a Certification for moms who want to Coach

Becoming a mom has changed you in some profound ways. Now you find yourself with a deep calling to start a coaching business but but don’t know where to begin.

What if I told you I can offer you your dream coaching biz in a box?

Does this sound like you?

You want to make a difference in the lives of others by coaching them to a deeper relationship with themselves and help them reach their goals and become the person they were meant to be: while doing the same for yourself.

You’ve been considering becoming a coach for a while so you can earn an income from home, do something you’re passionate about, and bathe in the freedom of working wherever, and whenever you want.

You want to learn the tools and techniques to become a confident coach who creates results for her clients and have the accountability to finally create a real business that makes you an actual income.

You’re at the point where you need more help than the free or low cost resources you’ve been milking but also seeking an affordable program to learn the tangible ways to get this dream started.

well Mama, you're in the right place

Mom Coach School was created for moms who want to coach. And stay blissful while doing so.

Being a mom is one of the hardest things you’ll ever find yourself signing up for. But it’s also the most fulfilling, personal growth boot camp you can imagine.

Looking back now, you probably remember those moments of deep craving to have someone to confide in and guide you through all the transitions that make up this life-changing experience.

Thus the whole ‘it takes a village’ thing.

Now YOU get to be that village to your future coaching clients. You get to be the beacon for those seeking the support of a someone who’s passionate about, and trained in, helping others reach their goals and overcome life’s challenges with someone by their side.

You don’t have to hodge podge different coaching trainings together like I did. Instead of piecing together different theories and modalities I created a coaching approach that lends a more feminine approach to accountability and goal reaching, and that will get you out in the world helping moms in a truly meaningful way sooner than later.

You'll be re-imagining your own life while creating a successful coaching business.

Imagine just three months from now coaching your first client with confidence because you are equipped with the skills, strategies and marketing practices needed to attract dream clients then create concrete results for them.

I want you to know that there are beautiful souls  waiting specifically for YOU to coach them to their own brand of bliss – whatever coaching niche you land on. Let’s not leave them waiting any longer.

Your life before this training:

Your life after this training:


Mom Coach School

The place to be if you’re a mom and want to get started coaching, and get started coaching fast and without the added pressure of a massive time or financial investment. 

In only 12 weeks you’ll have the knowledge, resources, and tools you need to be confident coaching moms.

By the end of our year together, you’ll have paying clients, know how to keep them coming and be making an actual living as a coach. 

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Over the course of the next three months you’ll be prepared to step into growing confidence in your ability to coach, to create clients using organic marketing methods and owning your specific coaching niche.

Module 1

Coaching yourself to Bliss

We start off by introducing you to your most important client: You. You get to experience the coaching tools first hand as we…

Module 2

How to coach others

The second month is when I formally introduce you to the coaching process and tools that will create tangible results for your clients.

Module 3

How to Sell Your Coaching Services

We will explore what sets you apart from other coaches and set you up with a simple business plan and marketing strategy to sell your four figure signature coaching package.

Plus, you'll have access to:

12 weekly video and written lessons

Once a week, you’ll be emailed a lesson plus its accompanying video training. 

3 monthly zoom calls

Once a month all students come together to have questions answered that may be coming up for you from the curriculum.

Private Facebook Group

Commune with the other moms in the program inside our private group and plant the seeds for future BFF’s and collaborators.

Your Investment

12 payments of


One payment of


12 payments of


One payment of


“Mom Coach School is well worth the investment of your time and money. I’m walking away with a clear plan for my coaching process, a tool box full of tools, and an expert I can send questions to weekly as I move forward in my business.

Kathy had a great energy and I have learned a lot from the content she provided.”


Jessica Calloway

Is Mom Coach School for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

“Before Mom Coach School I was a stay at home mom running a blog and an Etsy shop to provide resources that could be used for healing and empowering moms. Now  I have the confidence and courage to move forward adding on coaching to my offerings  because I know that the tools and process I learned in Mom Coach School can make a difference for my future clients.

Kathy has such a fun and interesting take on coaching that makes it really easy to stay motivated throughout the course. She’s a wealth of information and not shy about sharing it. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to get into coaching!”

Danielle Lapteff

Here’s how to get started

Choose Your plan

Click the button below to either pay in full or the year long payment plan, regular tuition or VIP route.

Receive an email with all the details

Upon purchasing your spot you’ll gain instant access to the classroom and lesson one. The next of 12 lessons will be emailed one week later.


You will soon be meeting your fellow students, and your future coaching self!

Meet Your Dream Coaching biz midwife

Hello, I'm Kathy Stowell.

I’ve been coaching mamas at Bliss Beyond Naptime as a certified coach for over a decade now.
In researching my own coaching training options, I was drawn to coaching approaches that resonate with the feminine strength and creative spirit of motherhood.
Ones that celebrate the beauty in imperfection. That honor the miracle-making super power that is the creative energy that is within all of us. And finally, the slow but steady progress phenomena that is taking tiny steps toward your goals each and every day. No matter how many mama or kiddo meltdowns you find yourself swimming in.
I’ve create a coaching style and approach that speaks a mama’s bliss seeking language and I can’t wait to teach it to you and show you how to find clients hungry for that sacred support that is having a coach.

To date I’ve taught over 100 women from eight different countries how to coach. I look forward to inviting you into our growing family too!



Frequently Asked Questions

You get instant access to your first of 12 weekly lessons, get access to our Private Facebook group where you can get questions answered, celebrations shared and be invited to the next monthly zoom call.

This a rolling program. The sooner you join, the sooner you’ll get certified as an official Mom Coach School coach, signing on clients and making money as a coach.

The monthly zoom calls where you can ask me anything under the sun related to the training. You can also ask questions inside the Facebook group at anytime. There is a form to fill out if you can’t make the call live and want a specific question answered then and you can watch the replay afterwards. If you feel you’d fare better with more one on one support consider signing up for the VIP option that includes three coaching sessions with me to be used during these three months.

You’ll gain access to lesson one immediately with weekly lessons to follow seven days after that. Each lesson contains a 20 minute or so video training plus a print out. The compilation of these will make up your Mom Coaching Manual.

Each lesson also contains an assignment to complete that is optional but will help you integrate the teachings and will document your growth as a coach.


The monthly zoom calls are between 60 to 90 minutes long which is also optional to attend and a form is available for you to submit your questions to be answered so you can catch the answer in the replay.

At week 5, you are invited to sign up to have a practice buddy to try out the coaching tools and process with. If you decide to acquire one, you’ll be committing to connect with them four times for one hour once a week for four consecutive weeks. In this time, you will each practice 30 minutes of coaching. These sessions offer the perfect opportunity to hone your coaching skills and experienced being coached yourself.

If you’re interested in getting certified as a  Mom Coach School Coach you are to submit an audio recording of one of these sessions (plus written responses to an open book exam).

The VIP upgrade offers three one hour private coaching sessions with me to be used within the duration of the three month program. In these I can help you strategize the launch of your mom coaching biz, and maintain clarity on who it is you want to serve with your coaching services alongside learning the coaching skills on a deeper level and offer more customized guidance on the course curriculum.

There is no mom coach left behind! The training materials are there for you to keep forever and you can reach out take your written exam at any time.

No, this program is not governed by the International Coaching Federation. Truth is you are not required to be certified by them, or anyone to become a coach. I do go over their guiding principles and ethics in module two but beyond that I’m more excited to prepare you with the tools, process and listening skills that will make a difference in your clients’ lives and give you the confidence that will bring your natural coaching gifts to them.

You will be certified but as a Mom Coach School Coach and are welcome to display your badge, certificate and details on this curriculum to your clients who may be interested in such credentials.


There are no refunds available to this investment. I have offered them in the past and am happy to report in the seven years of offering this in this and its past version no one request a refund. I decided this is quality material and due to its digital nature it’s tricky to return something that you have already experienced. 

Ready to become a Mom Coach?

12 payments of


One payment of


12 payments of


One payment of


“I was at the very beginning of my mom coaching journey and I don’t feel like I am there anymore working with Kathy. I now have a clear roadmap.

It homed me into what I need to do to make my coaching biz take off. It gave me a blueprint. And now with the blueprint I feel like I can actually go and make this happen.”


Maria Yakimchuk

“I just went through a  complete career change. I went from zero, even my mindset was at zero and I needed the mindset shift before I could do the tangible stuff. It was helpful to have that confidence that working with Kathy brought me.

She  helped me push back my fears. The human design aspect of her coaching  helped me especially with this  and each lesson emailed to me led to coming up with a tangible coaching offer.

I love her  approach to discovering your niche. It worked so easily to come up with a few options but then there were  tools that actually took thought and turned it into something that could be implemented and sold to create paying coaching clients.”


Danielle decristorforo

“When I signed up I needed something to tie together my existing knowledge and training on working with moms. I really feel it gave me that.                 

Over the course of our time together, I have discovered new depths to working with moms and have a clear direction on where to take my business.

The weekly workbooks in the coaching manual were amazing and shifted my perspective. I am going to miss getting a new lesson in my inbox each Monday morning.

I recommend Kathy to moms with the passion and drive to empower themselves, as well as the moms who seek them for support.”

Carina lyall

“I was worried because I had just come from another coaching program. I feared I would just be getting ‘more stuff and could probably just get going with what I already have. But I had zeroed in to the kind of coaching I wanted to be doing and this program’s focus is specific to helping the clients I wanted to work with.

The twelve weeks of training felt so manageable. I could feel myself making progress as I had the time to own and practice these coaching tools.

Now, since training wrapped up I have had two mom coaching clients and ran my first Mini- Mama Bliss retreat. I recommend Mom Coach School to anyone who is thinking about serving moms.”

Ellen Nightingale

“I was inspired to sign up because it is geared toward working with a mama’s unique needs and full lifestyle. I had also had experience with Kathy in her other workshops and just love her unique voice in the coaching world. Implementing the tools with my practice buddy was so empowering.

Since graduating I have already found interest in my children’s school to lead mama-centered workshops. I see myself gradually fitting in a new line of work within the structure of home life. I am thrilled to be able to weave it all together.”

Jenn GallucCi

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Mom Coach School. You can email directly at kathy@blissbeyondnaptime.com to get in touch or choose a time to get on a 20 minute zoom chat to ask me anything.

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