Ready to Grow Your Mom Coaching Biz?

I’ll help you stand out in the sea of moms coaches.

Together we’ll design a profitable business that works with your mom life while you support the moms you feel called to serve.


Does this describe you, Mama?

You’ve been coaching for a while,  have the energy and drive to reach your income goals, but aren’t sure where to focus your efforts.

A little prone to shiny-object syndrome, you spend your days scattered in your thoughts and end up making little progress toward your income goals.

You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the things you feel you should be doing to grow your biz so you end up doing a whole lot of nothing.

I know what it's like...

I wondered for a while there if I was self-sabatoging my coaching business just for kicks. I kept catching myself over-complicating my offers, where I was showing up online to market my coaching services and to who (whom?) exactly I was speaking to.

Because of this confusion, I wasn’t showing up in the way needed to create consistent clients.

I was confused, my potential clients were confused and so no one reached out.

While I had a fire in my belly to make this business work I had no plan, messaging or strategy.

So I ended up throwing online marketing spaghetti at the wall. Wasting time experimenting with different coaching packages, niches and marketing tactics.

Then I hired a business coach and realized…

Having a mentor takes the guess work out.

Someone who has walked the coaching path before you, by your side, will make all the difference in putting together all the puzzle pieces of your coaching biz together while also living your days blissfully alongside your family and their needs.

The key is to see the simplicity waiting to be revealed as we clear out all the excess and focus on what you bring to the land of mom coaches. What makes you unique, your values and who you want to serve.


“Well, you know what happened this summer? I made my first sale. I don’t know if I’ll ever come to anything more serious than this but I actually feel like I am changing people’s lives. Thanks to you for changing mine.”

Veronica Serrano| Spain

Hey there. I'm Kathy. online biz coach for moms who coach moms

I left corporate advertising craving the freedom of working from home so I could one day swim in the ocean of being a mom while earning an income based on my passions.

My passion turned out to be coaching moms. I even trained over 60 moms to coach over the years, witnessing the birth of so many amazing coaches that have so much to offer their ideal clients.

What breaks my heart is seeing their magic not get into the hands of the mamas needing them.

I’m here to fix that. Let’s change the world together – one blissed-out client at a time.

What we will do together:

  • Begin with coaching YOU to create time and space to devote to mindset for success and how to tend to it daily
  • Set the scene for success by creating a schedule that works for both you and your family’s needs
  • Create a list of milestones for celebrations as we reach your goals together
  • Create rituals and practices to ensure you stay focused and capable of reaching your income goals no matter what
  • Adding reminders and encouragement to stick with your marketing plan and evaluating what’s working, what’s not working and course correct as we move forward
  • Building confidence with celebrations of all the little and big wins along the way
  • Finding the lessons and insights with celebrations of the little and big failures too
  • Releasing the ‘hobby’ mindset and embracing your ‘boss’ hat with frequent number and mindset check-ins
A Simple Marketing Plan:
  • Audit your life experiences and past trainings to discover your zone of genius and begin the process of exploring your mom coaching niches options
  • We’ll create a niche statement that will serve as an anchor to all of your marketing and serving efforts
  •  Discover where on social media your ideal client’s hanging out and then establish your presence there with consistency and effieciency
  • Create a signature coaching offering and free opt-in that leads your ideal clients to your email list
  • Design a simple marketing plan leaning on my 4×1 Marketing Method

“You have such a knack for helping an overloaded mama relax, get playful, and find her energy and motivation! You helped me think outside the box and find simple next steps. I got off of every call feeling calmer, more confident, and more clear about what to do next.

Kelly Ehrman|

Investment: $5000 USD

Ready to get the conversation started?

This six month mentoring experience is perfect for you if:
  • You’re fresh out of coaching school or are ready to take your established coaching business to the next level.
  • You want a step by step process of what to do every day to reach your monthly income goals.
  • You aspire to simplicity in every area of your life and want your coaching biz to feel the same.
  • You want a clear vision of what your coaching biz can look like a year from now and want a concrete plan to get you there.
  • You’re ready to be coached yourself.

What’s included:

  • Six months of strategy, support, accountability and answers to your burning questions so you can build a profitable coaching business from the very start.
  • Weekly coaching sessions so we keep your progress momentum, course correct as needed so you don’t stray off the path of success.
  •  Voxer, Email or Facebook Messenger access to me in between sessions for when burning questions, challenges or celebrations come up – I’ll always have your back!
  • The Mom Coaching Biz Birth Kit Resource Library that delivers extra training and tutorials on the practicalities, mindset, administrative templates and systems needed to start and grow your biz or take your existing coaching biz to the next level.

Are you ready to grow your mom coaching biz?

The next step is to book a discovery call below. In this 45 minute call we’ll get to learn more about each other, create a plan that sees you reaching  your goals and see if we’re a fit to begin working together.

“I  was going through a questioning of my present career, as I was not feeling like I was really creating meaningful change for many of my patients, as a nurse practitioner

Working with Kathy has been awesome. She gives lots of valuable tools and accountability, gentle but nudging. Trying to start a business with homeschooling a child, dealing with the stuff life throws at us – it is all straining.

It helps to have Kathy give me the keys to stay on the road. On the fence people – remember you are capable and worthy of exploring your potential. If this seems like what you want, then it will only fuel your fire to get it done.

Allyson Sauber|

“Kathy has a very unique feminine ‘buddy’ energy that has a calming influence.  I now have clarity on what I’m doing and how I want to move forward.

Becca Dragon |

“With Kathy’s passion and enthusiasm for my project, along with her knowledge about many, many business, marketing and other practical tidbits, I was able to speed ahead and grow in confidence and focus!

I have been able to move forward faster than I could have alone. Kathy is like a doula for your creative pursuits, she even reminds you to breathe!”

Shannon Staloch|

“Most of my time was and is still dedicated to my children, and yet I knew that I had something else that needed to come through me. Something big. Thank you, Kathy, for your wisdom and guidance

I absolutely needed Kathy’s coaching to get me going. I came to her with so many ideas and not sure where to begin.

She helped me get clarity and see how my small steps each week would lead to the big vision -in a way that only another working mother could offer.”

Kestrel Gates|

Her approach is very gentle and yet incredibly effective in opening up new possibilities, and feeling and thinking through them. And Kathy’s gifts are very special she truly listens and provides individually-tailored guidance with great love and enthusiasm. Thank you, Kathy, x 1000000!!!”

Drucilla Pettibone| North Carolina

“For me, working with Kathy has been an experience of much-needed support and nurturance. As the mother of two young kids, sometimes I feel the need to have someone else be a maternal influence in my life, and Kathy manages to hold space and support my work in a way that really allows me to relax and feel safe in moving forward.”

Paige Baldwin | Japan

With a little love and guidance, Kathy helps you sort through all those ideas to turn your passions into a lucrative way to promote your life’s work. If you’re ready to get out of your creative cul-de-sac, Kathy is the answer.”

Racheal Cook|

Kathy brought different parts of my creative vision to life like a nurturing midwife while she carried my visions reminding me of my inner truths.The personal touches and joy she brings to her work kept me creatively inspired and focused along the road less traveled. She is the real creative deal and truly authentic and wonderful to work with.”

Ellen Nightingale|

I have been struggling with deciding what to do about my business dream, Kathy has been so great at helping me find the right path for me to take. She is authentic and real, she supports and holds your hand to reach the goal that you desire. During my coaching sessions I felt I needed to change directions, Kathy adapted to what I needed but also helped me to see how everything connected back to my original goal.

My time with Kathy has restored my confidence in myself and my dream. I am a better mama, friend and wife because I am actively pursuing my passions and dreams!”

Tanya Ginger | Cumming, GA

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