive ourselves if we don’t stick to the plan and how to make up for it/try better the next day. There’s a reason that inviting a strong rhythm to our babies’ days is so effective. The essence of the pulse points to the day will inspire us to create healthy boundaries yet still stay flexible for when life stuff comes up!

Is business coaching included?
This package is specifically geared toward creating time to work, time to take care of yourself so you have the energy to put in the work when it’s time to do so.

I don’t have a business yet. Is Rhythm Maker still for me?
Absolutely. If you’re not interested in starting a business we can designate the time and space for you to reinforce your Mama Bliss with rituals for self-care, creative play and alone time to fill up your bliss buckets. If you’re wanting to start a business sometime soon but not quite yet, we will start practicing with designating time for daydreaming about that would look like, research and development and practicing taking baby steps toward realizing this dream.

Is there a guarantee?
Because of the coaching nature of this offering there is no refund. Though, as mentioned above, if the schedule isn’t working for you you are welcome to book a 30 minute follow up call to see where we can tweak your rhythm so that it flows more smoothly for you!


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Ready to find time to work on your dream business?

Let’s get to work!

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