How would you like to turn your passion for blogging into a biz, Mama?

Imagine the freedom that comes with working from home. (Hint: you get to choose your own hours, what you do in those hours and who you get to do them with!)

Imagine being able to treat your family to a summer vacation with money earned from your blogging which is something you’d be doing for free anyway!

Imagine successfully designing an income stream that integrates your unique God-given gifts, your unbridled passions, your slightly obsessive interests and a totally glass half full vision of how the world can be.

Now is the time to explore the ways your blog might be the perfect budding work from home gig for you.

You probably have a whole whack of ideas on how to monetize this blog baby of yours but you’re stuck on deciding which one to go with. Then, there’s that voice in your head that keeps whispering that you’re just dreaming. Or your husband’s voice outside your head suggesting you get a real job – whatever that means!

But deep down you know that your blog has the potential to earn at least as much as a part-time wage. If not much, much more.

You just want somebody to tell you what exactly you should blog about for biz already!

Once I decided to go pro with the blog that I’ve been blogging on since 2006 (so I could start contributing to my organic cream habit), I found it tricky to figure out how to make all my multi-passionate pieces fit together in a lucrative, mama-friendly way.

After doing what felt like doing-it-all such as running Etsy shops, selling soaps, teaching online sewing courses, I paid attention to what path was most sustainable as a hands-on, slightly helicopter-y mama. I then decided to get certified as a Simplicity Parenting Coach and a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach so I could help other moms find peace and flow in their days to enable them to follow their heart’s desire and create their ideal world.

And my ideal world holds the vision of you blogging for biz, Mama – because it’s the best gig ever!

That’s why I created The Blog to Biz Brainstorm to help creative, passionate moms who love to blog discover how they can blog for business too!

Here’s how the Blog to Biz Brainstorm rolls:

It begins with filling out The Calm Before the Blog to Biz Brainstorm Workbook which you can download for free here. Email this back to me and we’ll arrange our scheduled time together. These exercises alone will offer you a huge dollop of insight and clarity on the direction you want to take your blogging efforts on.

We’ll spend 90 minutes together brainstorming away on your business model, blogging themes or work/life balance. You get to choose from three of these specific areas:


Within 48 hours of our time together, you’ll receive your customized Brainstorm Aftermath Business Plan: a PDF detailing the key action steps to take specific to each of the three areas we focused on together to see you maintain momentum as you enter the terrain of earning an income stemming from your love of blogging!

The Blog to Biz Brainstorm would be perfect for you if:

  • you have been blogging for at least a year now and are ready to take it to the next level
  • you are a newbie to blogging but are coming into it with the intention to earn an income and want a business action plan from the get go
  • you have a business that needs a blog to grow its reach but you don’t know what to write about or where to even start!

This might not be for you if:

  • you are seeking more technical help
  • you are not ready to spend money on growing your blog yet
  • you would rather figure this stuff out on your own and aren’t too worried about taking longer to meet your income goals

This brainstorm can save you years, not to mention mama blogging rubber, from spinning your tires in posts and strategies that aren’t moving you in the direction of offering true value to your readership and ultimately, bringing home the pasture-raised, nitrate-free bacon.

With my simplicity, creativity, Mama Bliss coaching skills, and years’ experience with different online income streams, we will highlight the ways your passions can fit together to create a lucrative blogging gig that realistically meshes with your family’s season in life.

And speaking of perfect fits, there are a couple of ways we can brainstorm and work together. It simply depends on how much or little support you need to implement the action steps we’re going to craft up for you to make your blogging for biz dreams come true!


The Mama Bliss Guarantee

Being a creative, crafty, bloggy mama myself that likes to make the most of her ‘mama’s working’ time, I know you’re going to love this. But if you’re not feeling the bliss, I would be more than happy to extend a money back guarantee.

If after our 90-minute brainstorm session together, you’re feeling like we missed the mark, I will happily refund your monetary investment (minus PayPal fees) with no questions asked. I’m not blissed out if you’re not blissed out, Mama!

See? Nothing to lose. But if you’d like to speak to me first to see if we’re a snug fit or you need help deciding which option to go for please click here to book a complimentary 15 minute consultation or email me at with any questions.


Racheal CookBlogging as a hobby is fun… but blogging for biz? It can suck the fun right out of it. That’s where Kathy comes in. With a little love and guidance, she helps you sort through all those ideas to turn your blog into a lucrative way to promote your life’s work. If you’re ready to get out of your creative cul-de-sac, Kathy is the answer!”
Racheal Cook,

Leonie DawsonKathy is a kind, kindred mama spirit. Her gentle guidance, joy, compassion and love are a mama’s best friend. Simplicity Parenting will encourage you to follow the beat of your own drum and create a family life that sings to you.”
Leonie Dawson – Author, Entrepreneur

Lynne NewmanI was feeling so excited about creating some products for my business, but super overwhelmed and confused with where to start and what to focus on. Kathy was able to zone in on what was important, truly listen and make some awesome recommendations. In a matter of a week of our strategy session, I busted through my resistance with niching and focused in on highly sensitive moms in a more obvious way and got a few leads and one new client. I feel more clear and confident!”
Lynne Newman, Toronto, ON

terra-croppedCoaching from Kathy was incredibly helpful in focusing what I really wanted to get out of having my own creative business. I was at a point where I was feeling quite overwhelmed, and having her encouraging voice on the other end helped me to get excited about launching my website.

I really needed the nudge from Kathy, who kept me honest, to get some of my final tasks done, and breaking them down into smaller pieces really helped put it all into perspective. With her simplicity parenting coaching background, Kathy was also able to give me many tips and tricks to carve out the time I desperately needed to create and to recharge my own batteries.”
Terra Lesack – Calgary, Alberta

DrucillaKathy’s coaching has provided me with such a solid and exciting groundwork for moving forward with my art yarn business. I look forward to our sessions because her spirit is infectious and our time together so inspiring.

Her approach is very gentle and yet incredibly effective in opening up new possibilities, and feeling and thinking through them. And Kathy’s gifts are very special – she truly listens and provides individually-tailored guidance with great love and enthusiasm. Thank you, Kathy, x 1000000!!!”
– Drucilla Pettibone, shepard, artist and handspinner, Bear Creek, North Carolina

Tanya GingerI have been struggling with deciding what to do about my business dream, Kathy has been so great at helping me find the right path for me to take. She is authentic and real, she supports and holds your hand to reach the goal that you desire. During my coaching sessions I felt I needed to change directions, Kathy adapted to what I needed but also helped me to see how everything connected back to my original goal.

My time with Kathy has restored my confidence in myself and my dream. I am a better momma, friend and wife because I am actively pursuing my passions and dreams!”
– Tanya Ginger, Cumming, GA

Kelly EhrmanThank you so much for all of your loving support Kathy! Your vibe is so personable. I knew you would make me laugh, and I couldn’t wait to work with someone who understands the realities of being a business-building-kiddo-raising-homeschooling-bliss-seeking mama.

You have such a knack for helping an overloaded mama relax, get playful, and find her energy and motivation! You helped me think outside the box and find simple next steps. I got off of every call feeling calmer, more confident, and more clear about what to do next.”
Kelly, Lavender’s Blue Home School, Boston, MA

ShannonWith Kathy’s passion and enthusiasm for my project, along with her knowledge about many, many business, marketing and other practical tidbits, I was able to speed ahead and grow in confidence and focus! I have been able to move forward faster than I could have alone. Kathy is like a doula for your creative pursuits, she even reminds you to breathe!”
– Shannon Staloch, Midwife, Pasedena CA

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