The Bliss Filled Mama

Being a mindful, conscious mama can sometimes make you feel like you’re awash in a sea of constant demands and tending to the needs of the little ones around you. It might feel almost easier to put your needs last just to keep the peace and all the balls in the air. But when this drive to provide the finest mothering skills around and most idyllic childhood possible you may eventually find yourself tapped out; not at your physical peak, short on patience and feeling like life is just one meal preparation, activity or playdate after another.

The time you wish you could put toward your own personal projects and to feed your creative passions is being eaten up by the many obligations and demands of modern day mom life. You might even be feeling some resentment creep up at times like an ill-fitting pair of panties.

In The Bliss Filled Mama: Self-Care for Soulful Mothering, I share the strategies and practices that help me pull through this delicate dance of being a loving, present mother who also has the time and energy to tend to her creative spirit and life calling. These are the basic self-care approaches I swear by that help make every day an opportunity to keep my needs front and centre while ensuring my genetic makeup flourishes, happily, for generations to come.

The Bliss Filled Mama offers over 10,000 words of insight into:

  • My approach to optimum health
  • Simple yet saucy mama style
  • Ladies’ night ideas to maintain your precious friendships
  • Ways to garner your partner’s support in your bliss quest
  • Protecting your boundaries
  • Housekeeping; simplicity style
  • Exploring and pinpointing the joys in your life
  • Carving out pockets of time to indulge in these joys
  • My own parenting philosophy that accommodates more mama bliss

I know how being a busy mama can make it tricky to sit down and read a whole ebook, so that’s why I recorded myself whispering these sweet somethings into your ear. The purchase of this ebook includes a one hour long MP3 recording of me reading the book to you. Pretty intimate, no?

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