A group coaching program to grow your mom coaching biz by finally getting clear on your niche, nail your messaging and convert your audience to paying clients.

If you’ve been experiencing a dry spell in your mom coaching biz it’s time to get back to basics. You need to get clear on what makes you such a stellar mom coach for your ideal client and exactly how you can rock her world.

And this takes making some tough decisions. But once made they’ll get you back on the signing on new clients train:

A clear niche, a signature offer and magnetic, consistent messaging.

Maybe you’re newer to coaching, or been at this a while, but you feel like you should be making more money by this point. In fact, you were counting on hitting this $10K milestone soon so you can more comfortably quit your current day job or start contributing more significantly to the family finances by doing the work that you love so much, from the home that you love just as much.

The $10K a Month Mom Coach Circle will get you the clarity you need, quickly, to start making the income that'll ensure you never feel like you’re running an expensive hobby again.

Say goodbye to...

Instead you'll be...


The 10K a Month Mom Coach Circle

A three month group coaching program to move through my proven method to home in on your niche, signature offer and unique messaging needed to stand out as a mom coach so you can get more paying clients.

The only thing standing between you and creating consistent high-ticket clients is more clarity on who it is you serve, what tangible offers you deliver as a mom coach and shouting it out from the rooftops with proper messaging.

The Curriculum

What We're Going to Cover

Module 1

Your get Rich Niche

Your niche and niche statement will finally be chosen. These are two separate entities and both serve as a foundation and anchor for your offers,  mindset and messaging moving forward for the rest of our three months together.

Module 2

Your Mama Sexy Signature Offer

You’re going to own this one throughout our time together too. Priced at at least four figures this package is designed to deliver your clients the results they’re seeking and ensures the referrals and return clients come to you too.

Module 3

Your Pretty Proven Process

Deep down inside you know how you get results for your clients. Now it’s just a matter of getting it out and owning it so you can apply, test it and tweak it and gain more confidence as you do.

Module 4

Your $10K a Month Mindset

Your mindset’s going to waiver on the regular. Surprise! But here you’ll learn simple to implement daily practices that will keep your energy magnetic, in check and on track to reach your revenue goals.

Module 5

Rock Solid Content Pillars

The pillars of your core messaging will be referred to almost every day as you grow. Having this planned out and positioned to serve your clients in all aspects of your marketing will free up your time guessing what to post about next.

Module 6

Purposeful Repurposing

Repurposing your content pillars in creative ways will have you showing up fully in all stops of your ideal client’s journey. No need to fear yourself sounding like a broken record. This is the way to build trust and recognition as the go to coach in your chosen niche.

Once you implement all the components that make up a $10K a month mom coach biz these are the kinds of results you can expect to see:

“I just went through a  complete career change. I went from zero, even my mindset was at zero and I needed the mindset shift before I could do the tangible stuff. It was helpful to have that confidence that working with Kathy brought me.

She  helped me push back my fears. The human design aspect of her coaching  helped me especially with this  and each lesson emailed to me led to coming up with a tangible coaching offer.

I love her  approach to discovering your niche. It worked so easily to come up with a few options but then there were  tools that actually took thought and turned it into something that could be implemented and sold to create paying coaching clients.”

Danielle DeCristoforo

“I’m was at the very beginning of my mom coaching journey and I don’t feel like I am there anymore working with Kathy. I now have a clear roadmap.

It homed me into what I need to do to make my coaching biz take off. It gave me a blueprint. And now with the blueprint I feel like I can actually go and make this happen.”

Maria Yakimchuk

“Kathy encouraged me to focus on talking to specific people instead of everybody. Connecting my niche statement to a simple process has built my confidence and put my coaching offer out in to the world. I’ve seen growth in my own confidence, my mom coaching business and getting specific in my messaging and intentional in my marketing.”

Sarah-Beth Bennet

Does this sound like you?

A new coach that has no idea what to offer or where to begin marketing her coaching services.

A more seasoned mom coach but has been stuck in a no client rut and is ready to do whatever it takes to start getting clients again.

Not coaching yet but knows she could offer mentoring services but has no idea how to position her offering or how to talk about the transformation she can deliver.

A mom coach who is ready to stand out in a way that feels real because she can put into words the real, tangible results she delivers in a mid to high end coaching offer.

$10K a Month Mom Coach Circle is the key to ditch figuring this whole making money as a mom coach thing and help you get the most important pieces of the client getting puzzle in place in only three months’ time.

The only thing standing between you and creating consistent high-ticket clients is more clarity on who it is you serve, what tangible offers you deliver as a mom coach and shouting it out from the rooftops with proper messaging.

This is what's included

12 weekly live trainings

We will meet on zoom for a group call, coaching, training and implementation each Wednesday

Private Facebook Group

A cozy, intimate space to ask questions and connect with other mom coaches between the weekly calls

Six modules

Lifetime access to these six powerful lessons designed to establish a strong foundation for your business growth to $10K months


bonus trainings to help you grow your biz


The Mom Coaching Biz Birth Kit

Lifetime access to this growing library of resources such as trainings, guest expert interviews and templates to help birth and grow your mom coaching biz.


a 45 minute one on one Session with me for those who pay in full

Here’s an opportunity to hear exactly where you’re at and ask me anything under the sun, use my brain to brainstorm on your niche, offering, business auditing OR reading your human design chart and how to apply what we see there in your coaching biz and marketing.

Your Investment

One payment of


Or two monthly payments of


Or three monthly payments of



It’s for mom coaches and it’s hosted by me, a business coach whose area of expertise is helping mom coaches get more clients.


No guest coaches and you’ll have tonnes of access to me. I aim to keep the group small and intimate so I can offer each one of you the customized attention during our weekly calls.


And I know how crazy being a mom while being an entrepreneur can get full on at times. Even with teens now. So simplicity’s my middle name and an integral part of my coaching background. I designed the experience to be simple to digest and with my mom coaching background can bring you back to calm when overwhelm creeps in.

And I know this industry inside out being in it for over a decade and am highly attuned to what has changed over the years.

The landscape’s different but that’s good news. I have the map here to get you to those $10K months you always dreamed of.

Here’s how to get started

Fill out your application

Click the button below to be taken to a simple form to fill out, choose if you want to pay in full or one of the two payment plans.

Receive an email with all the details

Upon approval you’ll be sent a coaching agreement and invoice to pay to secure your spot.

Get set to begin January 4th.

Celebrate because we’ll be starting before you know it! Until then you’ll access to your bonus material and any 1:1 sessions with me you’re privy to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the weekly training calls where you can ask me anything under the sun that came up for you from that week’s lesson, you can ask more specific questions and share celebrations within the private Facebook group. If  feel the need to ask me private questions, offer feedback or simply connect on a personal level for a check in my door is always open. But if you feel you’d fare better with more one on one support please consider working with me in my six month 1:1 coaching package by booking a zoom chat with me and we can see which option would be a better fit.

Short answer is 3 to 5 hours a week. Now here’s the long answer!

Our coaching calls are one hour a week. We will alternate a more lesson-style session with implementation sessions which will be a combination of a topic that will help you go deeper in your skills and self-awareness as a coach, mother and human being and actually doing some content writing.

How much you run with the weekly work is up to you but I totally understand how mama stuff comes up! That’s why all our calls are recorded. If life gets full for whatever reasons, your access to the material is forever.

There are no refunds. Please do reach out if you want to hop on a quick zoom chat first to ask me any questions if you want to make sure this is indeed the right fit for you before you commit.

Last question.


How many new clients do you think you’re missing out on every day because you don’t have clarity on your niche, what your coaching offer is or how to talk about what it is you do exactly as a mom coach? 


Moms who are seeking a coach are drawn to the confidence of a coach who is certain. Certain that they can help their ideal client and that they know their struggle inside out.


The question is are you showing up consistently with messaging that radiates ‘Hey. I’m the expert in this. Let me help’ energy. And then building that presence of being a thought leader, committed to serving a particular audience and showing up with confidence and abundance mindset.


Or are you flip flopping and turning off potential clients with weak messaging, indecisiveness on what you’re all about, feeling confused around what it is you’re offering and end up confusing your followers as well?


Well, confused buyers don’t buy. So it’s crucial to keep your business simple, clear and direct.

Inside the $10K a Month Mom Coach Circle  I will  get you that clarity that you need to be making money as a mom coach as soon as possible. And as you take action on the process we work through inside this group coaching container, even more clarity will appear and with that, more clients.


Are you ready to start reaching $10K months as a mom coach?

Let's do this!

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about The $10K a Month Mom Coach Circle. You can email directly at to get in touch or  choose a time to get on a 20 minute zoom chat to ask me anything.

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