The online Coaching Training Program for Moms

You have a vision of yourself as a coach but you don’t know where to begin to get the coaching skills and confidence you need to start your business.

Right now:

You feel called to help other moms help moms beat overwhelm, create balance, and find their purpose and passion in life… while doing the same for yourself.

Would love to earn an income from home, doing something that’s needed in the world, while creating your own hours so you can be accessible to your growing family’s needs.

You know that learning basic life and creativity coaching tools will add not only to your existing business’s services and offerings put to your personal life as well.

Imagine if you will:

mama bliss coaching school is for you if...

And the world needs more Mama Bliss coaches!

There are some hungry mamas out there seeking support for a variety of struggles and challenges in this sacred mothering journey.

Whether it’s finding ways to sneak in more sleep, redisover their creative passion outside of making homemade play dough or releasing constant worry and impatience.

Times are different now. No longer is there the support system of extended family around or that village they keep saying it takes.

Mama Bliss Coaches are creating the villages. One blissed-out mama at a time.

“I had zeroed in to the kind of coaching I wanted to be doing and Mama Bliss Coaching School’s focus is specific to helping the clients I wanted to work with.

The twelve weeks of training felt so manageable. I could feel myself making progress as I had the time to own and practice these coaching tools.

Now, since training wrapped up I have had two Mama Bliss coaching clients and ran my first Mini- Mama Bliss retreat. I recommend Mama Bliss Coaching School to anyone who is thinking about serving moms.”

Ellen Nightingale  |

Here's what you'll get

During your time in school you’ll gather the knowledge, resources and tools you need to start your very own coaching practice and start taking clients.

Three Ways to experience mama bliss coaching School

The Academy
$47 USD/Month*

*get locked in – price increases June 21st, 2019!

This option's for you if...

The Academy VIP
$397 USD/Month

*get locked in – price increases June 21st, 2019!

This option's for you if...

The intensive
$5000 USD*

*payment plans available

This option's for you if...

Chart Your 12 Step Journey to Coaching Success

Step 1

Coach Yourself to Deeper Self-Care

Step 2

Creativity Everyday

Step 3

Shine a Light On Your Values and Communication Skills

Step 4

Embrace Simplicity

Step 5

The Coaching Process and Your First Tools

Step 6

Mantras, Bliss Lists and the Tunnel of Vent

Step 7

Rituals, The Bliss Dial and Daydream Machine

Step 8

Two More Coaching Tools and Live Workshop Outline

Step 9

Finding Your First Clients

Step 10

Creating Your Online Home

Step 11

Making Sweet Moolah as a Coach

Step 12

Work/Bliss Balance


Bonus #1: The Bliss of Your First Coaching Client Ecourse ($197 value)

Not quite sure how you can apply your current area of interest into a coaching offering? This short and sweet (like my dachshund) training will bring clarity to this picture for you.

Bonus #2: Your Bliss-Filled 3 Month Business Plan ($97 value)

This will help map out what you will focus on starting today until three months out. This will bust overwhelm plus ensure you’re carving out the time for what’s important to you – ie your creative bliss!

“Even though at first I hesitated at first  because of the cost of the program, I decided to go for it. I’m happy to report that Mama Bliss Coaching School met my expectations and even exceeded them.

Since becoming a mom, I felt called to help other moms manage their overwhelm and stress using a heart-centered approach.  I  knew coaching moms was exactly what I wanted to do so.

What I liked best was the one to one coaching practice with Kathy.  It’s one thing to have the information and tools in writing and quite another to put them to use.

With Kathy’s guidance and expertise I am much more confident and focused with starting up my own coaching business now!”

Carol Webb

Meet the Guest Experts

Corrina Gordon-Barnes on Pricing Your Coaching Services 

Val Geisler on Employing Systems in Your Coaching Practice 

Jackie Johnstone on Social Media Strategies that are Sustainable

Maggie Patterson on Positioning Yourself as an Expert.

Jenna Dalton on Ideal Client Clarity

Cerries Mooney on Soulfully Branding Your Coaching Practice

Erin Cox on Finding Work Life Balance 

Racheal Cook on Getting Your First Clients

Lacy Boggs on Writing Impactful Blog Content 

Kyla Roma on Seeing Your Website from Your Clients’ Perspective

Miranda Nahmias on Onboarding Clients Simply

Carrie-Anne Moss on Meditating for Your Coaching Biz Success

Tad Hargrave on Choosing A Niche

Lane Kennedy on Self-care for the Coaching Mom

Since graduating from Mama Bliss Coaching School I have already found interest in my children’s school to lead mama-centered workshops.

I am thrilled to be able to weave it all together. In the next two years I see myself working in collaboration with other health and wellness coaches in the community to offer group workshops as well as one-on-one coaching services!”

Jennifer Gallucci  |

hey there, mama. I'm Kathy.

Latte chugging, belly dance class taking mama of two and the founder of Mama Bliss Coaching School.

I was drawn to coaching approaches that resonate with motherhood. Ones that celebrate the beauty in imperfection. That honor the miracle-making super power that is the creative energy that is within all of us. And finally, uphold the slow but steady progress phenomena that is taking tiny steps toward your goals each and every day.

No matter how many mama or kiddo meltdowns you find yourself swimming in!

To date Mama Bliss Coaching School has certified over 40 mamas from eight different countries to be Mama Bliss Coaches. I look forward to inviting you into our growing family too!


During our time together you will have...

Not sure which Mama Bliss Coaching School option is for you?

the perfectly, imperfect guide for you in this journey

As a creative, busy mom of two I experienced first hand the importance of releasing perfection, high expectations while prioritizing self-care in order to create this life and business I’ve always dreamed of.

Leaning on these principles, my coaching style ensures that you and your future clients can reach any of the goals you set for your ideal life.

In seeking out my own coaching training path, knowing I wanted to work with moms,  I found approaches that resonate with our feminine, creative souls and accommodate our tendency to make great strides with baby steps and tapping into our inner knowing.

What else makes me the one to hold your hand in this becoming a coach journey?

I make myself highly available to all my students. I’m extremely approachable and can’t help myself but get up all in your business and ensure you succeed.

I’m very real. You’ll quickly learn that life stuff happens to me too. I hope to inspire in this as well.
And I’ll make you laugh. I tend to see the funny side of things and laughter is my medicine. The Jester is my business archetype alongside The Alchemist. Yuk, yuk!

Over the course of these twelve weeks, I have discovered new depths to working with moms and have a clear direction on where to take my business.

The weekly workbooks in the coaching manual were amazing and shifted my perspective. I am going to miss getting a new lesson in my inbox each Monday morning.

I recommend Mama Bliss Coaching School to moms with the passion and drive to empower themselves, as well as the moms who seek them for support.”

Carina Lyall  |

Remember this:

There are moms out there who are waiting to be coached specifically by YOU!

And the sooner you start your training the sooner you can:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a year long group coaching training experience that you can currently purchase in full for $770 USD or in 12 monthly installments of $77 USD.

The program starts the minute you join. You will have access to your bonus material and your first week’s lesson. From this point on you will be introduced to your next lesson the following week and invited to join our private Facebook group and participate in the weekly group calls.

The program is offered in 52 weekly lessons. So to answer your question, it runs for a whole year! The first six months prepare you in the mindset, skills and practice to start offering coaching services while the final six months are for launching and growing your biz. So you can start earning your investment back in as little as six months’ time.

This experience is very personable meaning you’ll get an incredible amount of access to me, the founder and attention on your unique business and creative leanings. And I won’t leave you to fend for yourself at the end. I’ll do everything in my power to arm you with the skills and support to begin earning an income to make your investment back in less than one month’ income.

Weekly lesson that will teach you core creativity coaching tools, mindset and process via a short and sweet video introducing you to the core concepts highlighted in that week’s lesson. Business training to launch a sustainable, profitable practice makes up half the curriculum as well as a weekly zoom call and a private Facebook group to provide you with ample community and one on one support.

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