A mini-mastermind experience to grow your mom coaching biz to leave your day job levels without the macro-investment.

If you’ve been dreaming about getting your mom coaching business off the ground so you can finally work from home doing the best job on the planet (other than mothering your gorgeous kids) now’s the time to take action.

 And taking action sometimes looks like making some tough decisions. Decisions around:

Landing on niche, outlining a signature offer and honing your core messaging.

Once these are made, your mom coaching business will be set up for profitable month after profitable month success.

This mini-mastermind is filled with other mom coaches just like you. Whether you’re brand spanking new or a more seasoned entrepreneur, together we build a foundation of a simple framework that not only creates results for your clients over and over again but has you moving toward your income goals this quarter and beyond.

Let's go get you mom coaching clients!

Say goodbye to...

Instead you'll be...


The Mom Coaches Getting Clients

A three month rolling mastermind to move through my simplicity-loving method to reach your income goals as a mom coach without sacrificing your own mama bliss.

The only thing standing between you and creating consistent mom coaching clients is clarity on who it is you serve, sharing the tangible results you deliver as a mom coach in your marketing and showing up daily with confidence and authentic, impactful messaging.

The Curriculum

What We're Going to Cover


What makes you stand out as a Mom Coach

You’ll get clear on what makes you unique in the mom coach landscape. From there we’ll come up with your offer suite that serves your dream client and come up with a sales funnel that’s a one of kind as everything that makes you you and your business an answer to your clients’ prayers.

Messaging and client journey – nailed down.

Goal setting

an income goal for Your next Three months and a plan to reach it

You’ll have an strategic plan to reach your income goals with simplicity, consistency and with simple math front and center. We create four plans all together.

An expansive one that maps out your three months during the mastermind and then the three monthly ones that will be the blue print to reach your monthly goals with simplicity and creativity.

Mom-friendly business design

sustainable bliss

Your coaching business success is a marathon, not a sprint. But a marathon that doesn’t involve actually running and hands out cash instead of orange slices. Way funner.


We intentionally design your business to honor what lights you up, strengthens your boundaries and self-care practices to keep you focused on your mission – coaching more moms!

“I just went through a  complete career change. I went from zero, even my mindset was at zero and I needed the mindset shift before I could do the tangible stuff. It was helpful to have that confidence that working with Kathy brought me.

She  helped me push back my fears. The human design aspect of her coaching  helped me especially with this  and each lesson emailed to me led to coming up with a tangible coaching offer.

I love her  approach to discovering your niche. It worked so easily to come up with a few options but then there were  tools that actually took thought and turned it into something that could be implemented and sold to create paying coaching clients.”

Danielle DeCristoforo

“I’m was at the very beginning of my mom coaching journey and I don’t feel like I am there anymore working with Kathy. I now have a clear roadmap.

It homed me into what I need to do to make my coaching biz take off. It gave me a blueprint. And now with the blueprint I feel like I can actually go and make this happen.”

Maria Yakimchuk

“Kathy encouraged me to focus on talking to specific people instead of everybody. Connecting my niche statement to a simple process has built my confidence and put my coaching offer out in to the world. I’ve seen growth in my own confidence, my mom coaching business and getting specific in my messaging and intentional in my marketing.”

Sarah-Beth Bennet

Let's get you a blissfully profitable mom coaching biz too.

This is the mastermind for you if you are:

A new coach that has no idea what to offer or where to begin marketing her coaching services.

A more seasoned mom coach but has been stuck in a no client rut and is ready to do whatever it takes to start getting clients again.

Not coaching yet but knows she could offer mentoring services but has no idea how to position her offering or how to talk about the transformation she can deliver.

A mom coach who is ready to stand out in a way that feels real because she can put into words the real, tangible results she delivers in a mid to high end coaching offer.

The Mom Coaches Getting Clients Mini-Mastermind will help you get the most important pieces of the client-getting puzzle in place in only three months’ time.

This is what's included

weekly calls

12 weeks of weekly zoom calls where coaching, training and Q&A happen every Thursday (replays available in mastermind portal).

Group Voxer Chat

A voice or text app to ask questions as they come up, share celebrations and updates on which everyone can participate in as needed.

1:1 Coaching Session

You’ll have a 90 minute session with Kathy to go over your goals for this upcoming quarter and create a strategy to reach them.


bonus trainings to help you grow your biz


Mom Coach Club

A soon to be released membership for mom coaches that includes a rich resource library, monthly free trainings and private Facebook group.


A one Hour human design reading (pay in full bonus)

For those who pay in full you get an extra bonus of a private reading of your human design chart and how it reveals how you best can show up in your business that’s aligned with your life purpose, strengths and superpowers.

Your Investment


First of all, it’s mini! And it’s for moms who coach as well as moms who coach moms. Either or.

And it’s hosted by me. A business coach whose area of expertise is mom coaches and has had over a decade’s experience in this scene.


I aim to keep the group small and intimate so you get the customized attention you’re craving but can’t yet invest in a private coaching container or would prefer the energy of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


And I know how crazy being a mom while also being an entrepreneur can get at times. It’s full on! Even with teens now. So simplicity’s my middle name and an integral part of my coaching background and I aim for that grounding energy of ‘keep it simple’ in everything I offer.

This is a rolling mastermind which means you join us as any time. Once in we’ll set up our private session right away to  create a goal for you that’s attainable, design a customized plan to get you there and get you the coaching to see you moving toward it every day. Simple.

Here’s how to get started

Fill out your application

Click the button below to be taken to a simple form to fill out, choose if you want to pay in full or one of the two payment plans.

Receive an email with all the details

Upon approval you’ll be sent a coaching agreement and invoice to pay to secure your spot.

Celebrate - you're in!

You’ll gain entry to the classroom where you’ll find everything you need to settle in and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the weekly training calls where you can ask me anything under the sun that came up for you by using the Voxer group chat function ( a walkie talkie app you can use on your phone or laptop). If  feel the need to ask me private questions, offer feedback or simply connect on a personal level for a check in my door is always open. But if you feel you’d fare better with more one on one support please consider working with me in my six month 1:1 coaching package by booking a zoom chat with me and we can see which option would be a better fit.

The mastermind calls are one hour a week and are recorded in case you can’t make it or want to relisten to them  over and over again.

The coaching training program is a bonus and you can take that at your own pace and are welcome to bring your questions around it to the weekly calls. They are dripped out to you one lesson a week for 12 weeks.

How much you run with the weekly work is up to you but I totally understand how mama stuff comes up! That’s why all our calls are recorded. If life gets full for whatever reasons, your access to the material is forever.

There are no refunds. Please do reach out if you want to hop on a quick zoom chat first to ask me any questions or email me at if you want to make sure this is indeed the right fit for you before you commit.

Last question.

How many new clients do you think you’re missing out on each month because you don’t know how to describe how it is you help, know exactly what your coaching offers are or even because you’re not sure what results you deliver?

Or simply because you don’t have a plan to reach your income goals or the mindset needed to get there?

And how nice would it be to have the support of a business coach who knows the mom coaching niche inside out and have a community of other mom coaches in your corner cheering you on?

Inside the Mom Coaches Getting Clients Mini-Mastermind you’ll receive all this and more.

You will find the clarity, confidence and path to be making between $5K and $10K a month as a mom coach. And once you know this, you can make much, much more.

Are you ready to finally make money as a mom coach?

Let's do this!

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I would love to connect with you and answer any burning questions about the Mom Coaches Getting Clients Mini-Mastermind you may still have. You can email directly at to get in touch or  choose a time to get on a 20 minute zoom chat to ask me anything.

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