You’ve got a passion – and an itch to share it with other moms.
You also want to make money doing it.

I can help.

Whether you know it yet or not, you can make a living coaching other mamas about that thing you’re obsessed with – whether it’s natural parenting, homeschooling, reiki or creativity – from home. In your PJs.

Yep – you can support your family, your dreams and your daily latte habit all at the same time.

Let’s talk. Is this you?

  • You have or want to create an online coaching practice + make it work long term
  • You have a passion project you’d love to turn into an actual business – but have no clue where the heck to start
  • You lie in bed fantasizing about the lives of other mamas you follow online, and wonder how they keep it all together (and make money doin’ it)
  • You wanna bring home some (of your own) bacon again…without giving up the comfort + convenience of staying home with the babes
  • You’re frustrated that you don’t know some of the more practical how-tos of running an online biz or what steps to take next

I know right now, running a home-based coaching practice feels like a huuuge goal. Overwhelming, even.

But you obviously love your children and want to give them the best life possible.

The only problem is you’ve got yourself convinced you can’t do that and go after your own dreams, too.

Let’s get real, though. I know you wouldn’t be here if the idea of having your own coaching business didn’t feel deeply exciting and right. And since you’re still scrolling (Hi there!), that signals to me I’m proooobably right.

And good thing, too: ‘Cause as you know deep down – you’re the ultimate role model for your children.

And that crazy idea you have that following your dreams is somehow going to be bad for your children? It’s total crap!

Part of ensuring your babies have an awesome life is that they watch you have one.

And when you’re the owner of your own work-at-home business, guess what?

You get to call the shots – which means your business revolves around you + your family, not the other way around.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything to create an amazing work-at-home coaching business…and I can show you how.

Who I Am:

I’m Kathy Stowell, founder of Mama Bliss Coaching School. I’m a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach + Kaizen Creativity Coach (and owner of my own thriving coaching biz!) who specializes in helping mindful mamas learn how to launch, grow and sustain their coaching practices – without guilt or sacrifice.

When you coach with me, you’ll learn how to…

  • go after your “dreams” of working from home and still be a hands-on mom
  • transform your project from happy side hobby into blossoming business
  • do work that fires you up + earns you money…and makes you an even better role model for your young‘uns

I mean it wholeheartedly when I say that in just a few months you could be that mama – the one following her bliss and making bucks. I know it – because I’ve done it. And? I know you can, too.

The only question is: Are you ready?

One-on-One Mama Bliss Biz Coaching

In this highly customized, 3-month coaching program, I’ll help you create your dream coaching business from the ground up.

This comprehensive, personalized program truly covers it all – from deciding what business to start to outlining your ideal clients to dreaming up the perfect opt-in to crafting a work-at-home routine that flows – and everything in between.

Becoming a blissful biz mama isn’t as hard as you think. You can build your passion project into something greater– without guilt or sacrifice – and still be an amazing mother. Promise!

Here are a few key topics we might dig into during our 3-month journey:

The Blissful Big Picture (aka the Basics You Need to Know Before You Start ANY WAHM Business):

  • Identifying what you’re passionate about outside of parenting
  • Learning how to “test” your passions to make sure they’re the right fit (and profitable, too!)
  • Brainstorming unique ways to use your pre-kid skills to earn income – this time with a Mama twist
  • Nailing down the business you wanna start – one that seamlessly blends your passions + skills

Growing a Blissful Business (or: Practical How tos + Biz Building Basics):

  • Establishing work-from-home boundaries, self-care practices and how to access your own inner compass + make intuitive decisions
  • Booking your first clients as a new coach
  • Creating an action plan for transitioning your website from a place you blog for fun to a place you make a living sharing your gifts
  • Attracting the ideal mamas you wanna work with through things like developing your first opt-in + creating a killer guest posting strategy
  • Whipping up your first online product and gettin’ it out into the world
  • How to make content creation fun (and what the heck kinda “content” you should create anyway)
  • What it means to go pro + how to do it in your unique business
  • Releasing perfection in your business – it’s totally overrated!

And I’ve helped past blissful mamas…

  • take their big visions + create actionable plans to open shops, launch online businesses + birth budding online coaching practices
  • integrate their myriad passions into delicious online offerings – by giving ‘em permission to focus on one at a time
  • design their own online programs and cultivate greater connection with their online communities – defining healthy habits + boundaries along the way

The Deets (aka “What You Get”):

  • Two totally personalized, one hour one-on-one coaching sessions/month for 3 glorious months
  • Email Follow-Up – After each call, you’ll receive a personalized email loaded with clearly laid out next steps + hand-picked resources just-for-you
  • Recorded calls – Every mind-blowing, life-changing + super fun coaching session will be available upon request, so you can listen over and over to your heart’s content
  • BONUS! Client-Only, On-Demand Video Vault – A special collection of video content just for my clients that will cover everything you need to know to get super clear on how to build your business while still being an awesome mom!

Ready to create your dream work-at-home business, mama?

Here’s how to start:

  1. Fill out an application to work with me.
  2. I’ll contact you for a free, 30-minute Mama to Mama Sesh — a full half-hour for us to get to know each other, answer any questions + determine if I am the right coach for you — on the house.


$350/month for 3 months

In order to give my clients kick ass results, I’m sorta selective about who I work with (in the best way).

This Coaching Experience is NOT For You If…

  • You want a quick fix. Like giving birth and raising a child, this process takes time, persistence, love and most of all, hard work and patience.
  • You thrive on chaos or drama. None of that here. I’m allergic to that stuff.
  • Your main focus is money – and not so much using your innate gifts to make a difference to all the mamas out there who need your unique medicine
  • You aren’t willing to put in work – you’re definitely gonna need a couple of hours a week to implement all the gems we unearth together
  • You don’t like change. Change will be required, mama.
  • You’re still stuck in baby mooning land (read: can’t afford the time and energy to focus on life outside of this deliciously brief and fleeting la la land)
  • You’re stuck in your ways + not open to new ideas, perspectives + possibilities for your life
  • You’re quite content being a grumpy work at home mama pants, thank you very much.

to Bliss + Business,