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Want to feel blissfully yummy and juicy all over again?

Imagine feeling nourished on so many levels; beyond healthy. All of a sudden you realize that it actually doesn’t take much to re-charge your batteries; even with small kids around. Your whole family cheers you on. Turns out they want you to feel yummy too! Imagine the realization that the carefree, fun-seeking woman you have been missing has been inside you all along.

At this given moment though you’re putting your needs last and are beginning to feel tapped out from all this giving.

You worry that you might be technically ‘letting yourself go’ and cringe at the thought that your partner might be agreeing with you on that. You can barely remember your authentic self anymore, let alone your dreams.


We need to go deeper here and it need not be overwhelming or involve whisking you away from your daily life.

I can’t wait to share these exercises with you, so as a thank you for signing up for my weekly Mama Bliss Ezine you’ll receive my FREE e-course
10 Days from Crummy to Yummy, Mummy!

This is a FREE ten day program for mamas feeling that they have been so caught up in their family’s needs and life’s demands that they find themselves running low on juicy mama juice.

“Thank you so much for this. I have been missing it the last few nights. I loved how short, simple and yet completely profound and applicable it was. Lovely.”

– Kestrel Gates, Hiih Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Upon Sign Up You Will Receive:

    ○ A daily email, video and interactive worksheet (that you can actually type on in a real sweet hand writing font and then print out for later) to help you get your yummy back up and your needs back in front and center.

Through guided meditations and creative exercises you will remember your ideal day, the little joys that always lift your spirits, the people that enrich your life and how to let go of who or what doesn’t serve you anymore.

The videos and exercises are short and concise so you can look forward to them and so they don’t add to your overwhelm. Last thing a mama needs is overwhelm!

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