Funnel And Copy Intensive

with Kathy Stowell

Ready to create a client journey that’s as unique as you and gets you booked out as a mom coach?

I put the FUN in sales funnels. And I can’t wait to get you set up with one that speaks your love language of changing lives and makes you more money doing what you love to do. Coaching moms.

You’re committed to this path of being a mom coach. And you want your ideal clients to somehow find you, fall in love with the idea of working with you but you don’t know where to begin to make this magic happen.

You want to get to the point where business flows to you. Where clients are seeking you out rather than spending a lot of time seeking them out.

You want your business to feel fun and natural and let that energy, combined with concrete marketing strategy and the right words, lead you to the income you want to create in this life calling.

Does this sound like you?

Your goal is to make between $2K and $10K a month as a mom coach this year. And you want a solid foundation to make this happen.

You really want to nail the process of creating clients in a way that feels genuine, natural and non-spammy or cold dm-y.

You’ve been considering hiring a copywriter, but also a business coach, so the thought of having both rolled into one sounds like a dream come true.

You want to be fully booked out as a mom coach by being yourself, have laser focus on what to do each day to grow your biz and have full belief on the impact of your signature coaching offer.

If so, I invite you to join me in

Sales Funnel and Copywriting Intensive

You feel in your bones how you want to help moms. You just can’t seem to find the words without slipping into vague language, fluffy coach-speak.

You know that once they learn not just how you can help, but how to find out about your existence in the first place, they won’t be able to help themselves but sign up to hire you as their mom coach.

I have something here for you that’ll set you up with a client journey that’s simple, clear and sustainable.

I have ten years of experience as a mom coach myself. The last five have been devoted to studying how to marry the process I’ve leaned on for years to help moms explore their own inner brilliance and apply it to creating a business that organically, and continuously attracts soul clients.

And my Communications Studies degree and five years in advertising and marketing agencies pre-kids doesn’t hurt either.


six hours with me to create copy and profit

INVESTMENT is $1497 USD (*payment plans available) and includes:

six hours together

Three two hour coaching sessions one week apart with homework in between

Voxer support

Access to me via Voxer, email or Facebook messenger between sessions.

Your 4x1 plan

Your niche,  offer, freebie and social media, content decided on and scheduled


Your new client welcome packet

A beautiful pdf to gift your new clients that outlines your process, policies and promises

branding and customized freebie

Work with a gifted branding expert to come up with your brand colors, fonts, logo and mood board as well as customize designed freebie-opt

*email me at to learn about the payment plan options

Once you decide you're in...

Here’s how to get started

Click the buy Now button

You’ll be sent to the contract to sign, then be directed to the invoice to purchase your intensive.

You'll get your welcome kit

This packet will outline everything you need to make the most of this experience plus includes a link to choose a time for your first of three  weekly two hour coaching sessions.


Because you’re now on your way to have a coaching business foundation that’s simple, profitable and unlike no other all set up, a marketing plan to follow plus all your important copy all written out and done so with conversion in mind.

“Making a big investment in my business was scary at first but after hiring Kathy I got clients.

While I knew how to coach, there was a lot I didn’t know. And so there were so many questions I couldn’t get answered. So having Kathy as my one on one coach, I got all my questions answered for six months straight. And while I was finding them I could also feel Kathy having my back and rooting for me.

I would recommend working with Kathy if you’re in the coaching world or even if you’re just considering getting into coaching – just reach out. Especially if you’re really wanting to get that ability to move forward with a solid plan. A plan that gets you on your two feet, on solid ground in your coaching biz and gets you moving forward building your practice.”

Ashley becker

Diana Sodiq

“Before working with Kathy I was eight months into my coaching business and I found myself consuming a lot of content and having a lot of mind drama about my niche. Like, do I have one or do I not?

I felt like I wasn’t speaking to anybody in particular and that that was really holding me back. And then within the first two sessions we identified my niche. I felt a shift. I felt comfortable landing there, and then we continued working on creating more structure and strategy in my coaching biz.

And with that came structure for my everyday life. Instead of waking up and not knowing what I’m doing and being on social media and trying to figure out what to put out there, my marketing was streamlined. Now I spend less time in my business and get to spend more time with the kids and family and do other things. I have a stronger belief that I’m going to have the result of reaching my goal income sooner than expected because I believe it’s happening.”

Dr Diana Sodiq

Shanna Alonge

“Before we started working together, my business felt very un-put together. I didn’t really have a plan. I didn’t have a program. I felt very unorganized and like I didn’t have any momentum. I just wasn’t sure which direction to go in and what to do.

Today I have a solid program and I’m believing and being confident in the fact that I am a coach. Implementing the 4×1 plan was huge for me. I still go back to that now when I feel myself getting caught up in wanting to do all these grand things that everybody else is doing.

I feel like I’ve grown so much in the last six months. Working with Kathy has given me a foundation to always go back to. So anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can always go back to that foundation, regroup and then be, okay, now I’m ready to go again.”


Shanna Alonge

Ready to Get your Sales Funnel and Copy all Sorted Out?

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