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How to Go From Creative Hobby to Profitable Coaching Business

Are you a mom ready to become a coach but haven’t found a training program that speaks to your mama soul yet?

You want to go deeper with your one on one services or start earning an income from your blog?

Are you craving to create a business that affords you the flexibility of hours you work and honors your life’s passions?

Look no further!

My year long coaching academy will teach you the coaching tools and process that will meld with your creative passions and set you up with a lucrative, sustainable practice your clients – and your creative bliss – will love!

You know you want to become a coach but it all seems so overwhelming. The training, choosing a niche, choosing a coaching style.

And some of the coaching styles you do see out there don’t feel like a fit. Don’t feel like you at all or a fit with your creative interests or life calling.

So, because of this, you haven’t been putting much energy into your coaching aspirations and instead, just been watching successful coaches from afar dreaming of ‘what if’.

how about these for 'what if's?

  • What if if you could meld your creative hobbies, interests, passions with creativity coaching tools to build an offering that will generate an extra $3000 a month of income?
  • What if you could create a platform that will be the launching pad to future projects - like writing a book, speaking, retreats - to touch more lives than what you're doing now?
  • What if you could be working only 20 hours a week, and the hours you choose, and make a full time income?

It's totally possible and I'll show you how

The beauty is coaching is getting more and more normalized each day and the need for coaches of all kinds is growing.

You have perfect clients waiting for you in your particular niche – even if you have no clue what your niche might be (I can help you with that too).

And with the beauty of the online world – the world’s your online oyster when it comes to building your unique and profitable coaching biz – you just need someone to show you how!

Hey there. I'm Kathy!

Thanks to an acupuncture visit right before I had kids, I was so hyper-crafty when my kids were little.

I funneled my creative energy to our hobby farm, homeschooling, sewing, but mostly my blog.

I tried an assortment of ways to earn an income from my blogging efforts but none of them proved sustainable or super lucrative.

That is until I got certified as a creativity coach and started offering coaching services.

Nowadays, I specialize in training and mentoring creatives to turn their passion into a sustainable and profitable coaching business 

And I can help you start and grow your creative coaching services too!

I will set you up with the right mindset to succeed, teach you how to coach, find clarity on what working one on one with your dream clients will look like for you and get you your first handful of clients signed on. 
From then on, you’ll be surrounded by the light of my loving support while you take off, with business plan and strategy in hand, and build your $3000 a month coaching biz with a community of happy and grateful clients spreading the word about your awesomeness around the world. 

Become a member of the Creative Bliss Coaching Academy!

This is a year long coaching training journey that will walk you step by step to learn HOW to coach and then GROW your coaching practice so you’re enjoying a consistent income from your one on one services.

You will be embraced by a small and intimate community that will be hanging out once a week on a live zoom call where I’ll be answering questions from your course material and hanging out all week long in a private Facebook group.

Once a week you’ll receive a short but value-rich video lesson and worksheet to work through. Each of these lessons are built on the last so they are purposely designed to be short and to the point so we can keep your momentum moving forward toward your coaching already dreams.

These lessons will include practical stuff like the coaching process itself all laid out, coaching documents you need, the coaching tools introduced one at a time, the coaching tools used on you so you can feel which ones resonate with you, and in turn, probably your ideal client. And a whole six months will be spent on building and growing your coaching practice – and ensuring your clients are rolling in!

The beauty of this program is that I’m completely accessible and you and your unique like a snowflake creative bliss turning into business will receive a lot of support and guidance from me directly.

inside creative bliss coaching academy

six modules that include 52 weekly lessons delivered in short and snappy video

toolbox of creativity coaching tools and how to use in your specific niche

weekly group q and a calls

crazy access to kathy through our private facebook group and email

lifetime access to training material

want an even deeper look at each of these modules?

These bite-sized lessons are created using my creativity coaching super powers so as not to overwhelm you as you pick up the mindset and skills required to build and grow a thriving coaching biz twelve months from today!

Module 1: create Space

  • tap into the power of imagining yourself as a coach and how your ideal days as a coach will flow
  • make a work schedule that works for you and your life's priorities
  • coach yourself to creative bliss so you can start to hold space for others to do so too

Module 2: create a positive mindset

  • learn all the tasks that make up the daily life as a coach and the habits that will support your productivity
  • meditate on your why and learn how this will propel your business forward each day
  • learn how to coach yourself to confidence when you feel imposter syndrome kick in

Module 3: create your coaching process

  • what makes up a coaching session, an irresistible coaching package and how to strengthen your listening skills
  • the art of onboarding a client in a way that's full of love and epic customer care
  • receive actual email and form swipe files and when during the onboarding process to actually send everything

Module 4: create your coaching tool box

  • get introduced to the coaching tools that will make up your quiver of coaching straight from and to the heart coaching superpowers
  • learn the art of when and how to introduce a coaching tool to your clients while leaning on your tuition
  • the opportunity to practice with practice sessions with a fellow student

Module 5: create your first five clients list

  • find the support to home in on your coaching niche
  • get into your ideal client's mind and hear and tap into their key struggles to best support them
  • daily, weekly and monthly client woo-ing activities

Module 6: create your one year coaching biz plan

  • build your web presence and plan a marketing rhythm that feels good so you stick to it
  • what to have on your website, the importance of an email list and social media practices that are realistic and make sense for your unique coaching biz
  • how to organically grow your business with outreach, going out to your community and using your creative coaching tools on yourself to push through any resistance that comes up!

Want to Join the Creative bliss coaching academy?

“Kathy brought different parts of my creative vision to life like a nurturing midwife while she carried my visions reminding me of my inner truths.The personal touches and joy she brings to her work kept me creatively inspired and focused along the road less traveled. She is the real creative deal and truly authentic and wonderful to work with.”

Ellen Nightingale  |

This is for you if. . .

  • You are ready to dedicate this to be your year of becoming a coach.
  • You are in a season where you can commit to applying these teachings into your current creative play or business with ease.
  • You have about an hour or two a week to dive into the Coaching Academy teachings and group learning experience.

This is not for you if. . .

  • Are in emergency financial mode and are looking for a quick fix.
  • Feel very stretched for time and can't add anything else on your plate right now.
  • You have been referred to in the past as a Downer Debbie, Negative Nelly or a Half Job Holly. Good vibes only!

“I love the friendly feeling here! It’s a ‘hanging out with the girls’ kind of vibe.

Also, Kathy has a very unique feminine ‘buddy’ energy that has a calming influence. I recommend Creative Bliss Coaching Academy to creative moms who want to turn their passions into a side hustle. I now have clarity on what I’m doing and how I want to move forward with my own passion project.

Becca Dragon |

Want to join us in this year long journey to earning $3000/month as a coach?


Bonus #1: The Bliss of Your First Coaching Client Ecourse ($197 value)

Not quite sure how you can apply your current area of interest into a coaching offering? This short and sweet (like my dachshund) will bring clarity to this picture for you.

Bonus #2: Your Bliss-Filled 3 Month Business Plan ($97 value)

This will help map out what you will focus on starting today until three months out. This will bust overwhelm plus ensure you’re carving out the time for what’s important to you – ie your creative bliss!

You won't go through this alone

I’m all about ensuring you’re a happy camper. I know what it’s like to be a creative spirit but also an earthy, productive homebody. That’s why I’m the perfect person to help you navigate this waters. 

With my six years’ experience as a Creativity Coach I will be with you the whole way to ensure you’re not getting sucked into decision fatigue, analysis paralysis or perfectionitis.

I will ensure you keep yourself moving forward with words of encouragement, regular check ins and celebration makings.

But you need to make the first move first. The sooner you join the Academy, that’s one day closer you’ll be to getting your coaching services to the world!


Ready to finally say yes to your becoming a coach dream?

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a year long group coaching training experience that you can currently purchase in full for $770 USD or in 12 monthly installments of $77 USD.

The program starts the minute you join. You will have access to your bonus material and your first week’s lesson. From this point on you will be introduced to your next lesson the following week and invited to join our private Facebook group and participate in the weekly group calls.

The program is offered in 52 weekly lessons. So to answer your question, it runs for a whole year! The first six months prepare you in the mindset, skills and practice to start offering coaching services while the final six months are for launching and growing your biz. So you can start earning your investment back in as little as six months’ time.

This experience is very personable meaning you’ll get an incredible amount of access to me, the founder and attention on your unique business and creative leanings. And I won’t leave you to fend for yourself at the end. I’ll do everything in my power to arm you with the skills and support to begin earning an income to make your investment back in less than one month’ income.

Weekly lesson that will teach you core creativity coaching tools, mindset and process via a short and sweet video introducing you to the core concepts highlighted in that week’s lesson. Business training to launch a sustainable, profitable practice makes up half the curriculum as well as a weekly zoom call and a private Facebook group to provide you with ample community and one on one support.

With a little love and guidance, Kathy helps you sort through all those ideas to turn your blog into a lucrative way to promote your life’s work. If you’re ready to get out of your creative cul-de-sac, Kathy is the answer.”

Racheal Cook|

Are you ready to experience the bliss that is becoming a coach?

(note: tuition is going up March 22nd 2019)

Pay in full
$770 USD

Pay monthly over 12 months
$77 USD per month

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