Ready to start rocking your mom coaching biz but don’t know where to begin?


Online gurus are telling you to get a fancy sales funnel in place, be on all the social medias and start slipping and sliding into dm’s to see if absolute strangers need a coach.


It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Or uncomfortable.


If you’re called to coach moms, chances are good you’re a mom yourself. And mama doesn’t have time for more complicated or more discomfort. We’re not doing labour all over again.


Being a mom and an entrepreneur can both feel like full time jobs. Maybe you even have a day job to keep finances afloat until this side gig of yours starts to take off. Needless to say, your mom coaching biz needs you to keep things as simple as possible.


Being highly intuitive and empathic (most coaches are) you’re sensing your dream clients won’t fall for those slick marketing tactics. Because you don’t. For the most part.


Like you, they appreciate the simple things. They prefer authentic and organic connection and the allure of that certain je ne sai quous of finding a coach that resonates with them.


Call you, and them, old fashion that way. They want to make genuine, normal connections with other humans. Especially with their next coach.


And yes, just like you, they’re slightly allergic to sales-y vibes. So what’s a new coach to do? Begin, and stay, simple.

As a new coach, I just wanted to help.

But I struggled to find strategies and processes that felt good and didn’t deplete me of my new found enthusiasm to really make a difference in other mother’s lives with my coaching superpowers without feeling sales-y and awkward.

Luckily, I never gave up and finally cracked the code to what is both sustainable for me as a coach, brought profits to my new coaching biz and resonated with the moms seeking my coaching to live their best lives.

After coaching moms in my online community as a mom coach I spent seven years teaching others to coach moms too. I saw them on the threshold of launching their new coaching biz.

They were nervous. Shy. And sometimes needing a little gentle kick in the butt to punt them out of the freshly trained to become a coach nest.


 While I was short on tolerance for very yang marketing energy, one thing I was never short of was analogies around being a coach and giving birth.

And I recall each time I birthed a kid, right before the glorious moment of birth, I wailed out both times..


I just don't know what to do!

Same thing can go through your mind when you’re a new coach. That’s a good sign! It means you’re on the cusp of birthing something beautiful.


I always fancied myself as a sort of midwife for new coaches. So if you want to sign on your first handful of clients, study how it was done so you can repeat the dance over and over again so you can get fully booked and start earning a decent income from doing something you love, then I got something for you.




Imagine if you will...

Hey there, I'm Kathy Stowell.

As a creative, busy mom of two I experienced first hand the importance of seeking a mentor, leaning on simplicity and prioritizing my needs for going for my own dreams and passions.

I dove into my coaching path always knowing I wanted to work with moms and to mentor them through the challenges I overcame and share the secrets to my success.

After coaching moms to Mama Bliss over ten years ago, to training them how to coach moms themselves by operating Mama Bliss Coaching School for seven years, I curated approaches that resonate with our feminine, creative souls and love for authentic connection attracts success and true abundance best.

I was drawn to coaching approaches that resonate with motherhood. Ones that celebrate the beauty in imperfection. That honor the miracle-making super power that is the creative energy that is within all of us. To uphold the slow but steady progress phenomena that is taking tiny steps toward your goals each and every day is what grounds me.

Today, I have the short cuts for you to make the slow and steady in your mom coaching biz a little more speedy, fun and profitable for you.


The Mom Coaching Biz Birth Kit is perfect for coaches who work with moms, entrepreneurs who want to start working one on one with moms and for more seasoned coaches seeking the resources, ideas and tools to start attracting and serving more of their dream clients.


Inside you'll learn how to...

“Since becoming a mom, I felt called to help other moms manage their overwhelm and stress using a heart-centered approach.  I  knew coaching moms was exactly what I wanted to do so.

With Kathy’s guidance and expertise I am much more confident and focused with starting up my own coaching business now!”

Carol Webb

Inside The Mom Coaching Biz Birth Kit you'll find:

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Mom Coaching Biz Birth Kit after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund. Because if you’re not blissed-out, I’m not blissed-out. Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!




Since mentoring with Kathy I have already found interest in my children’s school to lead mama-centered workshops.

I am thrilled to be able to weave it all together. In the next two years I see myself working in collaboration with other health and wellness coaches in the community to offer group workshops as well as one-on-one coaching services!”

Jennifer Gallucci  |

Frequently Asked Questions

If you WANT to coach and can help another mom through a particular struggle then you can put yourself out there as a coach or mentor. This birth kit has the forms, tools and strategies to help you get your offer to help in the world plus how to communicate your scope of services.

If you coach want to coach women you will find much in here that will help you find and serve your coaching clients.  As long as you don’t mind birthing analogies. I use those alot!

I have a very open door policy. You can either email me your questions and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours typically. If you are seeking a more hands on experience with me as a your coach, I invite you to reach out for a discovery call and I can share with you what that looks like.

Yes, you have 30 days from purchase to receive a full refund for the Birth Kit portion of your investment only (no refunds for the two hour intensive if you decide to investment in a strategy session with me).

“When I signed up to work with Kathy, I needed something to tie together my existing knowledge and training on working with moms.

I have discovered new depths to working with moms and have a clear direction on where to take my business.

Carina Lyall  |

your investment
(*30% off for Black Friday until November 30 with code at checkout: BLISSFRIDAY)
2 Hour 1:1 Intensive PLUS the birth kit
your investment
(*$200 off for Black Friday until November 30)

Having a simple marketing plan, the tools and resources all coaches need, and a daily mindset check is really all you need to get the birth ball for your successful new coaching biz rolling.


The kit has all that PLUS.

Meaning the goodness is going to get added to as we go along as I continue to include more new trainings including the replays of my monthly paid and free masterclasses.


I’ll grab it while you can still do so at this no-brainer price point.



I’’ll see you inside.

(*30% off for Black Friday until November 30 with code at checkout: BLISSFRIDAY)
2 Hour 1:1 Intensive PLUS the birth kit
your investment
(*$200 off for Black Friday until November 30)

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If within 30 days you’re not feeling the bliss I will refund your full investment no questions asked.

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