The Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast


Grab a couch and a plate of bonbons ~ the Bliss Beyond Naptime podcast is now live!

I shared in the last post my love of listening to podcast. I listen while I milk the cow, go on my bike rides to town (much to Craig’s chagrin. He thinks that’s dangerous but since my parents never gave me one I just decided Danger’s my middle name), when I get a chance to sneak some mindless sewing in and while I cook dinner.

Listening to podcasts provides me with doses of inspirational energy at moments when I could use a surge but I really shouldn’t grab another latte and a feeling that someone’s in the room with me but not in a creepy or annoying kind of way.

The ones I currently listen to most are a mix of marketing (Blogcast FM), parenting (Raising Playful Tots) and creativity (Creative Living with Jamie).

But I found my ears thirsting for more discussion around finding simplicity in the sometimes complicated task of mothering. I thought it would be fun to interview Mamas I admire around this fine art and how they cultivate more bliss in their lives.

The Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast will broadcast every second Thursday so if you don’t want to miss the latest be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter by going either here or here (or both ~ you won’t get emailed twice but you get twice the nice freebies) or subscribe via Itunes so new episodes magically appear into your listening devices ~ simplicity at its finest!


In this inaugural show I interview is with Colleen of Emery Herbals ~ cultivator of Mama wellness and a  bliss-filled livelihood.

In this podcast she shares her top summer wellness tips and the importance of frequent check ins with nature to help maintain and pick up on that sweet vibrational frequency that children land in our arms with.

I hope you enjoy the show! Please leave any comments or questions below in regards to what you hear today for either me or Colleen and I can’t wait to fill your ears up with sweet somethings again!


Love, Kathy


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