Mom Coaches Getting Clients


Build the foundation for a blissful and profitable mom coaching business in two weeks and start getting paying clients.

Ready to start a mom coaching biz but don’t know what to focus on?

Feeling the overwhelm creep in from all the conflicting advice on how to get started online as a coach but you just end up in analysis paralysis?

Does this sound like you?

Fresh out of a coaching certification but they kind of glossed over the actual how to get clients online bit.

Not certified but feel qualified to help moms struggling through a journey you yourself have overcome but need the marketing basics to create a 1:1 offer and to sell it online.

A more seasoned coach but finding yourself stuck in a rut and want a simple, proven plan to create consistent clients.

Considering becoming a coach so you’d love a taste of what  your days would be made up of if you were to go for it.

well, you're in for a treat

The Mom Coaches Getting Clients Bootcamp is Here

At the start of your getting mom coaching clients career you’re going to have to do just that. Pour your focus, time and energy into creating private clients.

As a new coach, this keeps your biz simple, creates clarity in your process, your area of expertise and not to mention builds simplicity into our busy mom coaching days.

Not to mention our clients, other moms, are deeply craving that one on one support.

Once your mom coaching biz rocking and rolling THEN you can throw in the bells and whistles of scaling with courses, masterminds, sexy funnels…  But until then let’s get your 4×1 plan in place  so you can start welcoming in one to two new clients a month into a gorgeous and loving four figure coaching package.

So don’t dawdle. There’s moms out there waiting to be coached by you!

Once you get these basics down everything else falls into place.

Here's exactly how to set up your mom coaching business for getting clients.

Stop the hustle and start directing your energy to taking the action that counts.

It’s time to make some important decisions in your coaching biz and this two week training will coach you to make them in a way that’s not painful and feel confident with your bold moves.

You before bootcamp:

You after bootcamp:

Don't dawdle

Mom Coaches Getting Clients Bootcamp Begins the Moment You sign up

Everyday for two weeks, starting today, you’ll receive an email with a lesson and action step to get your money-making mom coaching biz foundation in place.

The Curriculum

What You'll Get

All the babysteps you get emailed out you each day add up to a plan I help my private clients set up at the beginning of our coaching relationship. This is the recipe for success and what to lean on whenever you feel overwhelm try to creep back in.

PHase 1

Your Niche and Signature Offer

Your niche statement is the foundation before we pour the concrete to your business foundation. With this one simple sentence so much more in your biz is dictated and will lead to you creating:

PHase 2

What to Do Every Day

Take the guess work out of what fills up your time when you put on your work mullet outfit (make-up, nice top… sweat pants).

Phase 3

growing Your Audience

The simple way to do this is to do what women do best. Create genuine relationships and be of service.

here's what to expect

What happens once you sign up:

Daily Email

Starting today you’ll be emailed once a day a new video lesson and worksheet to take micro-steps to create this plan.

optional 1:1

If you love hand holding, I’m a hand holder. An upgrade for a one hour strategy session is available at checkout.

Bootcamp Classroom

Daily lessons will be housed inside the classroom once they’ve been unlocked for you. You have lifetime access to this.

Your Investment

One payment of


One payment of


One payment of


“I just went through a  complete career change. My mindset was at zero and I needed the shift before I could do the tangible stuff that will launch my mom coaching biz. It was helpful to have that confidence that working with Kathy brought me.

She helped me with my fears. The human design aspect  helped me especially with this and each lesson emailed to me led to coming up with a tangible coaching offer that sells.”


Danielle DeCristoforo

Diana Sodiq

“Before we started working together I had been consuming a lot of content and having a lot of mind drama about my niche. Like, do I have one, do I not? I didn’t feel like I was speaking to anybody in particular and that was really holding me back. Kathy helped me figure out what it is and then that was a big shift. From there I had structure, strategy and clients!”


Dr Diana Sadiq

” I had the blueprint and my to-do list which just makes my coaching business so much more tangible. I was clear on what I was doing next without even having to stress about it.

I started a Facebook group and now it’s over 300 members. I feel like I’m providing value and I’m a lot more confident in my messaging and know that it’s making a difference with moms of toddlers.”

cathy Wojcik

“I didn’t have systems in place. I didn’t really know how to run a sales call. I didn’t know how to make offers. I didn’t know the nitty gritty of running a successful coaching business. I would recommend working with Kathy if you’re a mom, in the coaching world or even if you’re just considering getting into coaching. Especially if you’re really wanting to get that ability to move forward with a solid plan. A plan that gets you on your two feet, on solid ground in your coaching biz and gets you moving forward building your practice.”

Ashley Becker

the If you're not blissed out I'm not Blissed out

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

A refund window is open from the start of the program until the end this 30 day period. (This does not include refund on any 1:1 sessions experienced.)

Here’s how to get started

purchase the bootcamp

Choose either bootcamp only or the VIP option that includes private coaching.

Start receiving daily lessons

The bite-sized video and worksheets start dripping out to you daily starting today to set you and your business up to start creating clients.


Because you’re two weeks away from making money in your mom coaching biz!

Meet Your Dream Coaching biz midwife

Hello, I'm Kathy Stowell.

I’ve been coaching moms and mom coaches at Bliss Beyond Naptime as a certified coach for over a decade now.
I’m in awe of the feminine strength and creative superpowers that are revealed and sharpened through the journey of  motherhood.
I understand how moms thrive with simplicity, have the ability to make serious shifts in their world happen and thrive with one on one relationships.


I’ve curated a coaching style and approach over the years that speaks a mama’s bliss-seeking language. And I can’t wait to teach it to you inside the bootcamp.

My mantra is keep it simple, have fun and never give up on your dream biz.

And sometimes, one more latte..

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want my eyes on your biz, or the plan you come up with thanks to the bootcamp, please do take me up on the VIP or VIP PLUS option. If you want more hands on support consider working with me in my six month 1:1 coaching package by booking a zoom chat with me and we can see which option would be a better fit.

I aim to keep each video no longer than ten minutes to watch, and the worksheets no longer than five minutes to complete. One of my pillars is to get into the habit of making quick decisions, follow your gut and remember that you can always, and should, go back and tweak as you go.

The training materials are there for you to keep forever. You’ll keep receiving the emails and the lessons will also be stored inside the Teachable classroom. This is a self-paced program but do make the most of your investment if you can and commit to the lessons as they’re revealed to you.

Refund window is 30 days from day of purchase. If you go with one of the VIP options you will get full refund only if you have not yet used your coaching session. Otherwise, you will only be refunded the cost of the bootcamp.

Ready to get Bootcamped to the Mom Coaching biz of your dreams?

Choose the plan + let’s get started!

One payment of


One payment of


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Mom Coaches Getting Clients Bootcamp. You can email directly at to get in touch or book a 20 minute Zoom chat to see if this indeed the fit for you right now.

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