The Ripple Effects of Giving Thanks

The Ripple Effects of Giving Thanks

If you made it to my Three Tools for Overwhelmed Mamas Free Call a couple of months ago (you can still grab the recording here) you’d know already that one of the ones I lean on on a daily basis is the brain dump.

It’s part of my morning ritual.

I get up, make granola (it appears my babies’ tummies are growing – what use to be a weekly ritual is turning to a daily act of love), grab my coffee and head down to my office while the crunchy stuff crunches up in the oven.

And then I dump the brain.


planner pad love

The top of my beloved daytimer I have lists of columns with different categories to write down to do lists. These categories are ever-changing. These days, because I have more Mamas on Team Bliss, the top of my daytimer is graced with their lovely names and their assigned tasks or collected questions for me to ask them in our next meeting.

Other categories might include ‘Personal’, or “Podcast”, “Blog Posts”, “Mama Means Biz”, “Mama Bliss Coaching School”, “Storytelling Party” – whatever is most alive in my brain’s dump yard.

I love flipping through Planner Pads Past to see what was at front of centre of my Mamapreneur psyche back in the day.

Looking at all that needs to get done in either achieving your business goals (or simply maintaining new found momentum) or some other personal dream, can get stifling in the breathing department. The trick to this, and almost anything important that is to be achieved in life or spiritual growth, is to remember to take it day by day and see it as many tiny little steps.

So every morning, while I take that borderline ecstatic birth-level of bliss type sip of my morning breve, I scan my week’s worth (so far) of to-do’s, dump a few more on, then slide a couple of these bits to today’s Mama’s mind- full humanure pile.

Overwhelm soothed.

Now that overwhelm has been taken down a couple of notches (and yes, that’s a nod to Mama Bliss Coaching Tool number two shared in that same call) how to celebrate?

Well, there’s a sister cousin tool (kind of like a kissing cousin but one that gets to share shoes) to the Brain Dump and that’s the Bliss List.

And there’s no better time to exercise the Bliss List like three days after Canadian Thanksgiving.

Join me sweet Mama and take three minutes now to come up with three items of bliss in your life right this moment and what feeling it moves you toward. This is the ripple effect.

Notice the feeling behind the gratitude, what other areas of your world are effect by these feelings, breathe into to it to amp it up and disperse it more widely in your own internal world first then get it out there.

Here are my three today:

The Ripple Effects of Giving Thanks
I’m super thankful for this little pup. I’m grateful that Craig loves him even though he kept muttering up to T-minus He’s Here “we’re not getting a dog”. He’s here and we can’t tear these two apart. It’s adorable.

Bliss Knob Crank Up: I’m grateful , and turning up the feeling on, for this reminder that our family’s complete and so full of sweet, sausage shaped love (Oh gawd, I hope the search engines don’t invite unsavory traffic with that last bit).
Ripple Effects of Giving Thanks dogwalk2 dogwalk3 dogwalk4
Super grateful that because of said dog, I got introduced to the local off-leash area that to me is like a little slice of heaven on Earth. A part of my new exercise regime (due to the back pain attack that is story in gratitude in itself) is long walks. Here Angel and I scamper about, with poop bags in tow, before picking up the kids from school.

Bliss Knob Crank Up: I’m grateful for the Nature that surrounds us and that peace is always within me like getting out there never ceases to remind me.
Ripple Effects of Giving Thanks
Super grateful I have my sewing area all set up. Nothing like a surprisingly spontaneous move to volunteer to make costumes for the Three Little Pigs to get one to giddy up with creating the space to create again. Dudeman, that’s three pig AND a wolf costume. Kinda took forever but, dang, they turned out crazy cute!

Bliss Knob Crank Up: I’m grateful I have my space all set up to express my creativity. A crucial component to my Mama Bliss, and not to mention my Fall 2014 handmade wardrobe plans (and gifts too of course) ahead.

Don’t that feel good? Breath and massage those gifts of feelings that makes this journey such a blessing and enchanted one. We are much more than one lucky lady!

And now I would love to hear from you. Share with me your bits of Canadian Thanksgiving-style gratitude, over on the Facebook page and its ripple effects.

Bonus points for pics Mama!

love, Kathy



Podcast Episode #37 – Simplifying Social Media with Stacey Harris

Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast #37 - Stacey Harris

Today on the podcast we got a mama who loves to help her clients reach rock star status ~ with communities full of raving fans who follow them anywhere. This lady’s talking to the former punk band groupie in me!

As well as being a mama to a six year old, she has the loving support of her hubby and mom who help her in her quest to simplify mamahood so she can cultivate more business bliss.

Today she shares how she manages to find balance with both these worlds as well as some sweet social media marketing tips for other busy work at home mamas!

Click here to listen in on our conversation.


Some of the rockstar mama terrain we cover in this 37th episode:

starthe importance to her for being 100% present with whatever she’s doing and how crucial it is to have the support systems in place to reach this balance

starhow to avoid the time suck of social media with proper scheduling and being purposeful

starher love of podcasting and how you could do it too


Check out Stacey’s own show at Hit the Mic and learn more about all her Rockstar offerings. Thank you Stacey!


love, Kathy


How to Take the Leap To Work At Home Mom Status

How to take the LEAP to WAHM Status


Full transparency here: I’ve never taken the leap from being a work out of home mom to a work at home one.

But because the backbone of my coaching philosophy is to begin with envisioning what your dreamiest work from home set up would look and feel like, what I can offer as advice to mamas wanting to take such a step is to instead of thinking of it as a big leap…

Think of it as a few bunny hops instead.

Here I offer the gems I’ve collected along the way from all my own little business bunny hops that got me from being a shoulder pad wearing advertising exec to (quickly looking down at my current get up) crazy, techno-coloured, tribal patterned tights wearing work at home mama who enjoys herself a sweet little calling coaching moms to their own bliss-filled side hustles.


coporate suit to yoga teacher

For the five years after University, I put my communications studies degree to good use working in advertising agencies. Much to my dad’s chagrin I did not become a TV news anchor woman.

The ad agency world? Totally a fun gig for a twenty something year old. Always different things to do which allowed me to pick up a few handy dandy business skills I still use today.

And a weird part of me kind of dug the eye-twitch inducing deadlines and, the botox-like remedy to all them tics,  the Friday afternoon beer cart that got pushed around the office to our happy to our finally allowed to be wearing  jeans selves and the pretty swanky client schmoozing parties complete with chocolate fountains and gold lacquered mimes.

In retrospect, the real gift here was it opened my eyes to how crucial my yoga practice was to my ability to contend with the mucho stressful office environment. Especially on Wednesdays when newspaper ads were due.

So on Wednesdays I would find myself running around the office calming myself down by breathing Ujayi breath, which makes me sound just like Darth Vadar’s kid sister, freaking everyone out, but able to keep it together.

Eventually I decided that everyone should breathe as a I do so I signed up to get trained as ashtanga yoga instructor with the intent to pursue it as a side gig.

I began teaching at lunch time after work  ‘board room’ or ‘hallway yoga’ in our city of many oil and gas company headquarters along with popping up at local studio classes and non-creepy people’s homes for private sessions.

But my favourite was the office folk.

My heart told me they needed it most.

And how it sang like Enya when witnessing their shoulders drop a few earlobe lengths with a simple cue. And how they looked like they just stepped out of an oxygen chamber when coming out of svasana? Adorbs.

After talking with my fee-yance at the time (Craig), and getting the thumbs up from him we could indeed afford this bunny hop, I put in my two weeks’ notice and was literally moved to tears with how happy and supportive my work family was about my decision. (Or maybe they were just happy to see the heavy breathing lady go.)

WAHM Transition Tip #1:

Pay attention to what you’re passionate about and the why behind the passion.

For me here was yoga but the deeper passion was this helps me. This can help them too. I still carry the essence of this why in my work today. Sharing what works for me and delivering it to who needs it most in my world – mamas!

With your ‘why’ securely strapped in, ease in to the steps to prepare yourself off hours as much you can. Get the extra training you might need, read up a storm on your chosen area, dabble a bit by working gratis for friends and family to see if your heart sings and your energy doesn’t strain.

Basically, don’t quit your day job until you got your support systems in place to see that you’re not overwhelmed with stress and distractions that can muddle the clarity you need right now to either hone your craft or design your position in your chosen area of work.


Leaping to WAHMness

Then the time I came I discovered teaching yoga full time is totally not sustainable.

Dudeman, anything more than three classes for me I was spent. And that was me in my physical prime.

So I started dreaming up another side hustle to bring in extra income and preserve my energy – making hemp oil-based soaps. And then I began selling these practically edible bars of suds to my yoga students and then finally the general public at farmer’s markets.

It was around this era my little Hempress in training was born. I continued making soap and lug her to markets. She would often nap under the table on a bed of hemp leaves while I hawked my not so sophisticated subliminal marketing techniques to the stoner culture at large.

This bunny leap to an alternate stream of income that was primarily motivated by the fact we purchased land in the boonies we wanted to homestead on and everyone there was either a yoga teacher, potter, doula or massage therapist so I had to think outside the yoga mat anyway.

WAHM Transition Tip #2:

Once you’ve had an inkling of your area of passion, meditate on how you can stand out and make yourself unique and communicates your core values.

Even if this isn’t your forever gig this is a perfect opportunity to practice creative niche making, communicating to your tribe in a language they use and understand, paying attention to gaps in the market place and playing with different income streams and platforms.


Leaping from farmer's markets to online markets

Unbeknownst to me was that if you threw a bar of handmade soap out the window in these neck of the woods we just moved to, not only would you hit a yoga teacher, potter, doula, carpenter or massage therapist on the head, you’d also hit a soap maker on the head.

That and Baby Edie got a croup attack from what I believe from getting greeted by too much post-production essential oil fumes after coming in from the cold. Mama intuition, ya know?

So I sold my soap biz and invested the earnings on spinning equipment and a new laptop and began honing my skills on both the crafty and online marketing front.

I soon got comfortable selling my goods on etsy with two different shops: one for handspun art yarn and the other for handmade clothes.

My favourite aspect of marketing I discovered was writing in my blog and the connections I started establishing with my readers. Many of those who’ve been reading since back in the day so I’m deeply honored they’ve witnessed major parts of this slow motion leap from my sitting in a open-concept cubicle desk to training mamas just like me to start up a heart-centered business that speaks to their souls.

WAHM Transistion Tip #3:

Start getting comfortable online as soon as possible. No matter what sort of business you start up you’ll need to have a blog, or some other sort of web presence, to attract and connect with your right people. If it helps, start with a private blog to get your toes wet but don’t delay your declaration to the world at large that Mama Means Business by starting to collect the precious gold that is email addresses from those who are digging your style, values and ambition.


Leaping from selling handmade to selling ecourses

Then a crafty mama’s worst nightmare began rearing its ugly head – crafting burnout. I wanted to save some of that creative going ons for trinkets and get ups for my own little ones and, ahem, my big self.

So when the resentment for orders started coming in, I heeded my business coach at the time’s advice – leverage your precious mommy hours by creating and selling ecourses.

There is a lot of leg work at the beginning. Especially if you go the route I went of doing everything yourself.

These days I have my dream team to help me out with technical and logistical aspects of offering an online learning experience but though it was exhausting creating the first rendition of Backwoods Mama Sew Camp it was pretty darn tooting awesome to wake up to pay pal notifications that someone has purchased, and was currently diving into the course without any need for my intervention from that point on.

WAHM Transition Tip #4:

Consider ways you can incorporate a leveraged income component to your offerings.

Half of your efforts, no matter what you end up offering, will more or less be devoted to marketing so to have something to market that’s pretty much on auto pilot is perfect for mamas that want to spend a good chunk of time cuddling with their kiddos on the couch before making dinner like I like to do. Time flies when you cuddle.


leaping from ecourses to coaching

At a certain point I wanted to go deeper with my work. I returned to that big why I had a taste of while I was still clunking along in my clunky high heel shoe wearing corporate days.

There was a shift in me to move from creating to preaching the deeper importance of creating the time and space for self-care, creative play, meditating on these ‘big why’ aspects of our purpose in life as well as simplifying our days to highlight was truly important.

Now that I was comfortable with creating and marketing my ecourses, finding and hiring talent that pick up my no-talent there slack, I got certified as a Simplicity Parenting coach as well as a creativity coach. Those two married together got this little love child called Mama Bliss Coaching.


I find coaching to be pretty darn awesome for a couple of reasons.

  • One, I get to talk to my long time readers and really hear what they’re struggling with and get to use their own words in my sales pages and program ideas.


  • Two, it’s a life skill that’s enhanced so much more than my business model and income streams. My relationships are stronger, I have tools in place that lift me up when I’m feeling weak and I’m more inclined to always have a coach at my side on some aspect of my business or personal life. That last bit kinda makes me feel like Oprah. LOVE any moment I feel like Oprah.

WAHM Transition Tip #5:

A huge part of coaching is listening. Whole body listening. When exploring your new career path or next transition bunny hop, see if you could hop (ha, ha) on the phone with who you think you’d like to work with on a business capacity to deeply hear what their struggles are, what sort of support they’re seeking, what sorts of investments they’ve made so far to alleviate the pain from their pressing problems ( or not so pressing) and then be open to the ideas these conversations might bring forth.

And if you like the sound of idea of coaching, consider what area of your expertise or passion you could coach someone who’s a few steps behind you on or how one on one attention could be offered in something you’ve created already.

Like a poet, you might just be a coach already but don’t know it!

Then take a bunny hop of some sort!

The leap from corporate to ‘it’s jeans day everyday’ isn’t always so clear cut and dramatic.

But it’s always hopping fun and usually an unpredictable journey that you could never guess the destination you’ll end up at or the character, and life skills, building adventures you’re sure to have along the way.


love, Kathy






Podcast #36 – Straight Forward Moving with Lane Kennedy

Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast #36: Lane Kennedy

Meeting today’s guest live in person this summer in Portland was pretty magical.

Kinda reminded me of the time I saw my best friend for the first time – across a crowded room. Except this time it was from across a not so crowded hotel foyer.

Something about her aura (and her cool hat) gave me the inkling we were going to get on like grass-fed butter and hot espresso frappéd together in a blender.

Lane Kennedy is a  self-confessed bliss smuggler, closet snuggler and inner jedi midwife who helps empower stressed out women find their lives again in business and in health.

Listen to our conversation by clicking here.

Feast your ears on this San Franciscan treat of a chit chat as we talk about:


starwhy she can’t believe her husband married her
stargetting back to basics with what she calls the straight forward life

starthe correlation between health and balance in body and life with your business

starthree tips to get you more straight and forward in your own life

stargetting the support and team around you to keep moving forward and how to know you’re on the right path

starthe story about her own podcast – The Entrepreneur Experience – where she interviews women who are changing the world, stepping out the box and just generally doing great things in the world.



And be sure to check out her website to learn more about her signature course coming straight and forward up – The Straight Forward Life - that begins in October.

Thanks Lane ~ I knew I spotted a kindred work at home mama spirit from afar!

love, Kathy


Fall Time Self-Care for the Work at Home Mom

fall time self-care for the wahm

Ready to fall in love with self-love while also getting down to mamapreneur business?

With the kiddos back to school, adorably bringing home various strains of bugs making their way up a nasal cavity near you, on top of the hot and cold fluctuating nature of Mother Nature , plus the significant transitions in our family life regular programming schedule, this time of year can offer a host of challenges to your health and stress levels.

And the timing usually sucks.

If your health succumbs (or if anyone’s in the family for that matter) there’s more at stake on the work at home mama front.

Like many us, maybe you’re just freshly back from a lengthy time off to more deeply embrace school’s out for summer holidays. Or your line of work has a tendency to quiet down to a whisper in this time frame (hello, coaching).

So to get unwell now, just as you’re getting your work flow back again, can really cramp your productive wahm style.


Want to know how to get to be an optimal autumnal equinox work from home fox?

Shake things up a bit with a quick check in with what’s going on with your self-care practices and where you should focus your ‘let’s take care of moi’ (said all Miss Piggy-style) efforts.



1. Energy is emotion. Emotion is energy

When my Doctor of Chinese Medicine first said this I thought she was just trying to sound more Asian than she actually is. But it’s true! The needles go in and sometimes they hurt like a mother fortune cookie.

Apparently, this means that there is some blockage located at the point of needle entry. At the beginning of this back to school, and mama back to work for reals, season, I was essentially a walking block of block.

The doctor advised me that instead of screaming like a five year old getting her toe nails trimmed to move the energy with my breath. And I love me anything that reminds me of contending with childbirth. To a certain extent.

So when you feel some energy, or emotion, creep up, try to notice, accept and breathe through it. And use it as a reminder tool or maybe a clue as to what might be a daily or weekly self-care practice to dive into more deeply this season.

For me, this translates into literally moving the feelings of worry, anxiety, sore back, with more dog walks, following his nose to the pathway systems we’re just getting to know in the the forest surrounding our new neighbourhood. Luxuriating in the calming effect nature seems to have on my nerves.

A step to take this further would be to  readjust your work and break schedules around these subtle shifts and match up your tasks to this flow.


2. Take a day off

Feeling all nostalgic for highschool recently, I played hooky!

Last week, I  dropped the kids off at school and  deeked out to the hotsprings with one of my new best friends (yay, new awesome neighbours!).

Not only was my back thanking me profusely for the healing soak (and my tummy for the tacos and virgin margaritas later) but I came back super inspired from not thinking work, or kids needs, or how I wasn’t making super efficient use of my time for a whole work day.

This act of not doing anything other than heeding what my soul and body were craving (in that moment it was hot liquid, a long drive in this fall beauty and sunshine) was energetically equivalent to a weekend at an all-inclusive luxury spa. But it don’t take much for this Mama to feel like a diva.

Take a day off from the same old, same old and get re-inspired on how to treat yourself right once in a while. Then be sure to schedule in your winter day off three months from now once you come down from the bliss high.


3. Invest in a tune up.

If there’s any time of the year to make an investment in your health – this is it.

Take a moment right now and make those appointments you’ve been intending to do so for a while.  Think of it as making that appointment to get your winter tires on.

Best be prepared now before the snowflakes hit the fan.

Make a list of your dream team: naturapath, acupuncture, massage, homeopath  – whatever healing modality you have noticed in the past you have responded well to. Or maybe you’ve just simply been curious about. One appointment might be all it takes to find that inspiration, result or at least the peace of mind that you have someone to reach out to on a holistic level when you or your family’s health gets challenged this busy, snotty time of year.

These can get pricey for sure (especially once you consider the herbs, supplements or dietary shifts that are often recommended) but sometimes sliding scales are available or there are schools around that offer student practitioner rates.


Fall Time Self-Care for WAHMs

4. Get some warmer SHOES on

Adjust your self-care practices to warm your soul up a bit. If you need a refresher on what this SHOES business is I’m talking about about - it’s a handy acronym I use to observe how I can turn my self-care needs up a notch ~ Sleep, H2O, Organic Living, Exercise and Stillness.

My tip for this shift in season in these colder climes? Add heat to everything!

And consider which of these five areas of self-loving are you really loving these days and which ones are you struggling to stay on top of?

Keep doing what’s working but the areas that are bit trickier, get the support from a professional if need be, do your own research on how to enhance this important area of your self-care regime and, to remember,

5. Baby steps, Mama.

Even just five minutes extra, a walk around the block between Pomodoro productivity outbursts, whipping up one really clean, in season meal a week, can make a whole micro business world of difference.


Have fun, sweet mama, with Fall-ing in love with self-love this season. You’re family, and your business, is going to love you back for it.


love, Kathy



Podcast #35 – Mama Bliss Coach Darcy Cronin

Podcast #35: Mama Bliss Coach Darcy Cronin

So proud to introduce to you today Mama Bliss Coach Darcy Cronin of Darcy’s Utopia!

Darcy lives with her husband and three kids in the most wonderful place on Earth -  Portland, Oregon, has completed her training with Mama Bliss Coaching School this past spring and is looking forward to gearing up after a restful summer to really dive into her work this fall.

Like me, Darcy began her calling to work with moms by training as a Simplicity Parenting Coach. Now, a year after her youngest has born, she is ready to bring forward a framework of tools and principles to ensure that families get back to their roots and values.


Click here to listen to our conversation!

Some other Mama Bliss Bits we touch upon:

starher strategy of applying the MB principles to herself has resulted in her most blissful summer yet

starwhy Denmark seems to be the hot bed for Mama Bliss

starhow she plans on spreading the bliss with a Mama Bliss Beach Retreat this November in Lincoln City Oregon

starhow being an identical twin may have hooked her up with super (coaching) powers



Be sure to explore Darcy’s array of coaching packages to experience the inexplicable experience of having your hand held on this sacred journey toward deeper self-care, creativity and simplicity.


Thank you, Darcy!

love, Kathy


If you want to start your own work from home operation of that involves coaching moms to their most blissful selves, the next session of Mama Bliss Coaching School is set to roll this Monday and we have a couple of spots saved just for you! If you want to begin a coaching training program that will see to you can begin coaching immediately after the New Year – we should talk soon Mama! To begin with, fill out your application here and we’ll arrange a time to talk sooner than later.

Fill out an application here so we can hop on the phone sometime soon to discuss if this might be a sweet fit for you and your dreams too!

Podcast #34 – Mama Bliss Coach Halina Sorensen

Podcast #34 - Halina Sorensen

Mama Bliss Coaching School Graduate Halina  Sörensen is on the podcast today. And you’ll never guess what her chief source of bliss is these days. You’ll just have to listen to the show to find out!  (Here’s a hint: you can see her hoop of bliss just behind her other two loves, her  two kids).

Along with launching her Mama Bliss Coaching practice this fall, Halina, originally from German now living in Ireland, also offers ebooks and ecourses over at The Cherry Farm that hold your hand as you step into the magic of the seasons with your young children.

Click here to listen to our conversation.


In this 34th episode of the Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast we discover:

starThe mildly scandalous but still G-rated story behind the name for The Cherry Farm blog.

starMaking dreams like moving to Ireland to live on a farm come true.

starHer love of inspiring others to live a more creative and joyful family life through e courses, e books and creativity.

star The magic of how the seasons speak to all of us, especially children, on a soul level.

starHer Seasonal eBook series that offers a rhythm for the days of the week to follow plus activities focused on the current season and being together with your children.

starHow Mama Bliss Coaching School came at a perfect time in her life when she  really needed to be reminded to take care of herself.


Halina is excited to get started working with mama’s to help them move on with their dreams. You can grab your free 30 minute coaching session with Halina here: http://www.thecherryfarm.com/work-with-me/.

Thank you so much Halina  – you never cease to amaze me!

love, Kathy


How to use back to school time to do something special for yourself

How to use Back to School Time to do something special for yourself

On the BBN Facebook page I shared briefly what I believed to be a hallelujah moment of healing from this creepy lower back pain that was persisting for four weeks.

Long, hypochondriac story short – it’s wasn’t organ failure like I was fearing. According to an amazing new acupuncturist I found it was mostly due to blocked energy flow (and a way too chilly office space but the former sounds way more mystical).

But the long needle point of the story is -  I walked into her office in pain. Walked out pain free.

While  I was lying down I told her my life story – because that’s what you get after you get two triple shot lattes and 50 needles in me. The punchline to the of my story life that day was “I love this time of year”.

And the doctor said, “You know why that is, right?”

And I said, “Yeah because it’s kinda like a new year. A new beginning. ”

But then she counter pointed that it was actually the end.

She’s right! Despite the whole you say tomay-toe, I say tomah-toe dance it is time to celebrate the end of summer.

The end of summer work at home mama bliss that is!

If you work from home or are figuring out how to do such things, treat yourself now to something special to bid farewell to all that summer loving you’ve bestowed on yourself and family and celebrate the growth of  that baby of  a business-related dream in your belly that will, after much nourishing and baby steps, birth just in time for  another season of rejuvenating summer days.



1. Write out a Bliss List.

Get out of your brains and on to some paper some ways to celebrate this ‘back to you time’ in big and small ways. Begin with a smaller celebration that sings to your soul and aim to dive into it while the kids are away sometime during their first week of school.

Such small ways might include a quick coffee date with another mom after drop off, flowers for your desk, fancy handmade cheese, a new album for your workplace turntable (I found me some Edith Piaf). Think something that can be whipped up today or sometime this week.

But also be sure to pencil in something slightly more indulge-y as well. Scratch that (done), permanent marker it in for sometime in September. You deserve it and your family deserves a mama who knows how to live it up once in a while.

Such larger celebrations in my world include a naturoapath visit for a healthy, hormonally sound mama tune-up, soft tickle massage, a weekend Mama-only getaway at a guest house or a weekend hike with my ladies.


Treat Yourself to Back to School

Ben Husman photo from Flickr

2. State your office hours.

Marking out your hours of operation is a direct declaration to the Universe that you’re intentions to make this work at home mama thing work is strong and for real. Mark the times that you will devote to work and/or your four pillars to Mama Bliss while the kids are either away from school, daycare, napping or busy with homeschool-related activities.

Be mindful of your natural energy rhythms. For example, this summer I discovered that 6:30 am Hot Yoga class simply doesn’t jive with any part of my mind or body so I’ll have none of that until after dinner. Who says you can’t hot yoga with a belly full of chocolate porter beer and tacos?

If visuals help you, doodle up some sort of sign to place at your workspace or on the inside of your daytimer. Then do what the locals do here and slap a sticky note on your door saying you’ll be back in five minutes but really you’ll be MIA for more like an hour as you take an impromptu mega long dog walk (back story: I have a mega-long dachshund). You’re the boss mama!

3. Take a pause to review the big picture.

This is the perfect time of year to review what do you want your days to look like. Click here for a guided meditation to help you paint that picture or remind yourself of why you decided to or are curious about working from home. Mostly because staying at home rocks (speaking as a major homebody) it’s sometimes easy to forget the point of it all and the feelings you want encompass your reality.

What are the simple pleasures you were hoping to enjoy and are you still creating the space in your days to invite them in? Is your business model conducive to time off or the type of work you love? Or are you finding yourself muddled with too much busy work  or distracted with social media lures?

Write out your ideal day after listening to the meditation. It’s a good practice to get into once a year at least.

Kind of like shaving one’s legs in this neck of the woods.




4. Honor your inner back to school nerd.

Why should kids get all the self-improvement fun?  I like to do this in threes: 1) a class that involves movement 2) one for creative play and 3) something business-related that will gear me up for the next step toward my big picture dream.

For instance, to keep creepy lower back pain at bay this year I’m exploring pilates to get to the core of my apple-shaped situation -and strengthen it. For creativity I’m already all signed up for Mama-Only nights paining session at a local art studio (my request! The kids came home with these fabulous paintings during a summer art camp this year. Look what Edie made up there!!!) that begins in October.

And finally, for business muscle strengthening, I’m diving deeper into my journey of making my big picture dreams come true with one:one coaching with a mentor who has traveled a similar path to the one I’m currently skipping down and can offer me the guidance and wisdom to navigate them jutting roots that sometimes trip me up.

I had a season when taking ecourses sufficed for helping me gather the marketing and technical savy-ness (not to mention how I like to experience being on the receiving end of an ecourse to see what works for this busy mama!). I had the era where I was getting certified and trained to best serve my ideal mamas out there. But I’m at place now where what I need more now is the support to laser focus them in in a focused and crystal clear manner.

Thank God for Rescue Remedy and an endless abundance of experts, coaches, classes, books and masterminds to choose from to help us all end our summer on a celebratory and sweet treat, back to business note.



So get cozy, get giddy with glee with celebration and treat yourself to getting all signed up to help you enjoy the sweet hibernation toward your work at home mama dreams come true!


love, Kathy


If you want to go back to school along with the kids there is still some space open in Mama Bliss Coaching School. If coaching your readers or local community of mamas to bliss might be for you, applications can be filled out here and accepted until September 10. Class begins September 15!


Podcast #33 – Mama Bliss Coach Ellen Nightingale

Podcast 33 - Mama Bliss Coach Ellen Nighingale

The Mama Bliss Coach series on the Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast continues!

Today you get to hear the lovely Ellen -  a  speech therapist, writer and now Mama Bliss Coach sharing her journey into her own Mama Bliss while supporting others to find theirs.

Listen in our conversation by clicking here.

Just after my preamble that goes on and on for ten minutes about how much I love her, you’ll be rewarded with many gems in this interview including:

star how her background in speech therapy is helping mamas find their voices again

starestablishing firm boundaries is her key to maintaining her mama bliss

starwhile her Mama Bliss Coaching training has taught her how to support other mamas what she really found invaluable was the insight to implement these tools on herself to reach her goals and celebrate the mama bliss everyday

starcrafting together speech therapy, writing and Mama Bliss Coaching for a unique coaching experience

starher experience of  being tested positive for the breast cancer gene being the catalyst to her strong desire to write and  live intentionally

starher gift of having the ability to hold the space for the large stories



Besides having recently submitted a book proposal Ellen also just recently launched her website over at : http://www.ellenightingale.com.  There you can find her new coaching offering:  Find Your Voice. Tell Your Story. And she’s offering all  Mama Bliss-ers out there (that’s you!) to get the session for $150 vs the full $300 that it will be in the fall.


Thank you Sweet Ellen!


love, Kathy

Podcast #32 – Mama Bliss Coach Carina Lyall

Podcast Episode #32: Mama Bliss Coach Carina Lyall


Busting with pride to introduce to you today to a mama close to my mama heart- Carina Lyall.

As well as being a certified Mama Bliss Coach, Carina is a mindfulness meditation teacher and shakti mentor who supports women as they reconnect with themselves.

Other than all this Mama Bliss business Carina and I have a few life parallels I find kinda cool. First of all, we’re both Canadian though she lives in Denmark now.

And secondly, like we did once, Carina and her family just moved out of the city to live in a house in the woods. A huge family decision toward simplicity, space and ease and that inspires her everyday.

Everytime I get to connect with Carina I feel just that much more at peace and grounded. This Mama’s magic!


Click here to listen in on our mama bliss coach to mama bliss coach conversation where we touch upon:

starHow working from home has helped simplified her life while being able to stay home with the kids.
starPrioritizing what we need and what we do not need – not in the excess of stuff
starExploring stories such how our children came into the world and how that affects the mother as a person.
starYour story versus the “should” stories that we all hear.  What is right for you and what worked for you and being okay with whatever the answer is.

starCarina’s upcoming ecourse Hear*See*Hold that offers support for tuning in and listening inward.

starAnd finding that we belong exactly as we are.


You can find out more how to work with Carina and experience one on one Mama Bliss Coaching with her and see her other mama supportive offerings over at www.carinalyall.com.

love, Kathy