Deep Dive into Deliciousness

How can you replenish yourself from all this mothering business?

Imagine discovering within yourself a source of energy that will catapult you toward newly discovered dreams and have you look forward to that personal time which once felt nearly impossible to seize.

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to recharge with a twice weekly journaling ritual that will leave you feeling replenished and brimming with vitality and positivity?

What if you could get cozy and intimate with this wise woman waiting patiently for you under all these current demands on your time and attention since the beginning of your mindful mama journey?

After giving birth I was pretty much attached by the boob to my new little one. For years.

For the first few months the days were spent anticipating another nursing session if not actually nursing (I have to admit it was nice to sit and stare at all this cuteness that landed on my lap) but not much else was getting done.

Then baby got bigger and we became attached in other ways. Between keeping her alive, dressed and fed, keeping the house in order and hula hooping for my man, I was beginning to forget I had needs of my own.

And then I got a nasty bout of mastitis.

It hurt, especially when nursing, and the only thing that felt good was a long hot shower with the spray directly aimed at my heart the whole time. I learned the body communicates neglect in mysterious and sometimes painful ways.

So  I started to get crafty. I took up knitting. I read The Artist’s Way. I rediscovered my love of writing. I started a blog. I became super entranced with the concept and importance of mama time. I was starting to feel yummy again and it was a delicious process.

That’s why I created the Deep Dive into Deliciousness: 100 Prompts To Replenish Your Mama Soul; a year of journal prompts for the mindful mama who needs to take time to discover herself again.

This year long succession of twice weekly emails will move you from feeling like a stranger to yourself to finding an intimacy and clarity to your dreams. You’ll be inspired and supported to design the strategies to regularly and self-lovingly top up your mama juices. Over the course of a year your own mama manifesto will manifest with pages of tender reflections and a tool box filled with, well, tools to keep your yummy mummy course strong and steady.

Imagine this as a twice weekly house call from a mama bliss coach.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, or go for the hard stuff (triple shot latte for me please), and relish in a year’s worth of  brief but powerful moments reserved only for you, your authentic desires, deep nourishment and your journey toward a more delicious version of you; Mama two point yum.

This is for you mama if you are:

  • interested in keeping a journal beyond one that’s dedicated to baby’s firsts.
  • devouring daydreams about finding more time for yourself but not sure what you would actually do with yourself when the time presents itself.
  • ready to dive deep into some self-discovery.
  • wanting to shine a light on your dreams of today now that you’re emerging from toddler world.
  • keen on accommodating more self-care practices.
  • curious to see how delicious you can actually get in the course of a year!

This might not be for you if you:

  • have a baby that is still super fresh and you just want to sit and stare away for a few more months longer and not do much else.
  • already has a sweet, consistent journaling practice under way.

The cost for Deep Dive into Deliciousness is $35; what a deal for a whole year’s worth of mama bliss coaching straight into your inbox!

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And though I know I this is just going to add to the gloriousness that is you, if you’re not feeling any more delicious I happily offer a money back guarantee. Just simply email me and I’ll refund you your payment.

So don’t diddle dawdle a moment longer, Mama. It’s time to get downright delicious and discover you and your beautiful vision for this year!

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Here’s what some yummy mummies have to say about my other courses:

“Kathy, thank you so much for this yummy course – it’s raised lots of subtle questions for me about things I hadn’t realised were worth delving into, or at least things I’d taken for granted.”

~ Zoe Quick, Hair Shirt, Wales, UK

“Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for the free yummy workshop! I love your style! The course was very helpful to me to make time for myself to do personally enriching things… like meeting a close friend every week in town (even though it’s a drive and I have lots of other things to do) for a long walk and breakfast at a little diner (and yummy coffee). It’s made me realize the importance of nurturing relationships that are important and nourishing to me. It makes me feel yummy! Love that word!”

~ Lisa Nicholas Stirling, Ontario, Canada

So, here I am at day 10 and I have to say that I truly do feel yummier. I think my family would agree as well. I started off my 10 days by having a long, hot, aromatherapy bath. That act helped me to set some good intentions for taking care of myself during the 10 days. I bought myself some heavenly Rooibus Evening tea to drink each night after the kids went to bed. And I started doing a short morning yoga wake up routine in between my son getting on the bus and my daughter waking up. My mornings got a whole lot brighter.”

~ Jennifer Gallucci

“Thank you so much for this. I have been missing it the last few nights. I loved how short, simple and yet completely profound and applicable it was. Lovely.”

~ Kestrel Gates, Hiih Gallery, Portland, Oregon

“I just wanted to let you know that I am totally enjoying your journal prompts, and exploring each one with much joy. Thanks for all the great work you do in supporting mamas.”

~ Tui Avraham, Ready to Blossom

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