Start your own coaching practice in 12 weeks with Kathy as your guide!
What you could accomplish...
  • * How to help yourself and other moms create their own hapiness?
  • * The tools you need deepen the experience of everyday bliss that all mamas crave?
  • * Strategies for working with clients, so you can confidently transform chaos into bliss?
  • * The keys to winning your first client & building a practice, so you can work from home?
  • * Master the practical tools to run & grow your business… in 12 weeks!


Take a moment to picture your life as a Mama Bliss Coach.
Let’s build that for you, together.

I know that you get it. You have your kids, your life and you really love being a mom.
Somewhere along the way, though, you’ve realized you want more.
You want to do more with your life. You want to earn more.

And most importantly, you want to make more of a difference.

But here is the thing: You want to do all that while STILL being an awesome mom.
You don’t want to sacrifice your kids for your life (or vice versa).

So here you are, considering coaching.

But before I tell you all about how I am going to help you make money, change the world AND still be a great mom, we have to talk about the thing you are probably thinking right now:

“Am I a fit for coaching? And what IS life coaching, anyway?”

A coach is like a spirit guide. A Jiminy Cricket type. Holding space for AMAZING things to happen and steering the ship a little if things get a little off track. As a coach you’ll become a companion. A friend. A sounding board. A support system.

Your goal is to help your clients have the best lives they can.

Sounds amazing, right?

It is!

“Okay, I know what a coach is, but how do I know if it’s right for me?”

Let me know if any of this sounds like you:

  • You love helping people and are frequently told you have a big ol’ heart.
  • You admire mama entrepreneurs and want to create a location independent lifestyle for yourself.
  • You have always thought about coaching and like the idea of it.
  • You are a great listener and love to support people through their trials and tribulations.
  • You have a blog right now and you’ve been thinking about expanding and offering a service.
  • You KNOW you have some valuable STUFF to share, you just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

Did you say yes to any of those?

Great. Let’s talk.

Mama Bliss Coaching School

Mama Bliss Coaching School is a 12-week Coaching Certification Program designed to help you become a coach to mamas (just like you) and give them the support and guidance they need to become better moms and create awesome lives for themselves.

At the end of our 12 weeks together you will have the knowledge, resources and tools you need to start your very own coaching practice and start taking your own clients. Every coaching practice looks different and you might have a few extra thousand a month or even build a six figure coaching practice eventually. It’s all up to you.

Reimagine your life...

You will be reimagining your own life. Starting your own business.

Where you will take your new business is up to how far you want to rise.

The program is designed to give you the to the clarity and confidence to strike out on your own. You will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to help other mamas navigate all parts of their experience — from weaning to homeschooling to mommy burnout.

You'll be a guide...

As a Mama Bliss Coach, you’ll become an expert in the Mama Bliss Approach:
The 4 Pillars for Creating a Blissful Mama Life.



We’ll deeply examine five areas of self-care that will ensure you have the practices intact to thrive while maintaining the demands of both a thriving coaching practice and embracing your role as matriarch to a blissful family unit.



Whether you’re hyper-creative, not so crafty or just can’t find the time to indulge in your art, we’ll explore ways to ensure you get some creative play in everyday and the importance of tending to this mama bliss pillar to see your coaching practice soar in its unique expression.



Regularly reviewing your core values eases decision making and bring more fluidity and connection with your life purpose. We’ll also explore ways to welcome in this important conversation with our partners and later apply these discussions and conversation skills to our future coaching clients.



Seeking out and embracing simplicity in our days not only makes it more manageable to live our life according to our chosen values but creates the time and space to follow our bliss and share it with those around us. This will also help you develop the rhythm and flow to your unique work from home experience.

In addition to learning the Mama Bliss Coaching process,
you will be trained on the ins-and-outs of having your own business, including:

  • How to get great clients.
  • How to confidently run live workshops.
  • How to pull together your workflow.
  • How to feel great about putting yourself online.


“I was worried because I had just come from another coaching program. I feared I would just be getting ‘more stuff and could probably just get going with what I already have. But I had zeroed in to the kind of coaching I wanted to be doing and Mama Bliss Coaching School’s focus is specific to helping the clients I wanted to work with.

The twelve weeks of training felt so manageable. I could feel myself making progress as I had the time to own and practice these coaching tools.

Now since training wrapped up I have had two Mama Bliss coaching clients and ran my first Mini- Mama Bliss retreat. I recommend Mama Bliss Coaching School to anyone who is thinking about serving moms.

As a speech therapist who works with moms, this would have been perfect for me years ago.”

– Ellen Nightingale

Chart your three month journey to coaching success

Three Months

Learn & Live The Four Pillars of Mama Bliss Coaching

Learn how to be your OWN client and start making YOUR life better with
self-care practices, creativity, meditating on your values and embracing
simplicity in your life.

Mama Bliss Coaching Tools & Workshop Curriculum

This is where you will learn how to be a coach and get hooked up with your practice buddy. Your practice buddy is a fellow student in the program who you can practice all the tools and resources with. During these four weeks, you will receive everything you need to become a coach for moms hoping to follow their dreams. You will also be given the outline of live workshops to offer to your community and beyond.

Create a Thriving Coaching Practice that Meshes with Your Awesome Mom-ness

It has taken me a while to figure out the nitty gritty bits of starting off. Not to mention starting off as a homeschooling and homesteading mama. In the final four weeks of the program, I share the practicalities and nuances of setting up a thriving practice that grows as your family’s needs change.

The Mama Bliss Coaching School
is all about creating a life that feels amazing to live.

Joyful WorkIt’s about finding the freedom to do what you want and work when you want, giving you enough space to spend quality time with your family.

The tools you learn in this program enable you to help the people you feel called to support. As a Mama Bliss Coach, you are able to hold the space for your client’s journey and contribute to their growth in many meaningful and inspiring ways.

But let’s not forget the journey youwill embark on when you join this program.

Because becoming a Mama Bliss Coach is not just about helping (and healing) other people. It is also about giving yourself that life you have always dreamed of having.

After 12 weeks, you will emerge totally transformed and ready to start transforming the lives of others.

A sneak peek at what’s included:

  • Mama Bliss Coaching Manual
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Open Office Hours with Kathy
  • Deep Dive into Your 4 Pillars of Mama Bliss
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Mama Bliss Coaching Tools and Process
  • Supportive Community of Trainee Coaches
  • Live Workshop Training
  • Special Guest Experts
  • Free Listing on the Mama Bliss Coaching Directory
  • Guidance on Marketing Your Coaching Business
  • Practice Coaching Sessions with Dedicated Partner
  • Lifetime Ongoing Support
  • Grads Only Seasonal Webinars
  • Exclusive Affiliate Opportunities

and even more...

And here is another thing that makes this program SO special:

Not your average coaching program...

Because the experience of attending the Mama Bliss Coaching School is so powerful and life-changing,
I cap every session to 20 participants.

This is to ensure that each woman has a safe and intimate space to unfold and unravel with plenty of 1-on-1 lovin’ from me throughout the program.


“Even though I am not a mom, I was at a time in my life that my self care practices were really taking a back seat to everything else. I decided to gift myself this training as an opportunity to prioritize my needs and fill my own cup so I could help others in return.

I enjoyed how the lessons were packaged. They were just challenging enough to be stimulating and enjoyable without being overwhelming. The opportunity to have practice coaching sessions with somebody else in the group helped to make it not just theoretical learning.

I had the opportunity to put the skills I was learning into practice in a safe environment with other students. I didn’t feel intimidated practicing because everyone was in the same boat learning as well.

Over the course of these twelve weeks I gained confidence to actually put myself out there, and I gained clients which is a pretty concrete result!

Now I have a road map to take me forward into a coaching practice that is supported not only by Kathy, but also the whole Mama Bliss Coaching community.”

– Dana Machacek

About the teacher & founder

I’m Kathy Stowell. I’m an energetic, creative mother of two and a certified coach with over nine years of experience in making this work at home mama thing… well, work!


I’ve been working from home ever since the oldest of my two kids was born, and since 2011 I’ve been coaching mamas at Bliss Beyond Naptime as a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.

I’ve observed over the years that even when my plate was super full with working from home (while running a hobby farm and homeschooling), by simplifying my life, even just a little, I can create the time and space to foster ideal growing conditions for my whole family, as well as my loftiest dream.

Most important thing...

What I have that has let me get different (even blissful!) experiences in my life is the tools and principles I now teach in Mama Bliss Coaching School. They have let me transform my own life, and now they let me guide and support creative mamas to their bliss from within. And they can do the same for you.

Kathy is a kind, kindred mama spirit.

Her gentle guidance, joy, compassion and love are a mama’s best friend. She will encourage you to follow the beat of your own drum and create a life that sings to you.”

~Leonie Dawson, Author & Entrepreneur

Want to know about the next session?

Mama Bliss Coaching School only accepts applications for a limited time each year, and if you sign up for the Bliss Beyond Naptime newsletter, you’ll be notified when it’s open.

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Got questions?

Here are some answers for you.

What’s the time commitment for the coursework like?

Each Monday you will be emailed the lesson of the week. The compilation of these will make up your Mama Bliss Coaching Manual. Within these pages, you will find exercises to fill out at your leisure and a written assignment to be emailed back to us. You can expect to spend about 1-2 hours a week on this aspect of the program.

Every week we’ll have a one hour group coaching call where I will be adding to the week’s lesson as well as offer opportunities to share with the group as whole, demonstrate coaching techniques and answer any questions. These calls will be recorded and made available to you afterwards. If you aren’t able to attend a call you are expected to listen to this recording and email in three insights.

From week 5, we’ll assign a practice buddy to you. You will be required to connect with your buddy between 4-6 times for 60 minutes per session. In this time, you will each practice 30 minutes of coaching. These sessions offer the perfect opportunity to hone your coaching skills and get any additional support you may be needing.


Does it matter if I’m not a mother?

The word “Mama” in Mama Bliss Coaching is used in the broadest sense (no pun intended). Though I do refer a lot to parenting, rediscovering one’s self after the birthing labyrinth journey, and addressing the common blocks of resistance mothers experience on a daily basis we also look at feelings of overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination and being stuck in a rut.

I almost always think of a “Mama” in the most Goddess-y, empowered, lovingly ‘hear-me-roar’ way. She is a woman that carries the sentiment across of the feminine-centered, creative and non-linear approach that is the Mama Bliss Coaching way.

And on that note, I’d like to stress that this is a program open only to women.


Will I have access to you?

Besides the weekly calls, I also offer twice-weekly ‘office hours’ that you can sign up for when you feel the need for some 1-on-1 lovin’ from me. This your time to ask me private questions, offer feedback or simply connect on a personal level for a check in.


What happens upon completion of the program?

I will do whatever I can to help you see your practice soar!

Upon receiving two recorded twenty minute sample sessions, we will grant you a license to call yourself a Certified Mama Bliss Coach. When you’re ready, your profile will be listed on BlissBeyondNaptime.com in the Mama Bliss Coaching directory for a small annual licensing fee. Your profile will include not only an introduction and link to your own site but also a recording of an interview with me where you get to share what you offer, who you love to work with and if you have a particular area of expertise. This profile can be updated on an annual basis.

I will also continue offering my support through quarterly online workshops, collaboration opportunities, and regular bliss-drenched Mama Bliss Coach retreats.

More Praise from the Mama Bliss Coaching Community

“I had already been certified as a Creativity Coach but wanted to build off of that with an expertise in moms and our common struggles.

Because I have been working with Kathy for a year, and have really benefited from her coaching style, I trusted Mama Bliss Coaching School was going to be what I was looking for.

Having the coaching buddy was really powerful. It was amazing to develop that relationship while finding a safe place to practice the tools and offering each other support. We would both feel like we had a real coaching session in half an hour. It helped us to see how well this approach really works!

After Mama Bliss Coaching School I got two coaching clients right off the bat. One of them was my coaching buddy! And then just by talking about my training experience in I had another mama ask to work with me.

Right now, I am going back through my coaching manual to work on my website. It’s been really helpful to continue to use all the materials. I am sure I will go back to this valuable resource again and again.

I would recommend Mama Bliss Coaching School to anybody who is interested in becoming a coach to moms or even an online entrepreneur who is curious about coaching in general. The tools are universal and helpful for everyone.

I am really excited now because I can see myself finally out there coaching. I have a lot more confidence and not to mention a great creative outlet.”

– Jennifer Gallucci

“I signed up for Mama Bliss Coaching School at a time I needed something to tie in all together the knowledge and training I already had to work with moms. I really feel Mama Bliss Coaching School gave me that.

Over the course of these twelve weeks I have discovered new depths to the area of working with moms and a clear direction to where to take my business.

At first I was worried that since it’s an online training program I would fall behind. But Kathy supported me through personal emails and abundant open office hours.

And I am in love with Kathy’s writing! The weekly workbooks that make up the coaching manual were amazing and perspective shifting.

I am going to miss getting a new lesson in my inbox each Monday morning. I recommend Mama Bliss Coaching School to moms with passion and drive to empower themselves as well as the moms who seek them for support.”

– Carina Lyall

“I decided to sign up for Mama Bliss Coaching School at the time my son was an infant because I was home and he was young enough that he wasn’t getting into everything yet! I was still afraid I wouldn’t have the time and space in my life for the training. But I did, and interestingly enough, it gave me a rhythm.

The time and space I created to do the training, I have maintained as my time every week. My husband’s schedule works around that and I can slowly use that time now to work towards my goals.

The curriculum was manageable and easy for me to apply to my own life. It felt like I had my own thing going on outside of being the household Supermama. It helped me stay engaged in my own development and process in a season that feels to be all about everyone else.

Being with other women in a feminine business model was also really inspiring. I feel empowered now to create the business that is a true reflection of me, my life and values.”

– Janey Flotron

Is the journey toward Mama Bliss calling you?

Mama Bliss Coaching School only accepts applications for a limited time each year, and if you sign up for the Bliss Beyond Naptime newsletter, you’ll be notified when it’s open.

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