You’ve got a passion – and you want to use it to help other mamas.
Of course, you also want to make money doing it.


Have you considered how you can turn your creative bliss into a work from home business you’re passionate about?

Maybe you’ve already been  sharing your experiences on a blog knowing that somewhere out there, there’s a mother getting comfort from your story right now.

 Maybe you’ve received incredible support from a breastfeeding group or some other mom support group and now you’re the one everyone turns to for advice and pointers.

Maybe the thought has crossed your mind – “Could I do something with this? How can I help even more moms?”

This is pretty much what a coach does.

So maybe you have it in you to coach others to where they want to go, but how do you get started?

How do you figure out if this is for you?

I’m here to help.

I can  help you turn these already doing great things for moms into a career you can dive into either just while the kids are at pre-school or full-time if you choose.

colleen-emeryI am so very grateful that I was able to complete a coaching series with Kathy. Each time we met we accomplished so much. Kathy is very adept at drawing out what needs balancing and was able to offer real, tangible tools and strategies to help bring more joy, fun and simplicity to my very busy life.

She provided a safe and nurturing environment and I truly felt as though I was the only priority for her in that moment. I felt safe to share my fears, concerns and issues and was offered empathy and compassion. Thank you Kathy for facilitating a much needed change in my life, and in my family’s life.

– Colleen Emery, British Columbia

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a bit dizzy from focusing almost solely on your children the last while but now there’s a stir within you to start exploring how to mesh this bliss you found in Mamahood, your area of interest and/or expertise, with a work at home gig that will earn you an actual income
  • You’re just starting to think about what it might look like earning an income based on what you love talking, or blogging, about


  • You’ve started offering coaching already but could use some extra support to get your business rocking and rolling

Then I got you covered.


you know you are the ultimate role model for your children

But what you might not know is that you don’t have to sacrifice anything to create an amazing coaching business…and I’ll show you how!


Terra-LesackCoaching from Kathy was incredibly helpful in focusing on what I really wanted to get out of having my own creative business. I was at a point where I was feeling quite overwhelmed, and having her encouraging voice on the other end helped me to get excited about launching my website.

I really needed the nudge from Kathy, who kept me honest, to get some of my final tasks done, and breaking them down into smaller pieces really helped put it all into perspective. As a mother of a one year old, working part time as well as starting a creative business on the side, life can become very chaotic. With her simplicity parenting coaching background, Kathy was also able to give me many tips and tricks to carve out the time I desperately needed to create and to recharge my own batteries. Our entire family has a much better balance thanks to having Kathy as my ‘mamma bliss coach’.

– Terra Lesack, Alberta



Kathy Stowell - About PageMy Story

The tipping point for me when moving from hobby blogger to earning an income from my passions began when I started meditating on what sorts of questions and advice my friends were most often approaching me with.

“How do you do all that you do?” they would ask – in regards to managing the homeschooling, homesteading, crafting, prolific blogging and cooking most meals from scratch. All the while, I was still taking care of myself and appearing like a chilled out, well-rested mama.

The answered laid in my passion for the principles I’ve embraced from deeply exploring simplicity principles, Waldorf pedagogy, yoga, homebirthing, permaculture and attachment parenting. You know, all the unique little puzzle pieces that make up one’s life. That’s when I realized I can help other moms learn the things I figured out so they too can have a better experience with their kids while creating the time and space to have more time in the garden, dive into more creative play, embrace and put together their own life experiences puzzle pieces, or maybe even start their own coaching practice.

Whatever their bliss might be.

If you’ve been feeling you give great advice, mamas are coming to you for this advice, maybe this can be your side gig, or turn into a full fledged career.

Stacy-SpensleyBefore working with Kathy I was frustrated with having a ton of ideas in my head but not being able to prioritize and accomplish them within the small amount of time and sleep-deprived brain cells I had available.

Together we created more time for guilt-free self-care which got me feeling recharged and able to focus to get work done. I feel more confident moving forward because now I have a plan in place for the next few months to get my ideas out of my head and into my calendar.

But probably the best thing was being able to bounce my ideas off someone who was legitimately excited about what I wanted to create and help me achieve in my own unique way. Kathy was great at keeping me grounded to work with what’s available to me and helping me stay focused on the very next step.

– Stacy Spensley

Then I’m here to help you figure out how to put all the pieces together.

One major piece can be: how do you take what you’re sharing on your blog (which is a HUGE part of your life, and your family’s) and turn it into a coaching program you can help other people with?

starMaybe you found so much pleasure in being able to create and make these beautiful handmade items and now you want to help other families learn how to incorporate that creativity with their own families to create magical memories.

starMaybe you find great joy raising chickens with your kids – letting them pick up the fresh- from-the-chicken’s-butt eggs and help care for these little critters – and you know that other families out there interested in this whole homesteading movement who would love to know how you personally do it.

starMaybe you’re passionate about storytelling and the way it can teach complicated life lessons to your little ones in simple but powerful and healing ways. You know this ancient life skill can help connect so many families, and communities, on a deeper level.

starMaybe you have a teaching background but your passion has shifted to homeschooling since taking the leap with your kids and you’ve discovered you have a knack for melding curriculum with real life. Something many homeschooling families you encounter seem to be struggling with.

starMaybe after having your children at home you find you can talk homebirthing and what to do with all that placenta until the cows come home. You know that you would love to offer this nourishing support to expecting moms at any stage of their birthing journey and beyond to help set the tone for a peaceful, new family head start.

So, how do you…

  • find the mamas that would be most interested in this and who would looove the individual attention you could provide with a handful of phone calls to guide them through the process to get them where they want to be?
  • take what you might already have on your blog, package it up into something incredibly helpful and get people emailing you asking how they can get started working with you?
  • get in front of more mamas in this space?
  •  reach out and connect with other people already talking about this topic you’re so passionate about?
  • do this in a sustainable manner so your Mama Bliss stays intact?

I know how. So that’s why I created…


Mama Bliss to Biz Three Month Mentoring

biz birth

I want to walk with you every step of the way while together we create a container for this business you want to birth forward. And at the end of six months together you’ll have the structure and organization you need so that you can support other families and moms to integrate this lifestyle you love while getting paid for it.


Anastasia-SiemaskoI was overwhelmed with typical daily life and saddened by the lack of creative space and time for myself. But since working with Kathy, I found renewed and undiscovered confidence that I can manifest my goals and dreams, as well as, shape my environment with thoughtful order. And, do it with a lot of love, compassion and time for my family & myself.

I now believe, that I have the courage, compassion and organization to accomplish my goals– from the mundane of tasks to the grandest of dreams. That I am not a leaf swept away on the current of mama hood, but instead a fish, that can swim whichever way or direction I want in the stream of life.

– Anastasia Siemasko, Pawling, New York


We’ll connect over phone or Skype every two weeks for one hour sessions where we’ll scheme on:

  • finding the moms who want coaching from you, believe what you believe and hold a similar vision of how the world can be
  • how to get them to work with you
  • your unique way to stay organized so you’re not feeling you’re juggling a million things on top of juggling a family
  • taking the best stuff from your blog and turn it into a helpful resource these mamas can use so they see the value in working with you
  • how to pull it all together so that you feel you’re a pro, you’re organized, focused on helping your clients get to where they want to go


Mama Bliss Mentoring Investment: $997 or three monthly payments of $347

Are you feeling ready to get started with taking your business to the next bliss level?

Then I can’t wait to hold your hand, Mama!

The first step would be to CONTACT ME so we can schedule a consultation to make sure we’re a sweet fit for each other as coach and client.  I love working with mamas who are creative, passionate about their own needs as much as they love their kids and are dedicated to taking the baby steps toward their dreams today.

to Bliss + Business!
love, Kathy

DanaKathy’s coaching focus is on maximizing bliss through self-care practices, creativity, simplicity, and getting clear on our values. Without these bases covered, it’s easy to get distracted and to lose sight of our true goals. However, Kathy’s coaching ensures that her clients are strongly rooted and are therefore able to grow their businesses into tall, strong, and beautiful trees!

– Dana, British Columbia

DrucillaKathy’s coaching has provided me with such a solid and exciting groundwork for moving forward with my art yarn business. At the same time, it’s been such a joy to work with her! I look forward to our sessions because her spirit is infectious and our time together so inspiring.

Her approach is very gentle and yet incredibly effective in opening up new possibilities, and feeling and thinking through them. And Kathy’s gifts are very special – she truly listens and provides individually-tailored guidance with great love and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Kathy, x 1000000!!!”

– Drucilla Pettibone, North Carolina




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