Ready to make extra income as a mom coach with this digital course – in more ways than one?

The easiest way to accelerate your mom coaching business growth is here. And it’s inside this digital marketing course with Master Resell Rights.

Create a new stream of income by reselling this entire DONE-FOR-YOU digital course as your own WHILE learning how to master selling your own coaching services online.

I have to admit…

When I first started hearing about MRR I was skeptical. It just sounded a little too good to be true and to be honest – I’m listening to an audio book about MLM’s so I was worried this was one in disguise.

Turns out, after learning more about it (totally NOT an MLM) and then leaning on my mantra – Success Loves Speed – I knew I couldn’t hesitate on taking action. It just makes sense.

Here's why...

This is a no-brainer if you're a mom coach.

The course itself is excellent in showing you how to optimize your presence online and bringing all the moving parts of digital marketing together in a simple to understand, step-by-step method.

You learn all about branding, sales, email marketing, social media, and so much more to start attracting dream clients to your coaching biz.


But then…

You can resell this course as is. I know, hey?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The modules, lessons, audio, videos… all of it is already made by some one who knows a thing or too about digital marketing.

This course practically sells itself. What happens then is that if some one buys from you, you keep 100% of whatever you sold it for.


If you want to learn how to sell your coaching online in an updated way to bring new clients into your coaching biz, while also having the option to bring in another income stream, don’t miss out on this.


This makes it so simple.


What's included inside...

An easy to follow, step-by-step ecourse that shows you how to set up and grow an online business in a simple and organic way. 


The option to sell this already created and uploaded course as your own with no hidden costs, fees, commissions or upsells that will surprise you.


Lifetime access to the course that includes updates, an amazing community and ongoing support plus me available to you with any questions.

If you can imagine...

Not having to...

Instead be...

Frequently Asked Questions

You get both an amazing online course on digital marketing which is easily worth the investment price alone. PLUS you also get the rights to sell it and keep all the profits. The way this is packaged makes it simple for you to dive into the material as well as set it up to sell it as your own product.  

There is no limit to how many times you can sell it and no extra fees or costs beyond the initial purchase.  The course includes 10 modules that are geared toward a beginner in online biz while also offering a brush up and added strategies for a more seasoned online entrepreneur.  You learn more about branding, SEO, different social media platforms to setting up your lead funnel and email list. 

But what’s truly amazing here is you get to set this up as part of your offer suite if you wish – either in your existing coaching biz or setting up a side one. 

This sets you up with both the skillsets and ability to diversify your business which can be a complete game changer for your monthly income.

Yes it’s good. And not, not too good to be true. 🙂

Once you purchase you get instant access to the course as well as the rights to sell it as if it’s your own.

That means every time someone purchases from you you get to keep the entire amount you sold it for. 

You’ll be fine because this is designed for complete newbies to the online marketing world. 

It shows you step by step and all the lessons are broken down to explain everything really clearly.

Yes, I promise. No other costs or upsells will occur. You pay once and you’re set up for success in creating your mom coaching business traction online and/or selling an ecourse to supplement your coaching income if you choose.


Absolutely! You never ever have to sell if you don’t want but if and when you choose to, you can simply implement what you learned and start offering it if you change your mind.

Hey, it's me. Kathy.

I’ve been coaching moms ever since my 14 year old was a toddler. And my mission has been to help moms who want to create an income from home do so in the simplest and most blissful way possible. 

Master Resale Rights kills two bliss-getting birds with one stone. 

Having something like this ecourse available from the begining of my coaching career would have set me up for success way faster than those wild west, figuring out on my own days.

Not only is the how-to get established online all spelled out but the opportunity to create a passive income stream here – is just fabulous and something I want to encourage all my clients to consider. 

Success loves speed is my motto as is keep it simple. This is simply the speediest way to reach your income goals as a mom coach and I’m so honored if you’d join in this journey.

INside you'll get instant access to

over 144 lessons inside these modules


Get introduced to the core principles of online marketing and gain basic understanding of strategic concepts.


Acquire the skills to build a sales funnel that’ll convert ideal clients into paying clients. You’ll learn about brand identity, how to create landing pages,  email marketing and sales pages that convert.


Learn what makes an effective email campaigns that nurtures and converts subscribers. 

Module 4: Branding Expansion

Master the art of creating a one of a kind brand identity, cultivating a brand voice and personality, and owning your reputable brand image. 

Module 5: Business Tools

Get familiar with the tools that will streamline your business systems and offer greater productivity.

Module 6: Content Strategies for Social Media Channels

Here you get to define your target audience, produce content that connects with them, and get this message out to the world via your favourite social platform.

Module 7: SEO + Blogging

Create blog content that ranks high in search engines and attracts qualified traffic to your site. 

Module 8: Platforms to Market on

Learn how to create captivating content tailored for  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. You’ll learn the techniques to cultivate a following, boost engagement, and continuously direct traffic to your website.

Free Community

Gain access to supportive community filled with both  instructors and peers. Here’s where you can ask questions, share your progress, and collaborate with others. 

Enrolling in this course has been a game-changer for me. It has taught me how to run a successful business, establish my own thriving funnel-building business, and offer business coaching services. The knowledge and skills I gained from this course have transformed my life and career.


Single mum here! With Master Resell Rights, I have been able to set up systems to create multiple income streams and help others to do the same. I made my first sale within 24 hours of launching and another the following week. Stunning community to be a part of and I wish I found this earlier!


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