You’ve got a passion – and you want to use it to help other mamas.
Of course, you also want to make money doing it.

You can make a living coaching other mamas about whatever it is you’re obsessed with – whether it’s natural parenting, homeschooling, reiki or creativity. If there’s a need for it in the mama community, you can share your passion and make a living from it: all from home, in your yoga pants, while taking care of yourself and your family, and living a simplicity-rich life.

And I can teach you how!

You’ve got the passion. And I can help you with the money-making bit (and balancing it with your real life too). I speak from my own mama coaching and kid-raising experience when I promise – you can support your family, your dreams, your values and your daily chai tea habit all at the same time.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have or want to create an online coaching practice + make it work long term
  • You lie in bed fantasizing about the lives of successful mama coaches you follow, and wonder how they keep it all together (and make money doin’ it)
  • You wanna start gaining traction in your coaching business already… without giving up the sacred time and connection with your babes
  • You’re frustrated that you don’t know some of the more practical how-tos of running a coaching biz or what steps to take next
  • You love your children and want to give them the best life possible, but you believe you can’t do that and go after your own dreams too

Part of making sure your babies have an awesome life is making sure they watch you have one.

And guess what? When you’re the owner of your own successful mama coaching business, you get to call the shots.

Your business should revolve around you + your family – not the other way round.

you know you are the ultimate role model for your children

I know that, right now, running a home-based coaching practice, while also being the best mama/wife/daughter/friend feels like a huuuge goal. Overwhelming even.

But you wouldn’t be here if the idea of having your own coaching business didn’t feel deeply exciting and just right. And I know – from my own mama coaching experience and intuition – that you can do it.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything to create an amazing work-at-home coaching business…and I’ll show you how!


Who I Am:

I’m Kathy Stowell, founder of Mama Bliss Coaching School. I’m a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach + Kaizen Creativity Coach (and owner of my own thriving coaching biz!) who specializes in helping mindful mamas learn how to launch, grow and sustain their coaching practices – without guilt or sacrifice.

When you work with me, you’ll learn how to…

  • Transform your project from a fun side hobby in to a blossoming business
  • Work from home and still be a hands-on mom
  • Do work that fires you up + earns you money…and makes you an even better role model for your young’uns

In just a few months you could be that mama – the one following her bliss and making big bucks. I know it – because I’m doing it. And I know you can do it too.

Are you ready?

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    baby yourself

    Are you feeling like you need to hit the internal Refresh button to coach (not to mention mother) as your most fabulous self?

    Your plate’s full with all of the tasks that make up a thriving coaching business, as well as the million small things you do each day that makes you the hands-on, stellar mom you’ve always prided yourself on being.

    And lately you’re noticing you can barely muster up the focus and momentum to accomplish the daily to-do’s that either move your business forward or keep your awesome mama boat afloat.

    Coaching (and mamahood!) is full on. It’s normal to feel that all the time in your day is getting eaten up by either your family or business-building obligations.

    And self-care? That’s been slapped down to the too-busy-mama-back-burner.

    In those “not-your-finest-moments”, you can even hear it in your voice when you lose it on the kids.

    Oi, the guilt.

    Time for a tune up, mama!

    If you kinda wanna feel half as good as your look in your Facebook profile pic, coach from a place of clarity and integrity, and lean on your laser-sharp intuition for business and parenting decisions, we’re going to have a look under your self-love hood.

    In this 90-minute coaching session, we’re going to dive deeply into your self-care foundation, and the state of your other three Mama Bliss pillars: creativity, values, and simplicity.

    Shortly after our call, a gorgeously designed self-care prescription plan will be emailed out to you, clearly outlining the steps you need to take to cultivate the energy and mindset you need to coach as your most awesome self. This customized, coaching mama self-care plan will work realistically for you and your unique life situation. It will be the foundation you grow from to reach your monthly business goals, radiate the self-love glow that will attract your ideal clients to you, and model to your kiddos the importance of putting your needs first above all others. Even the really, really, cute others.

    But that’s not all! Four weeks later, we’ll reconnect for a 30 minute follow up session to celebrate the energetic shifts you’ve made and reassess where you can continue to strengthen your Mama Bliss Pillars.

    To begin loving all of the “What’s not to love?” that is you, purchase your spot by hitting the “Self-Love-Me” button below. I’ll respond with a link where you can schedule our 90-minute session, and fill out an intake form before our time together.

    self love me

    If, by the end of the call, you’re not feeling that this has been the right package for you, I will refund your money. No hard feelings mama!

    And if you feel more comfortable talking to me first, to see if we’re a good fit, please click here for a 15 minute, no-obligation consult call, where you can ask me any questions about my approach or which coaching package might be best for you.


    burn out

    Running a coaching practice from home – with munchkins running around – can lead to a lot of slipping into and out of work mode. And that can mess with your focus.

    Even with the whole house to yourself it can sometimes take an hour to get into your coaching mama groove!

    And then, once you’re in the groove, social media, laundry, a TV show break, an an endless list of “busy work” creep in to lure you away from the tasks at hand. These suck up your precious “mama’s working time” and put the brakes on your plans to move your business forward.

    How would it feel to hand over your list of to-do’s to someone else; someone who could organize your time and tell you what to do and when?

    Here, mama. Give it to me.

    I homeschooled my daughter for three years, while running an online business. This experience showed me the power of a strong rhythm; one that helps you meet personal goals, live a life in alignment with consciously chosen values, and create a serene home where each family member can thrive and unfold to their potential.

    Let me help you  embrace the power of that rhythm and design a sustainable work/life schedule that will allow you to:

    • Find yourself with more patience and less guilt
    • Meet your short-term business goals while keeping the big picture in mind
    • Push self-care to the top of your priority list
    • Prioritize the rest of your tasks at hand
    • Work in sync with your body’s natural rhythms

    The Burnout’s a Mother package includes:

    • A 90-minute call where we’ll take a look at your business and personal goals over the course of the next three months and break them down into actionable, doable steps
    • A brainstorm where we’ll determine: {01} the area of focus where you’ll pour your freshest business building energy, {02} what your secondary supporting areas might be, and {03} how you’ll build the boundaries in your life that you need to devote the time to each of these
    • A gorgeous daily, weekly, and monthly schedule to print out and lean on over the course of the next three months. Kept above your workspace, the PDF will help you shut down your ‘shiny object detectors’ so you can devote yourself to the times you’ve allotted for self-care practices, family connection, biz-building taks, client calls, child care options, and ‘go get ‘em, girl’ type reminders that will keep you focused and productive
    • A 30 minute follow up call after six weeks have passed to see how your schedule feels and to determine where (if anywhere!) you need to make appropriate tweaks.
    • BONUS! a freshly revised schedule, based on your feedback during our follow up call, that will feel that much more in flow and alignment with your growing family and business needs.

    If you want to go-with-the-flow with me, go ahead and click the “I Need Flow” button below to purchase this package for $247.

    i need flow

    If, by the end of the call, you’re not feeling that this has been the right package for you, I will refund your money. No hard feelings mama!

    And if you’d feel more comfortable talking to me first, to see if we’re a good fit, please click here for a 15-minute, no obligation consult call, where you can ask me any questions about my approach or which coaching package might be best for you.


    biz birth

    With your coaching super powers, you know you have what it takes to make a real difference for so many mamas out there. But you’re starting to get tuckered out from all the second-guessing what to do next to get some traction in your practice.

    You’re at the point where you want someone to just tell you already; what you can do to get some money rolling in now.

    Making money from your coaching business makes ALL the difference.

    And those first few monthly profit reports – you know the ones that show your numbers starting to consistently creep up? – give you a feeling on the bliss richter scale that’s right up there with the feeling you get after an hour-long peppermint oil-infused head massage.

    I’ve taken two schools of training to become a coach, and after finished each training, the clients didn’t magically appear. So I invested in even further business training, utilizing e-courses, books and high end one-on-one business coaches. I finally got to the point where I could confidently make this declaration: Mama Means Business.

    Now I have a mama-friendly, heart-centered system in place to get my dream clients – and I want to pass on my system to you in an intimate, one-on-one training.

    With the Mama Means Business package, we’ll connect on four one hour phone or Skype calls, over the course of six weeks, where we’ll scheme about and dream on:

    • Session One: Ideal Client Clarity
    • Session Two: Optins and Coaching Packages
    • Session Three: Where to Find and How to Connect with Your Ideal Client
    • Session Four: Blissful Client Care Strategies

    By the end of the six week experience, you’ll be introduced to your first client (or two or three!) I’ll be with you each step of the way, as you birth forth your blissful biz – holding down our sacred space and sharing all that has worked for me with you.

    You can purchase your spot for “Mama Means Business” by the clicking the “I Mean Biz” button below. Shortly after, I’ll respond with a link where you can schedule our first session, and fill out an intake form before we begin our work together.

    i mean biz

to Bliss + Business!
love, Kathy