Human Design for Your Mom coaching Business

Ready to finally learn how to make solid decisions in your biz? Shine the light on how you stand out as a coach simply by being yourself? Want to attract your ideal clients in the most aligned with your soul’s purpose kind of way?

What I love about Human Design is it’s alot like coaching. It peels off the many layers of distraction and conditioning that life offers and guides you back to your own inner knowing.

Your internal guide is literally written in the stars and this new new age science that’s a combination of astrology, the Kabbalah, your chakra system, and quantum physics, will reintroduce you to your most brilliant version of yourself.

The version of yourself that easily reaches any goal she sets her heart to.

Once I learned about my own Human Design everything in my coaching biz become so much easier, clear and much more fun.

I have since decided to get certified as a Human Design expert so I can bring this clarity and ease to my clients’ life and biz as well.

Does this sound like you?

Hearing about Human Design and wondering what all the fuss is about?

Feeling like your coaching business is not only get stuck profit-wise but fun-wise too?

Want to niche your coaching biz further but want some insight into your chart to see what aligns with your life purpose?

Are all about the proven concrete strategies to implement to start getting more clients but are ready to invite in a little more woo?

well Mama, you're in luck

A Human Design Reading For Your Mom Coaching Biz Will Bring You The Clarity Your Soul's Craving

I’ve always been a little woo and a little bit rock and roll. And then I became a mom. And with that became all about the business of being a mom which led me, probably much like you, to becoming a coach.

And as a people-pleasing 5/1 Generator I did whatever my business coaches told me to do.  Because I’ve invested in their expertise and, welp, I wanted to please them by being a good client.

But what I was doing was burying my inner-knowing with all the ‘shoulds’ I’ve been piling on top of the genius that is my unique Energetic Blueprint.

Learning about Human Design reminded me to go back to my roots of following what feels good. That’s my strategy as a sacral authority.

By honoring this, and leaning on my gifts that were brought to my attention with my initial reading, everything is SO much easier in my coaching biz.

And now by offering these readings as a Human Design Expert (graduated from the six month Personal Energetic System certification program), I can pass on all these unique gifts on to you too.

You can be a little woo too and get some strategy in place to help grow your biz

Getting Introduced to Your Energetic Gifts will Attract Your Soul Clients to You

It’s simple Law of Attraction. What you put out into the world is what you receive back.

And when you learn the how, what and where of what to put out, you’ll be a shining light your dream clients will be drawn to like my wiener dogs to my lap every time I try to sit on the couch.

Your biz before your reading:

Your biz after this reading:

You're One Read Away from SO much more Clarity and Confidence in your Coaching Biz

In this 90 minute session you’ll get your chart read, a concrete strategy to lean on to create a simple and profitable coaching biz and all your questions answered.

Your Investment

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Shanna Alonge

“I realized with so many fears rooted in me, I need to have my own back more. I am going to allow my curiosity to unfold ways I can lean into this fear and be brave anyway! I recommend this to any coach wanting to learn about their true self and become aware of what may be blocking their potential. Get a reading done. It was fun!”


Shanna Along

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