20 Bliss Enhancing Mamas You Should Know About

20 Bliss Mamas

Ooooo… Halloween. So scary! Kicks off our celebration season around here. That’s what happens when you make babies on Valentine’s Day.

Two weeks from now, it’s my girl’s birthday and a week later my boy’s. Two weeks after that, it’s Craig’s, then sweet baby Jesus’s and finally mine.

So the Halloween costume making mayhem coaxes me to remind myself of how to breathe through all the activities, shopping lists, to do lists, party planning, gift making and general list making. But the most important list of all is the reminder list of what helps me flow with ease and somewhat calm through this action packed time of the year.

At the top of my list is more outdoor play.

So Craig and I have been hiking a local trail together after we drop off the kids at school. He thinks it’s fun to turn it into a mock Vogue photo shoot, so indulge me as I share some of the outtakes. It feeds his soul.

fall hike

Other bliss enhancers that made my list?

(Other than the fine view I had on my hike this week — and I’m not talking about the stunning changing colours of the leaves, know what I mean?)

  • Yoga class twice a week ~ just discovered my local hot yoga studio ~ bliss!
  • Knitting whilst watching our guilty pleasure DVD box sets. We’re on ‘Breaking Bad’ again. My portals were still too wide open to take the grimly dark comedy a couple of years ago, but I can hack it better now. No pun intended.
  • Hot, creamy, honey sticky vanilla chai on chilly morns.
  • Listening to ‘Game of Thrones’ while I sew or knit baby booties (not for me!).
  • Taking Little Man (Angelo’s nickname) for walks after my two hour work chunks.
  • Hot bath in our sweet slipper tub with this heavenly essential oil blend called ‘Relax’ — and do just that.

In the spirit of list making, I also want to share with you 20 mamas that love helping other mamas through this sometimes ‘turbulent from so much fun’ season.

Check them out ~ you should know them!

20 Bliss Moms

Some of these mamas have been interviewed already on the podcast and some, fingers crossed, will be one day.

Let’s hold our cross-fingered hands together as I introduce to you to some fine mama ladies you may very well already know — and if you don’t, well . . . you should:

1. Megan Flatt

Megan.jpgWhen I think of lists, I automatically think of Megan. She is an incredibly organized, productive and mindful mama and loves spreading the to-do’s. She offers a free program on how to shift your mama mindset and find your groove. She is actually slated to be a guest on the last podcast of November, so be sure to tune in to this show where she shares all her best list making strategies.


2. Beryl Young

Beryl.jpgI can’t think of Megan without thinking of Beryl. They’re like online besties. Kinda like me and Kat. Beryl too was interviewed for the podcast and that episode has been released. So if you want to step into her blissful ‘picture taking and editing’ world, be sure to listen in on that episode. In addition to that, consider picking up a recording of a beautifully themed webinar called Fostering Family Connections Through Photography.


3. Gina Kimmel

Gina.jpgWhat a sweet retreat! Gina offers a bevy of free resources to bring more connection and bliss to mamas with such replenishing tools as the ‘Mommy Meltdown Basket.’ Hook me up with a few of those! Wink. Enjoy her free ecourse walking mamas through a photographic journaling journey.


4. Lisa Byrne

lisa.jpgLisa had me at harmonizing and hormones. She offers a treasure of practical tools and approaches to work with nature and its sacred rhythm. Check out her new book, which makes me just a few notches more blissed by simply whispering its title out loud: Replenish.


5. Theresa Reed

Theresa.jpgWhen I need a hit of a more positive affirmation from the Universe, I reach out to The Tarot Lady. Her online or phone readings are the perfect gift to a friend or a treat for yourself when you need a ‘pick me up’ or a powerful incentive to get three guest posts written in a week. Just saying. She’s super gifted and always beautifully delivers the star drenched messages.


6. Bari Tesslar

Bari.jpgMoney is so intimately tied in with both my positive and negative moods. It’s sticky terrain, but Bari helps detangle and even paint it pretty. This has been such a huge part of my evolution and spiritual journey. Bari has been my guru in this area after having taken her ‘Concious Bookkeeping’ course a couple of years ago. Today I’m a proud affiliate for her upcoming session of The Art of Money: a delicious year long learning opportunity.


7. Leonie Dawson

Leonie.pngAnd speaking of affiliates, this is the only other one I’m going to bring up on this list. I’m an enthusiastic ambassador for Leonie’s work. All aspects of my entrepreneurial journey have been lovingly influenced by her success and wisdom. Lots of pep talks to be found on her site and if you sign up for her newsletter, you get a sweet, no fluff ebook on rocking your life and biz.


8. Jana Kingsford

Jana.jpgI got to meet Jana through B-School in the virtual kind of way us mamas helping mamas have a tendency of doing. She offers juggling tips for mamas and has even opened up a school to do so while spinning hoops on one leg (kidding about the last bit). She offers a free ebook containing 20 tips to keep all of our balls in the air. And she should know. This mama’s got some balls. With going to university and running a business and all that.


9. Shawn Fink

Shawn.jpgI can’t help but associate the feeling of having a rough night’s sleep with the most challenging moments of mothering. That’s why I love the name of Shawn’s site Awesomely Awake. She’s a coach, ecourse creator and author. She’s also been referred to as the Yoda of Mothers. Don’t make me use the force ~ check out her Abundant Mama Project today!


10. Amy Bowers

Amy.jpgI have to admit: I’m a Brownie drop out. That’s part of the allure of Mama Scout Leader Amy to me ~ badges! And if you read this in time, you might be able to still get in on her Holiday Lab. I’m not sure if there will be badges involved, but I know there is a magic to all her programs and offerings that will help bring out your inner guide, girl.


11. Shannon Kinney

Shannon.jpgShannon’s is an inspiring place to be! I’m so thankful to her online haven of ecourses and events celebrating creativity and motherhood over at A Free Spirit Life. And speaking of thankfulness, I believe it’s not too late to participate in her 30 Days of Giving Thanks challenge. Read more about it here.


12. Mariah Bruehl

Mariah.jpgPlayful Learning is a great resource for mamas seeking ways to incorporate activities and connecting time with their littles! Mariah was a teacher and school director (sounds like cruise director!) at one time, but has applied what she found missing into these sweet online courses for mamas and kiddos alike. Lots of goodness to explore on her website, even an ecourse on teaching kindness. Awwww…!


13. Erin Cox

Erin.jpgErin too has been interviewed for my podcast, so be sure to tune in to her story on how she left an engineering position to write a book and spread the word that mamas can be hot and present simultaneously. My iPod is still smoldering from that discussion! She even offers mentoring to help you follow your passion.


14. Kara Fleck

Kara.jpgKara is the lovely editor behind Simple Kids. She has a knack for reminding readers that mothering can always be brought back to basics in the most loving, creative and simple way. Now’s a good time to enjoy her 20 Advent Ideas post. She offers so much inspiration to celebrate family in simple ways.


15. Nikki Elledge Brown

Nikki.jpgWhat I love about Nikki is that she holds a Communications Studies degree like me, so I feel backed up when Craig teases me about that (usually when I make a grammatical error). And she’s rocking it! I love how she describes herself as a Communication Stylist. If you’re at all interested in improving your writing, get her freebie Conversational Copy Cheat Sheet.


16. Kelly Ehrman

kelly.jpgAs many of you know, I homeschooled Edie for three years and sometimes get misty eyed about those cozy days. Kelly really captures the coziness with her simple and supportive Waldorf-inspired homeschooling curriculum. You can pick up a whole year of kindergarten and have all the details of the curriculum figured out for you. It even includes the songs on mp3. That’s helpful and so important for this age group!


17. Hannah Marcotti

Hannah.jpgAck! I got to meet Hannah this summer by accident. Kinda. Truth is I sorta summoned her while I was in Portland by wearing a shirt she inspired me to buy while reading her blog. She’s kind of good witch-y that way. Hannah has such a calming energy and inspiring approach to life. If you get a chance, sign up for any of her ecourses. Every time I do, I always creep out of them anew and beam-y. Like I just floated out of a hot yoga class with the love thermostat cranked up to high.


18. Ariana Pritchett

Ariana.jpgThis was another ACK! moment while I was in Portland this summer. I bumped into Ariana at a soiree during World Domination Summit. And Ariana can dominate your world in a simple, loving way with her simple living coaching.


19. Stephanie Perkinson

Stephanie.jpgStephanie is so much more than a health coach! I was so honored to have participated in her co-offering with Leah Kent: ‘Feathering the Nest’. Now she’s offering a sola-project that’s totally talking to my celebration overwhelm monkey mind: Deeply Rooted for the Holidays. Simple, low stress, handmade gift flavoured holiday support? Yes, please!


20. Raising Playful Tots

Melitsa.jpgMy favourite parenting podcast! And Melitsa is the sweetest mama on the internets — for real. Enjoy the listens and stay tuned for a glorious program she’s offering that I was lucky enough to partake in recently. You’re in for a treat! Be sure to sign up for her newsletter, so as not to miss an episode or heads up on this treasure of an offering: Creating a Family Haven.

I hope you enjoy and spread the word, and the proceeding joy, around nice and thick!


Love, Kathy

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