life Coaching for Moms

Feeling you lost touch with that fearless, interesting, energetic woman you know deep down is still there?

Let me help you get reintroduced to her.


Want to hit the pause button so you can catch your breath and focus on your own desires and life goals for a moment?

Imagine for a second…

Carving out the time and space to purposefully remember what has lit you up in the past and consider what might light you up you today.

Discovering new passions brought to you courtesy of this intense yet deliciously rewarding journey called motherhood.

Remembering what it feels like to know that anything is possible when you’re all in and the systems and reminders needed to make it happen are consciously and lovingly put into place.

But right now you have no idea who this woman is I speak of because you’re in the thick of that delightful season of motherhood where you can’t quite remember what it’s like to take an uninterrupted shower or any other bathroom-type activity for that matter.


Maybe you’re just starting to get taste samples of slightly more prolonged freedom but then get paralyzed with all the options this opens up and end up spinning your freedom loving tires and do nothing with your time except scroll Facebook on the couch.


Self-help books aside, you don’t know where else to turn. You’re ready to birth a new you now that you’re all done birthing other humans, and can’t wait to discover all the dreams, passions and ideas waiting for you in this next phase of life.


You need a special kind of midwife.

Back in the day I had a lot on my plate. We started a hobby farm after moving from the city out the boonies.

 I was homeschooling my daughter while lugging around her giant baby brother in my Ergo baby wrap right after milking our sweet Dexter cow, Daisy.

 I was creating and selling handspun artyarn, handmade clothes, producing ecourses and writing ebooks. 

And all the while blogging about these creative and crafty adventures while my blog readers kept asking me:  “How is it that you’re able to do all that you do?”

As much as it appeared I was doing alot I didn’t feel depleted at all. 

In fact, I was energized. 

And not just from those triple shot fresh out of Daisy lattes!

And as I sat with that question – how do I do it all?– my calling bubbled up to the surface of my hyper-crafty mama brain.

I realized this is what happens when you follow your  passions. They naturally lead you to tend to your self-care,  engage in creative play every day, contemplate your values and design a life based on  simplicity and ease.

So I got certified as a Simplicity Parenting Coach, then a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach because of its focus on babysteps and non-linear thinkers like me and created a coaching approach I now teach other moms to coach to inside Mom Coach School.

And since that bubbly moment, I’ve coached over a hundred moms and have certified the same amount of moms inside this coaching training and certification program.

Why work with me?

I have a knack for spotting complicated from a mile away. 

I can pinpoint ways to draw in more simplicity to your daily flow so you devote the time to take the baby steps toward creating your dreams, be it the beginnings of that online based business that leans into your life’s passions or simply setting up a doable creative habit that will heal you on many surprising levels.



The Mom Coaching Bliss Pack

$397 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Four weekly life coaching sessions to be experienced within a calendar month. This includes Voxer coaching access in between sessions and it’s going to be a blast.

No refunds.

With this thing called boundaries. I agree, life and biz are exquisitely entwined so it’s hard to separate the two. The scope of this package is to keep it within the realm of life coaching and I will steer the conversation back to this when it’s straying into business coaching. If you know right now that you want the whole shebang – life AND business coaching – please check out my business coaching packages here and book a discovery call if you’re interested or still can’t decide.

While our sessions happen over Zoom, they’re going to feel like you have a weekly set date with one of your
best friends on a cozy couch with your favorite hot bevy.

In this safe, vanilla, new box of crayons and coffee-scented haven, you have full license to vent, get inspired, be held, collect amazing ideas, take on gentle challenges and be reminded of the awesomeness that’s lurking under all distractions and drama that life tends to pile up on top of us.


Here’s What happens Next

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Beautiful shifts, ahas, and big and little decisions made are just around the corner.

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