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Create a steady stream of clients for your mom coaching biz.

Ready to have more ideal clients reach out to you consistently, ready to sign up to work with you, and reach your income goals this year?

Need a customized marketing plan that is simple, clear and doable so you can efficiently run your biz between drop off and pick up?

Want to get clear on your offering and how you serve so you stand out in the sea of life coaches who serve moms?

Let's get you more mom clients, Mama!

More Clients is a three-month mentoring experience that will spell out what to do every day to attract and sign on a steady stream of mom coaching clients.

Because your coaching business is a unique as your story that led you this point your path to finding more clients will be one of a kind as well. The sooner you discover and implement this process, the more mamas you’ll be able to serve with your life-changing support and coaching skills.

More clients will take you...


  • Not knowing what to do every day to grow your mom coaching biz
  • Getting over the heartache of deciding what to offer and who to offer it to
  • Confusing your audience (and yourself) on what it exactly it is you do and how you can help
  • Having just a couple of coaching clients a month if you're lucky


  • Knowing exactly what to do every day to take make this work
  • Celebrating the ease making this ONE decision delivers to your bottom line, work-life balance and confidence in what you do
  • Gaining the confidence you need to make your coaching biz profitable and make a difference in your clients' lives
  • Enough clients each month to start contributing to your family financially too

Ready to see how blissful it can be to get more clients?

We begin by deep diving into what YOU bring to the coaching table and unearth your zone of genius.

From here, we find clarity around who you serve and what primary struggle you help them through.

Next, we create a simple coaching package that serves this lucky niche.

An easy to create and digest opt-in will be birthed to the world to draw your ideal client to you.

welcome new clients Over and over again with a doable, customized marketing plan to follow every day that resonates to you and your ideal client.

Hey there. I'm Kathy. online biz coach for moms who coach moms

With a fresh Communications degree in hand, after University  I spent five years in advertising and marketing agencies. I then left the corporate world to have the freedom to work from home so I can swim in the ocean of being a mom while earning an income based on my passions.

My passion is coaching. I have trained over 50 moms to coach other moms in the last six years and have witnessed the birth of so many amazing coaches that have so much to offer their ideal clients. It breaks my heart when I don’t see their magic get into the hands of the mamas who need them.

I want to help you always find clients so we can change the world – one blissed-out mama at a time.



The truth is, your next handful of clients are just around the corner. You just need the mindset, plan and strategy to let her know you’re there to help.

This mentoring experience includes:

:: Three months of weekly coaching sessions that will create the foundation for your mom coaching biz success.

:: Access to my now retired coaching training program Mama Bliss Coaching School ($2000 value)

:: A customized marketing plan to follow to find and sign on consistent paying clients.

:: Other resources and materials as needed from my vast coaching library built over the last seven years.

Ready to Find and sign on more clients?

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“Kathy has a very unique feminine ‘buddy’ energy that has a calming influence.  I now have clarity on what I’m doing and how I want to move forward.

Becca Dragon |

“You have such a knack for helping an overloaded mama relax, get playful, and find her energy and motivation! You helped me think outside the box and find simple next steps. I got off of every call feeling calmer, more confident, and more clear about what to do next.

Kelly Ehrman|

“With Kathy’s passion and enthusiasm for my project, along with her knowledge about many, many business, marketing and other practical tidbits, I was able to speed ahead and grow in confidence and focus!

I have been able to move forward faster than I could have alone. Kathy is like a doula for your creative pursuits, she even reminds you to breathe!”

Shannon Staloch|

“Well, you know what happened this summer? I made my first sale. I don’t know if I’ll ever come to anything more serious than this but I actually feel like I am changing people’s lives. Thanks to you for changing mine.”

Veronica Serrano| Spain

“Most of my time was and is still dedicated to my children, and yet I knew that I had something else that needed to come through me. Something big. Thank you, Kathy, for your wisdom and guidance

I absolutely needed Kathy’s coaching to get me going. I came to her with so many ideas and not sure where to begin.

She helped me get clarity and see how my small steps each week would lead to the big vision -in a way that only another working mother could offer.”

Kestrel Gates|

Her approach is very gentle and yet incredibly effective in opening up new possibilities, and feeling and thinking through them. And Kathy’s gifts are very special she truly listens and provides individually-tailored guidance with great love and enthusiasm. Thank you, Kathy, x 1000000!!!”

Drucilla Pettibone| North Carolina

“For me, working with Kathy has been an experience of much-needed support and nurturance. As the mother of two young kids, sometimes I feel the need to have someone else be a maternal influence in my life, and Kathy manages to hold space and support my work in a way that really allows me to relax and feel safe in moving forward.”

Paige Baldwin | Japan

With a little love and guidance, Kathy helps you sort through all those ideas to turn your passions into a lucrative way to promote your life’s work. If you’re ready to get out of your creative cul-de-sac, Kathy is the answer.”

Racheal Cook|

Kathy brought different parts of my creative vision to life like a nurturing midwife while she carried my visions reminding me of my inner truths.The personal touches and joy she brings to her work kept me creatively inspired and focused along the road less traveled. She is the real creative deal and truly authentic and wonderful to work with.”

Ellen Nightingale|

I have been struggling with deciding what to do about my business dream, Kathy has been so great at helping me find the right path for me to take. She is authentic and real, she supports and holds your hand to reach the goal that you desire. During my coaching sessions I felt I needed to change directions, Kathy adapted to what I needed but also helped me to see how everything connected back to my original goal.

My time with Kathy has restored my confidence in myself and my dream. I am a better mama, friend and wife because I am actively pursuing my passions and dreams!”

Tanya Ginger | Cumming, GA

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