Let's get your mom coaching business rocking and rolling

Let me guess. You’re feeling overwhelmed and spinning in decision fatigue with all the advice picked up from the ecourses and group trainings you’ve already invested in.

Frustrated because you didn’t get what you signed up for: More money flowing in to your coaching biz.

You’re done with piecing together diluted advice from group programs and free webinars – it’s time to hire a private mentor to get things in your mom coaching business finally rocking and rolling.

We would be a good fit if...

You see other mom coaches online making 2K, 5k, 10k months even, and you want help creating a doable plan to make this happen for you too.

You’re getting exhausted from the flip flopping between confidence and self-doubt trying to grow your biz. You’re realizing self-coaching can only take you so far.

Working with a private coach has been on your bucket list for a while. One who will hold space for you to tap into your inner-knowing while also steering you to what’s proven to work.

You’re ready to devote the time, energy and mindset to roll up your sleeves and get to work. And just as ready to laugh lots with someone in your corner who will remind you to not let it get too heavy.

Hi. I'm Kathy.

While I wish I could wave my magic latte cup and get your mom coaching clients magically flowing to you, you, as a coach yourself, understand that coaching is a two way street.

If you’re committed to your success I’ll do everything in my power to see you find clarity on the fastest, smoothest path to your revenue goals and set you up with all the strategies, tools and practices I’ve embraced over the past twelve years as a mom coach myself.

Some of these include tools from my training as a creativity coach, simplicity parenting coach (because we’re all just giant toddlers really), human design and hypnosis certification, Ashtanga yoga teacher, and my seven years’ training moms how to coach moms.

What you can expect to experience very quickly is clarity around who it is you serve, your core message, a marketing plan that’s simple yet effective and a consistent flow of moms starting to reach out wanting to work with you one on one.

“I’ve never worked with a coach before who is as hands on and offers such tangible support like Kathy does.

I leave our weekly sessions always knowing what to do next while being encouraged and supported to lean on ease and keeping things simple. We’re only two months into our six month private coaching package and already I have seen a 300% increase in my podcast episode downloads with a crystal clear niche I love, and a core message and a signature offer that’s getting in front of my ideal client.”

Gillian yuan

$1500 USD

$5000 USD

$5000 USD

Hema Rathod

“When I first reached out  I was in the position of literally not knowing where to start in my health coaching business. 

And because I just finished my health coaching training, the financial side of things was the only hesitation to sign up to work with a business coach. But even just after our first session I realized with Kathy was a sound investment. I was getting the structure I needed in my mom coaching biz to create clients and I immediately started seeing huge improvements.

After each session I felt motivated and knew what actions to take the next day. In between I would adhere to the foundational 4×1 marketing  plan we came up with and soon saw it turn into an autopilot aspect of my biz I would go back to when life felt full.

Kathy gets that as moms we have busy lives so the simplicity piece she always goes back to was a lifesaver. So big thank you Kathy for raising me off the ground, putting me on the path to success, giving me the coaching experience that was simple and fun every step of the way.”

Hema Rathod

“When I first started working with Kathy I was confused as to who I should be focusing on reaching out to as a new health coach. I knew I wanted to work with moms but I was feeling lost in navigating this new landscape of being an online entrepreneur.

I knew that working one on one is just a better investment for me so I can have that accountability partner next to me and have that reassurance piece. 

Since working together, I already have a group of moms working with me inside my new Facebook group. In just a couple months it skyrocketed. And my email list did too.
I loved being given a plan I could stick to to grow my business. Whenever I feel even a little lost it grounds me and gives something to go right back to.”

Sonia Dhaliwal

“I was feeling so excited about creating some products for my business, but super overwhelmed and confused with where to start and what to focus on. Kathy was able to zone in on what was important, truly listen and make some awesome recommendations. I busted through my resistance by niching down and focusing on highly sensitive moms in a more obvious way and immediately got a few leads and one new client. I feel more clear and confident!””

Lynn Newman

Ready for your coaching biz to take off?

“Investing in my business was scary at first but after hiring Kathy I got clients.

While I knew how to coach, there was a lot I didn’t know. And so there were so many questions I couldn’t get answered. So having Kathy as my one on one coach, I got all my questions answered for six months straight. And while I was finding them I could also feel Kathy having my back and rooting for me.

I would recommend working with Kathy if you’re in the coaching world or even if you’re just considering getting into coaching – just reach out. Especially if you’re really wanting to get that ability to move forward with a solid plan. A plan that gets you on your two feet, on solid ground in your coaching biz and gets you moving forward building your practice.”

Ashley becker

Diana Sodiq

“Before working with Kathy I was eight months into my coaching business and I found myself consuming a lot of content and having a lot of mind drama about my niche. Like, do I have one or do I not?

I felt like I wasn’t speaking to anybody in particular and that that was really holding me back. And then within the first two sessions we identified my niche. I felt a shift. I felt comfortable landing there, and then we continued working on creating more structure and strategy in my coaching biz.

And with that came structure for my everyday life. Instead of waking up and not knowing what I’m doing and being on social media and trying to figure out what to put out there, my marketing was streamlined. Now I spend less time in my business and get to spend more time with the kids and family and do other things. I have a stronger belief that I’m going to have the result of reaching my goal income sooner than expected because I believe it’s happening.”

Dr Diana Sodiq

Shanna Alonge

“Before we started working together, my business felt very un-put together. I didn’t really have a plan. I didn’t have a program. I felt very unorganized and like I didn’t have any momentum. I just wasn’t sure which direction to go in and what to do.

Today I have a solid program and I’m believing and being confident in the fact that I am a coach. Implementing the 4×1 plan was huge for me. I still go back to that now when I feel myself getting caught up in wanting to do all these grand things that everybody else is doing.

I feel like I’ve grown so much in the last six months. Working with Kathy has given me a foundation to always go back to. So anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can always go back to that foundation, regroup and then be, okay, now I’m ready to go again.”


Shanna Alonge

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