The Time Needed to Be A Super Coaching Mom and How to Get It

Time needed to be a super mom coach and how to get it.

The part I love most about being a coach and a mom to small kids is getting to set my own working hours. The tricky bit is contending with that feeling that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do.

I want to write more, take on more clients, slip out for a yoga class, spend the whole day at the beach because it’s sweltering out. Hang out with my sewing machine in the cool basement and whip up a cute skirt because it’s sweltering out.

It helps to remind myself:

I can’t do it all and that this feeling of not having enough time to is a Universal one.

Not just one exclusive to moms.

But lucky for us mamas we have been gifted the superpower of creativity. Yes. The same one that helped create both a human AND a placenta. We can do the same thing with time.

And how much time is that?

Depending on what stage of the coaching game you’re in, sometimes just little extra is all you need to whip up a work from home lifestyle of your dreams.


Time needed to be a super mom coach and how to get it.


Dreaming Up: 15 minutes to 1 hour a week

In this stage of the game you’re just beginning to daydream what a typical day of coaching might look like, researching training options or talking with established coaches to see what it’s really like and if it’s an arena you’re even be interested in.

This is like the love making bit. You just lie there like a lump on the log and do nothing until conception happens.

I love this part. You, my budding coaching mama, get to daydream, make lists,  journal, read books by coaches you admire, call up friends or those you follow online who coach for a Skype or real life coffee date.

Or maybe the dreamy bit is actually going for it signing up for coaching yourself to experience the process a little more deeply yourself.

Launching: 2 to 5 hours a week

You’ve adorably plugged your nose with one hand and decided to dive right in. The water’s fine.

Here you’ve decided to either go the official training route and diving straight into your studies. assignments and practice sessions or, because you have the experience and confidence to help others in your area of specialty right now,  straight into declaring and marketing your coaching service and are taking on your first few clients.

This phase you can be as busy or as part time as you like depending on your coaching income goals, the current needs of your family and what parenting season you’re in and the exploratory nature of this path for you (like my husband Craig taking yoga teacher training – that was a self-development move as oppose to a new career path for him).


Sustaining:  6 to 30 hours a week

Reverse engineer (how I love this saying because Craig’s an engineer and I’m totally the reverse of what that is) how many clients you’ll need to meet your dream (for you ) income goals.

Say to yourself, “I’d like to make by this time next year $2000 to help cover the car payments and our summer vacation fund.”

Then consider a life coach these day typically charges out around $100 per session when first starting out. Consider you’ll be needing about five clients a week to meet this monthly goal.

To avoid burnout you’ll also might want to decide to take a little less clients and incorporating extra income streams such as live workshops, ecourses, or group coaching offerings. There’s only one of you to go around mama and your hours, no matter how creative we get here in a minute to make more of them, are limited.

Factor in that same amount of hours to spend on income stream project creation as well as marketing (aka spreading the word about all the awesomeness your coaching prowess has to offer to ideal mamas out there).

These sorts of activities include blog writing, guest posting, talking to potential clients and good old fashioned hustle.

It sounds like a lot, and it is, but it’s so much fun, never boring and offers a lifestyle rich in epiphanies, deep observations and intrinsic rewards.

But it takes time. And the more focused time you can afford to put into this calling  the quicker you’ll be gaining traction and serving the mamas you were put on this earth to help.

And here’s how to make some more of that money-making time:


time needed to be a super mom coach

1. Create a more defined rhythm to your day with pulse points

This is my greatest take away from Waldorf-inspired homeschooling: rhythm is nurturing, healing and a busy Mama’s best friend.

Begin with the pulse points: wake up times, mealtimes, outdoor time and bedtimes. Begin here with writing down if it helps what time these pulse points to the day are going to happen and stick with it.

Then pay attention to where your natural energy levels reveal pockets of prime time to work. For sure I’m an early bird. I’ve always been able  to get up a couple of hours before the kids wake up no problem. But come their bedtime by brain is mush. That’s connection time with Craig. Lucky for us he seems to prefer hanging out with the mushy-brained Kathy.

After you have a more defined rhythm of the day laid out, your energy levels establishing, you can begin staking your times to work here and there throughout the week.

time needed to be a super mom coach

2. Grab time chunks

Little bits of time chunks add up quickly. Ten minutes to wait while spaghetti gets al-dente? After safety-first type considerations, these are pockets of time I like to steal for short and quick tasks like answering pending emails, clear off my desk, consolidate the week’s expenses. Ten minutes are all I want to spend on these sorts of tasks anyway.

Taking the kids to the park? Bring your coaching training homework along with you to work on while the kids venture off on their own (it’s good for them not to have Mama watching/spotting the whole time. Personally, my nerves can barely take it watching the jungle gym action and it’s a good reprieve from helicopter parenting).

Set the kids up with a special toy box that only comes out at designated ‘quiet time’. Keep interesting stuff in there to keep them delighted while Mama puts the timer on for 30 minutes for focused work.

How might you find yourself some extra childcare for even one hour a week?

Have a brainstorming session with your partner and maybe trade one morning a week to watch the kids while the other does whatever his or her heart is called to do. I have Saturdays to work in the mornings and usually in the afternoon I just ‘bum around’ (doing nothing or something fun in town). Sundays Craig usually takes off on some mountain adventure.


3. Choose a muse

I love being a mused! Hold someone in your heart-centered business heart that’s where you want to be in a couple of years from now and holds a business model that echos your values and ideal work set up in that time frame. Maybe she’s the mama that’s only working twenty hours a week, has her sense of humor and playfulness intact and raking in way past six figures.

Read up on any of their time management secrets that they share, participate in the ecourses they might offer or simply as yourself when you’re feeling your losing control of your time , “what would *muse* do”?

I can tell you what my muse wouldn’t do. Fart around on Facebook when a time chunk has been seized from point number two!


Time needed to be a super mom coach and how to get it.

4. Have a good time wasting vent session

One of the Mama Bliss Coaching tools I teach my mamas in Mama Bliss Coaching School is The Vent Tunnel has been a personal huge time maker for me.

Come. Step into my vent tunnel.

Put a timer on for three minutes (here’s one), grab a blank sheet of paper and write down all the ways you find yourself farting around with when you find yourself with free time to spare.

Think, hmmm… Facebook! Or watching puppy videos. Any sort of busy work that’s not serving your immediate goals of either dreaming, launching or sustaining your coaching business.

How do you procrastinate? What activities are you noticing your spending the bulk of your time on now that you can either cease or tone down already?

Allow the the thoughts to come and when the timer beeps pick out the three most detrimental ones to your precious mama time now and star these.

Now ask yourself: what might work to stop the time wasting insanity? What might you need to remind yourself of to get into the focused headspace and create the time rather than waste it?

How you can simplify meal planning, wake up and bedtime rituals and outside of the home activities?

What works for me is to remember that the time I spend on the computer is time I’m not spending on my kids or tending to my self-care needs.

Remember to a-muse yourself (nod to point number three)!


time needed to be a super coach mom (and how to get it)


5. Create a work time schedule to follow for the next three months

Here we’re going to integrate all these little insights from the reminders from above. Because, you have all this time creation ability within, you just need to remind yourself and the best way that works for me is with visuals. And a written schedule to post on the wall in front of you to gaze at every day will see to it you remember that you have time to play and establish a home business.

I love three month chunks. It’s not too far off in the distant future that you can’t imagine what your family’s life is going to look like but far enough that you can get set some serious experimenting in to see what times of day are most conducive for you in this particular season of your life, what’s working and what’s not.

Begin with the mindset that it’s game time (but a fun game time, of course) and we’re either in business or in the business of exploring business. Approach this work schedule creating with playfulness, curiosity but also a mama bear protectiveness when it comes to guarding the time you have just created. Firm but loving boundaries. Rawr.



Awesome. Now go forth and use your time making superpowers for good a have a good time while you’re at. And be sure to join us over on the Bliss Beyond Naptime Facebook Page for a Mama Bliss Coffee Break Hour next Thursday at 10 PST where I’ll be answering all of your super questions around Mama Bliss Coaching and what it’s really like being a coach with two munchkins in tow I’ll be here looking up in wonder. Woman.

love, Kathy



Podcast #29 – Shannon Kinney-Duh – A Free Spirit Mom

Podcast #29 - Shannon Kinney-Duh


Yoga teacher, holistic life coach, artist, on top of being a mama I’m deeply honored to have on the show this week, Shannon Kinney-Duh from A Free Spirit Life.


Shannon’ s a reformed self-doubter and recovering artist who has spent many years gripped by her own fear.  But through yoga she learned that she is not her thoughts and came to believe in who she really is in the world. And today she shares her story on this 29th episode.


Click here to hear her story!


Some of the bits of bliss you’ll be privy to include:


starHer passion about inspiring women to awaken to the wisdom of their own hearts

starHow her love of reducing clutter to create space and not having an over abundance of things has simplified her mamahood

starHonouring our natural rhythm and daily energy

starNot striving for a perfect day and whyshe’s not scared anymore

starSmall ways you can nurture your creativity



And not only that, Shannon, being the classy mama that she is, is generously offering all Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast listeners a special gift available from July 17th through to 25tha free copy of her eBook, Mothering with Heart. Totally Heartsome!


Thank you Shannon!


love, Kathy

Getting Started as a Mama Bliss Coach

Getting Started as a Coach


By now you know that my calling is training moms to become coaches at Mama Bliss Coaching School so they can transform their lives and the lives of other moms through self-care, creativity and simplicity.

I remember when I was first considering becoming a coach it kinda felt like playing dress up. And that makes sense, because the first step to any great dream is the day bit: daydream. It’s all about visualizing, fantasizing, and trying out different scenarios just for kicks.

So if you’re dabbling with the idea of becoming a Mama Bliss Coach yourself (applications are opening up for the third round July 27 so be sure you’re on the mailing list), or any kind of coaching for that matter, I created a checklist for you to lovingly lavish with check marks:

getting started coaching checklist

If you’re half the nerd I am, you’ll want to print out the checklist and keep handy somewhere along with some extra paper or a blank  journal to start documenting the epiphanies and concerns that will surely crop up as you take this initial step toward  becoming a coach.

And remember to have fun with the process. Right now you’re just playing dress up and seeing where the play might lead you.



1. Have a chit chat with your inner gremlin

In the first week of Mama Bliss Coaching School my ladies and I have a frank discussion with our inner critic, or gremlin, to see what words they might be trying to poison our noble intentions with.

You know, those gargoyle-y voices that sound like Marg’s sisters on The Simpsons saying “who are you to coach when you need a coach yourself?” or “you have so much on your plate right now why would you add something else to this mix?”

Thank you dank and dark voices for your concerns but we’re going to come up with some snappy comeback to each of these. Like, “everyone, including the best coaches, needs a coach. I have my lessons learned to share and thee are women out there who need my particular gifts and perspective”. Snap.

Or, “I do have time. I will carve out an hour in the morning before the kids wake and an hour after they’ve gone to bed. A focused two hours is more potent and effective than an unfocused seven-hour day”. Snap.

You just gremlin-snapped that gremlin. In the most, loving, blissful way of course.


getting started as a mama bliss coach


2. Tend to your four pillars of Mama Bliss

A little reminder, these pillars include self-care, creativity, values and simplicity. We spend the whole first module on exploring the status of our bliss it’s that important.

Here’s where you can go to check on the state of your SHOES (self-care). Also, keep a list of your creative interests and give yourself permission to dive into one of these pursuits this season in even a small way. Finally, check in with your values and reflect on them as you ask yourself how life can be made just a notch more simple so you can live into these more fully.

With our pillars closely inspected on a seasonal basis you are assured your most powerful Mama superpower is kept in its peak condition and cleared for optimum reception: your intuition steering you toward the right path.


3. Embrace your imperfections

All Mama Bliss Coaching School Students sign a permission slip in the first module that contractually releases them from any obligation to be picture perfect. Your imperfections are what make you adorable and will attract your perfect for you clients. How contradicting, hey?

And perfection-seeking is only going to paralyze you from going after your coaching dreams. Or any dream for that matter!


4. Hone your conversation skills

  • Practice listening with full attention and learning how to read in between the lines of what is being said. Coaching is like midwifery that way  – sometimes the best technique to use is to just sit on your hands (or bite your tongue) and listen with your whole body.
  • Allow for pause between exchanges for the words to digest.
  • Be impeccable with your speech by choosing words carefully and intentionally.
  • Be mindful about how much air time you’re taking up (or not).
  • Allow for a natural flow to a conversation by making sure that your points build upon what your conversing partner just shared.

Pick just one of these points to practice this week.


5. Create a blissful work space or nook

This might be a luxury for mamas out there living in tight quarters but even a  claimed  corner of the living room or dining table can send out the message to the Universe you’re thinking of meaning business.

There are loads of inspiration out there on Pinterest on how to make even the most meager of spaces effective oasis of focus and bliss happenings.


getting started as a coach checklist


6. Note the coping strategies that work in your life that might work for others

What works for you? I have this internal conversation with myself all the time (while being careful to make sure I’m not hogging up all the airtime): I got this dialed down now. Write down your dial downs.


7. Read books by coaches you admire

Or by anyone you admire for that matter. Some of the ones that were on my list a few years ago when I started on this path were anything by Martha Beck, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching founder Jill Badonsky, Kim John Payne of Simplicity Parenting and Leonie Dawson.


8. Take ten minutes to write out what an ideal day as a coach might look like

Get into great detail: What sorts of hours would you work? Where are the kids when you’re focusing on such things? How many clients are on your roster? What weeks in the year do you take off and not work? Where do you go as a family on holidays? How much money are you making? Who are the sorts of mamas you’re working with? How are you going to reward yourself for milestones achieved?


9. Write down the greatest struggles you have overcome

Go over your life’s timeline if that helps you recall. Being a hardcore hedonist, my brain’s a little selective for recalls in this department. But begin with early childhood,  move on to early adulthood before the epoch right before you had kids. Finally, think back to right after you became a mom.

You’re amazingly strong and have some wisdom and stories to share I bet!


10. Meditate on your target market and what their struggles might be

Woah, woah, Kathy, you’re thinking. Isn’t this a bit premature to be thinking about market, targets and marketing goobely gook already? I think you’ve had one too many triple shot lattes this morning. You’re going all Martha Stewart pre-prison years on me.

Now’s as good as time as ever to explore the interesting and diverse landscape of your dream clients’ heads and to accept the fact the half of your time running a coaching biz will be made up of getting the word out about this beautiful medicine you have to offer.

That’s marketing. Get used to it!


11. Read books focused on offering solutions to these problems

In the midst of my creativity coaching training I began reading books on the side addressing mother’s guilt, time management and running women’s retreat (for deep, intensive self-care practices) because I knew that these are the areas my ideal mamas were struggling in as I have done so myself a few steps back  (but have since picked up some mad skillz).

In the meantime, I was also devouring anything I could get my hands on about marketing and online biz while simplifying my life where I can and rolling around in decadent self-care everyday. Now I’m an expert on such things. Ha!


12. Wonder out loud to your partner what your becoming a coach might look like

Now is as good a time as any to at least plant the seed your considering this path and get the conversation love ball rolling. Remember to practice up a bit on point number four first (and get some lipstick on).


13. Start a running list of friends and acquaintances you may one day approach to be practice clients

You’re not necessarily going to be hitting them up to be paying clients one day but soon you’ll have an impressive list of stellar mamas to call up once in a while to wonder out loud to about this coaching dream on top of your partner (but not literally on top, of course ~ that would be weird), have the emotional support  and maybe offer free sessions to stretch out your coaching wings.


14. Carve out a time of day during the week to work on your coaching practice

Start implementing this time now, even unofficially, as time to daydream about becoming a coach. If you decide this is not the path your going to set out on, keep this time to tend to another area of self-development or career research.


15.  Design a strategy and seek the support to protect this time

Some ideas might include waking up early, staying up late, hiring extra childcare, talk to your partner to watch the kids right before dinner or on Saturday mornings, babysitting co-op, a wholesome video on Friday mornings while mama gets her dreaming cap on.


getting started as a coach checklist


16.  Start a blog if you don’t already have one

It’s pretty much essential now that for any sort of coaching practice (or business for that matter) to have a website that has regular (at least once every two weeks) updates. Now’s as good as time as any to start getting comfy with putting your opinions and unique perspective on your ideal clients’ struggles and celebrations out there to the world at large.

This doesn’t even have to be a public or necessarily fancy blog. I started off super low key with a free blogspot blog. Once I knew I loved this creative outlet I switched over to a paid, but still not that expensive, platform.

Finally, when I made the move to make money online I invested in a web designer and a WordPress site four years ago and this is what you see here today.


17.  Take an ecourse if you have never taken one or if  it’s been a while

You should get familiar with how these puppies roll. Once you have taken a few you have an idea of what turns you on, turns you off and get’s you accustomed to the online purchasing process which, once again, is very likely if you become a coach this will be the way you’re going to get paid.

Not to mention that coaching naturally extends itself to needing different income streams and options for your dream clients to work with you so there’s probably an ecourse creation experience in your future. Don’t be scared. It’s fun and there’s loads of support out there to help you crank out an effective but simple one.

Taking ecourses will also bring to your attention what resonates with you in terms of delivery of material and duration of the ecourse itself. After experiencing many, many ecourse I noticed I personally love an audio component to listen to while I’m cooking or walking the dog, worksheets  to help organize my thoughts and a short and sweet duration.

You can try an interpretation of these epiphanies in my freebie ecourse, Money Bliss. Plus there’s more there on my journey to coaching mamas to bliss.


18. When your friend thanks you for listening – turn up that feeling

Other than the blog writing, newsletter sending, book keeping, administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and social media updates ~ this is what coaching feels like. It feels like you connected with another soul, shined a light on their own strength and knowing and made a difference to their day and perhaps even their life.



And I thank you for listening. Now go turn up that feeling that thanks gave you with a deep breath in and then go give yourself a huge check mark!


love, Kathy



Podcast #28 – Sexy, Raw and Radiant Mama Stephanie Perkinson

Podcast #28 - Sexy Raw and Radiant with Stephanie Perkinson

Feeling a bit like whatever the opposite of sexy, raw and radiant is?

Maybe that’s  frumpy, cooked and blah?

Hey, me too! So that’s why I got Stephanie from Wellness by Design on the show today to talk to us about how just a few simple lifestyle and diet tweaks can enhance our bodies, souls and glow this time of year.

You can listen to our conversation by clicking HERE.

Morsels of sushi-raw bits of wisdom I got to pick from her include:

star How she teaches women to live in season by introducing them to the magic that each earth phase holds

star Her strategy to guide clients back to balance on their plates, in their body and in their home

starThe story on how stopping reading parenting books simplified her life and dialed down her intuition

star Why looking at what it is not just the food but also the underlying issues as well is so crucial to our sexy factor

star My favourite kind of medicine (other than raw wine and The Mindy Project): embracing creativity and nature and doing more me!



 Stephanie’s newest course Sexy, Raw and Radiant begins July 7th and focuses first on food then works deeper to the guidance of intuition. And my intuition is telling me it’s going to be a goodie (just like everything else of hers I have experienced)!

Enjoy the show and we’ll see you on the sexy, raw, raw, sis, boom, awe ~ summer side.


love, Kathy



Podcast Episode #27 – Jessica Kupferman

Podcast #27 - Jessica Kupferman


Jessica Kupferman from Lady Business Radio is the special guest star to this week’s podcast. Her podcast is the one I pounce on whenever I see a fresh episode has arrived. Her interview style is funny, laid back, brutally honest a times (which makes me miss my mom) but really sweet (especially the recent one where she interviewed her hubby).

And speaking of fresh episodes, Jessica’s expecting her third baby come winter! Of course, I can’t leave birthing analogies alone, so I couldn’t wait to ask her about what Lady Business is going to look like with Little Business in the house and how she’s planning to do it all.

Other lady bits we touch upon:

starJessica’s graphic and web design background and how that’s led her to help people set up their online businesses.

starHow her love of speaking and being on stage moved her toward starting her podcast to share her gifts with lots of ladies out there.

starHow having systems in place helps both moms and kids know what to expect and make things go waaaay smoother.

starKids’ love for testing boundaries and how it’s our jobs as mamas to make sure they fail that test.

starGetting ready to add another little one to the family and what she’s doing different this time around.

starPreparing her business for said little one

starHer work with clients on a one on one level to help them to take their biz to the next level with branding, multiple outlets for visibility and insert more personality here type communications.



You can find Jessica here at Lady Business Radio and if you’re intrigued at all about starting a podcast yourself (do it! So fun!) she also offers Podcast School for Women where she guides a small group of ladies to create and grow their own podcasts, overcome tech issues, find simplicity in the process and discover ways to fit the time in to do such things to make this all happen in an already busy schedule.

Enjoy the show!

love, Kathy


Ina May’s Guide to Coaching Biz Birth


Ina May's Guide to Coaching Biz Birth

I was one blissed out soon to be mama almost ten years ago when I found out Ina May Gaskin was coming to speak in our town.

The venue was in the basement of a church just a short walk from our house. Which was wild because nothing ever happened in our neighbourhood. And here’s my natural birthing hero speaking just a short walk away.

I remember that night time walk in so vividly. At that point I was carefully savoring every moment Craig and I were spending together knowing that things shall soon be very different.

As I waddled into the church I saw many mamas I got to know from the attachment parenting playgroup I recently joined, the  Birthing From Within workshop series we were halfway through (I missed the last one due to leaky vagina due to vacated mucous plug but that’s another hole story all together) and at the front of the room, with feathers dangling from her Princess Lea buns,  was (sigh) Ina May herself.

I. Love. Her.

The months leading up to the talk I was reading over and over again all the positive birthing stories to be found within the pages of her far out, groovy and psychedelic book Spiritual Midwifery and had just ordered Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.  But then Edie came two weeks early and I found myself trying to plug through the latter, on the toilet,  in labour, reading the same sentence over and over again due to a encroaching lizard brain, taking over things from there.

But lucky me, her quotes kept sneaking into my inner Mama Godzilla and, interestingly enough, continues to do so in many aspects of my life today. Including my work at home mama business.

In all my work, and especially in The Blissful Mama’s Three Month Coaching Biz Plan, I’m always catching myself on the cusp for apologizing for bringing up yet another birthing analogy for conceiving, creating, growing and sustaining a coaching business.

But, dang it,

There are so many parallels to birthing and running a mama to mama coaching biz.

Those 5 (Kale) to 48 (Edie!) hours of active labour are placenta jam-packed with life lessons to carry over into mamahood as well as, one day, a right livelihood or new life passion.  A calling that spreads your inner balls of light around that are your gifts and purpose beyond motherhood.

Here are a few of my favourite nuggets of wisdom found in Ina May’s books. There’s another one out there somewhere about your vagina being designed to stretch out THIS BIG (hmmm… about the size of a smaller laptop screen) but I can’t seem to stretch that analogy to relate to coaching.

But these quotes work with the pregnancy and birthing images I feel comfortable sharing (I actually do have one for the one above but I’ll spare your eyeballs) and are hopefully just as inspiring to your birthing, mamahood and coaching biz journey alike:


Ina May's Guide to Coaching Biz Birth

1. Overcome the fear that there are too many coaches out there already.

There is a reason there is a rise in coaches in our world. There is a deep need and mamas are particular good at giving and receiving it. Don’t let the numbers deflate you. It’s a good indicator that this is a healthy market to participate in.


Ina May's Guide to Coaching Biz Birth

2. Your coaching practice begins with loving and coaching yourself first.

All my ecourses (including the freebie one, Money Bliss) and coaching programs begin with an assessment of the state of your own Four Pillars to Mama Bliss: self-care, creativity, values and simplicity. By honoring yourself and your needs first you can pass on the savings to others. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Ina May's Guide to Coaching Biz Birth

3. You’re sensational. Breathe through it.

There is going to be some points of discomfort of getting your coaching biz off the ground. Accept that and even wiggle your fingers all cocky-like at it to bring it on.

From these sensations we grow and learn. From moving through these sensations with deep breaths and remembering the lessons we garner strength and wisdom. It almost makes me want to roar just thinking about it.


Ina May's Guide to Coaching Biz Birth

4. Toot your coaching super power horn!

Not to be sexy but typically I find that the work at home mamas need a little bit more yang to their ying. Remember all the problems that you have the ability to solve and spread the word. There are mamas out there hungry for your special brand of genius and medicine. Learn how to to embrace the non-ick aspects of marketing and get comfortable with that sensation too.


Ina May's Guide to Coaching Biz Birth

5. Don’t take it too seriously.

This quote reminds me of when Edie was born my doula was standing in front of me with the camera just as my midwife asked me to spread my knees apart more. I said something like I felt I was at a photo shoot for some some weird fetish magazine and everyone laughed.

I picked that up in the birthing process. Breaking the tension with laughter helps move energy. Not taking everything so seriously grants you permission to showcase your unique stance on what can sometimes be heavy matters. Crack a joke here and there if appropriate and feels natural or do whatever it is that makes your voice and perspective on your area of expertise uniquely you.

Your right people will stick around.

You’re still here? Awesome!

And if you want to explore the next three months in your coaching biz Ina May groupie style now’s a good time to check out The Blissful Mama’s Three Month Biz Plan at its Moving Madness sale price of only $47 for the rest of the summer.

Yes, another moving madness sale because we’re moving in like four weeks. Ina May’s wisdom can easily be transferred to that major life event I’m sure. Off now to go ask Craig to shake my apple tree…


love, Kathy





How to Stop and Smell the WAHM Summer Bliss

Stop and Smell the WAHM Bliss


The last week of the first year both kids have been at school full time is wrapping up this week. Feels like it was only yesterday I was blubbering by the riverside mourning the sale of my beloved milk cow Daisy as we kissed our hobby farm dreams goodbye and my baby boy’s busting out of his germ-free bubble wrap protection contraption as he ventured off to kindergartendom 101.

On this summer’s close horizon, life is looking pretty filled to the gills with plans. Craig and the kids are off to tipi camp while this mama deeks out to Portland for her annual mama-only food truck eating escapade, we’re hosting a family reunion of sorts as my dad performs at the local airshow once again, and we’re moving even closer to town. Like the burbs. In six weeks!

While the burbs aren’t the exact opposite to the backwoods boonies my delicate nerves have grown accustomed to over the last eight years, I still can’t help feel like as the kids, and my business, grow bigger life exponentially picks up speed.

Time to bring a little bit of country to the burbs. And a little bit of little business to my biz.

What I want to invite to our new digs (other than a mumu wearing housewarming party) is the continued practice of limiting our outside commitments, honoring the natural rhythm of the seasons, and continue creatively communicating, expressing and protecting our family values within our brand spanking new, taupe-coloured walls and beyond.

But on top of wanting to embrace the slower paced, country-living inspired lifestyle and wanting my kids to experience the laxadacal elements of school’s out for summer I also have this little operation called Bliss Beyond Naptime which requires at least a solid three hours a day to shine my attention on.

I know! Such a complicated creature am I.

And speaking of complications, the realization recently dawned on me that with school winding down pretty darn quick there are going to be little munchkins afoot cramping my WAHM style before I know it like a dip in the lake five minutes after eating a foot long.


What’s a slow summer loving but also entrepreneurial mother to do?

starFirst of all, take a deep breath in and take a whiff of the summer bliss in the air. Turn up the dial on the feelings those notes evoke and hold them, amplify them for five seconds. Feels good, no? Summer bliss is always within.

starCheck out and meditate on this beautiful mamafesto composed by my dear friend Shawn.

starRecall your favorite summer memories as a kid.  Mine include playing kickball with the neighborhood kids until the street lights came on , eating watermelon until my tummy distended, swimming at the local pool and ordering one after another banana popsicle because I thought I was soooo hilarious ordering them to the tune of the theme song of  Batman. And staying up late then sleeping in.

All the simple stuff, right?  For more seventies kids summer nostalgia check this out.

I want to offer my kids a conducive environment for such similar golden memories to propagate. And what that takes is, like everything else in motherhood, strong, compassionate boundaries tossed together with handfuls of  good humor, feline-like flexibility with splashes of spontaneity.


Bliss. But what about my beloved work?


What’s helping in me in moments of too much latte induced panic that my Blissful Empire might come tumbling down in the following twelve weeks is to remind myself of a few things:

1. As a kid myself, my mom held space for us to be safe and well-hydrated but was kind of MIA.

I don’t recall see her much in my summer days of yore reruns except when I was gaping at her as she put her face on in the mornings. Then she’d be off sewing up a storm in the basement, planting and weeding in the garden, playing tennis, or going to or hosting bridge games. It helps me to consider that my kids are going to see me blissing out in similar ways throughout mosquito season. Lucky for us my work’s also happens to play a role in what lights me up.

2.  I’m getting some systems in place.

Summery wahm systems I’m embracing this year include letting the kids to stay up an hour earlier than usual then let them sleep in an hour later. Simultaneously, I’m a gonna wake up an hour earlier to squeeze some work in before they wake up. As well, I’m going to kindly ask Craig to get them hook them up with breakfast and hang out with them before his work time of 9:00. Voila. Mama just scored herself three hours to write before kiddo time.

3. It’s teenage babysitter season!

I’m starting to put the word out that we would LOVE to have a babysitter come over three times a week to watch the kids outside while I work till noon. Yay! I’m totally not Sporty Spice but this mama just scored herself yet another twelve hours a week to laser focus on work.

4. Tis also the season to call it quits early.

By closing the laptop by noon during the week the time I do reserve for focused, prime time productivity will be just that: focused and productive. Kind of like when I was in University. My marks were almost higher when I had a full course load. I had to make every studying minute count ~ I had keg parties to go to!

5. It helps to see how it all unfolds on laid on paper.

Not only does a visual representation of the blocks of both time that is reserved for work and summer smelling help integrate and inspire but it serves as a reminder of other guilt-busting aspects that a little proactive planning can nip in the bud. Consider what you are willing to let go of for this all too brief season to relieve yourself of extra burden, what you can invite in for more connection and idyllic childhood memory fermenting, and what has worked in the past to see to it that though it’s a time to embrace lull, small productive steps are taken each day to move your business forward.

These are the type of tools we explore in The Blissful Mama’s Three Month Coaching Biz Plan. It’s for moms who are wanting to release the guilt and get a little bit of work from loving home done in the process.


And since we’re moving again in (gulp) six weeks:

Another Moving Madness Sale at Bliss Beyond Naptime


Due to the unprecedented success of the Moving Madness Sale a mere year ago, there are no more chickens, cows or milk left for sale. What I do have on offer this summer is special pricing on my ecourse to help you design a summer full of lazy and not so lazy adventures with your family while keeping your work at home business chugging sweetly along.




$47, Mama. That’s like only six cartons of store-bought organic eggs. Damn, going to miss those ladies! But heads up, first thing I’m going to after this move is make a big stink to change that backyard chickens-having bylaw!


love, Kathy



Podcast Episode #26: Starter Club Starter Erin Smith

BBN Podcast Episode #26: Erin Smith


Today on the Bliss Beyond Naptime podcast I get to talk with Erin Smith of The Starters Club, a mama who stumbled upon parenting after cutting out processed foods from her diet. So be careful out there, ladies!

Now a blissed out mama to a two and one year old, Erin loves building businesses, helping others start their own and removing all the ‘buts’ she can get her dog rescuing paws on. She has a podcast herself that airs on Tuesdays and Fridays where she interviews other entrepreneurs kicking major ‘buts’ out there.

Check out the 26th podcast episode and listen in on as we discuss:


star How mamas who are wanting to start a biz often fear they have no time, not sure how or what to do and how Erin helps them

star Erin’s dream of starting up a Rottweiler Rescue

star How she’s simplified working from home by banishing laundry from her psyche

star  Why she doesn’t play with her kids too

star The story of how she helped her chiropracter husband market his practice and how that was the start of The Starters Club

star Advice on the first steps to take if you want to start something too!


Enjoy the show and please leave a review on Itunes if you’re feeling all five-starry eyed after listening!


love, Kathy


A Gift from Me and Jennifer Aniston

A year's worth of journal prompts from www.blissbeyondnaptime.com


Guilty pleasure explanation/confession time.

When things get stressful, this Mama reaches for (can’t believe I’m going to admit this)…. Smutty Gossip Mags.

I have staved off for years. But recently, it’s started again. All innocently enough, I’d skimmed through a whole issue while waiting for for my turn to pay for gas, but one day I heard myself say outloud  – “Ah, what the heck. I’ll take the smut, too.”

I almost didn’t recognize my voice. It sounded like its been roughed up in prison for a couple of years. Or a dentist’s waiting room.

One turned into two. Then Craig scolded me after finding it within child’s reach. I promised it was just a phase.

But the lowest point was when after a particularly stressful day, calling for comfort food dinner (Peruvian-style Arroz con Pollo which I really need to make a cooking how-to show for because I love it so much) which requires a bottle of beer to cook the chicken in plus another bottle to wash the meal down. At least two bottles were needed so I ran to the gas station, grabbed a six pack, saw the smut, grabbed that too, and, of course, walking out of the joint with an armful of sin, I bump into my first yoga teacher ever and now also a fellow parent from my little girl’s class.

How embarrassing. It felt like I just got busted by the paparazzi for the “Not Normal” page.

But reading the latest smut score in the tub the other night (mostly to contend with the emotional roller coaster ride of buying a house this week!) I decided that this material contains within its glossy walls  some pretty blog-worthy epiphanies from this stress relieving yet slightly low-brow habit I still can’t believe I’m confessing to you right now.

First one, I want to grab Drew Barrymore by her ET hugging upper arms and give her a bit of a Benevolent Dictator Mama shake. When asked in one story about her recently becoming a Mama of two under two if she’s able to have moments to recharge her batteries she said she can’t because it ‘feels too guilty’.

Come on, Drew.

Mama Bliss doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

What the bliss does grow from is by making the conscious decision to tend to it everyday in small, bite sized ways. Even if it comes up as smut once in a while. Rituals help in the discovery and recording of how your bliss might grow over your parenting career. That’s why I’m so loving that I’ve been keeping this blog chugging along since 2006. In the early days many deep thoughts were captured it only takes a few simple rituals to get this seedling of bliss kick started. Drew should take a cue from Jennifer Anniston.

Well! According to the Star, even though she has the worst taste in men ever (between Brad Pitt and her current beau anyway) Jennifer has religiously kept a journal outlining not only every scandalous detail of her A-list sex life but also as a tool to “dealing with relationship issues’.

Write on, Rachel.

To begin an early morning (or evening) writing practice can really be a catalyst to some profound changes to one’s life. To both Mamas and non-Mamas alike. This also has been made apparent to me in the last couple of weeks working with a new coaching client to help explore the identity forming dance that walking into, and then out again, of the birthing labyrinth can shake us into.

It began with the Baby Bliss Step (the small step we design together after each coaching call) of five minutes of journalling each morning before she greets her kids. In our following session she shared her epiphanies that kind of blew her Mama mind almost as much as mine got blown when I found out that Tom Cruise was creeping at an LA sex club so soon after his split with Katy.

So I want to get you feeling a little Jennifer Aniston starting today. I’d like to offer as a free gift to you, Deep Dive into Deliciousness: A Year’s Worth of Journal Prompts for the Mama Heart. Just go ahead and slip your name and email address in the box below and you’ll be all set up with over 100 take off points to be pouring your thoughts to paper the whole year through:Deep Dive to Deliciousness ~ 100 Journal Prompts



I hope this helps with the stress management with any physical or emotional moves coming your way this summer. And if you feel ‘moved’ to share your mini or mondo epiphanies, there’s even a handy dandy twitter hashtag #deepdelish to borrow or, of course, share away your deep and delicious discoveries over on our Facebook Page.

Coyly and doily yours…


love, Kathy

Do you need a coach?

What kind of mom hires a coach?

Since becoming a coach myself I felt it almost my duty to always have one or two in my corner for my working from home mothering and mothering in general situation. It’s been a few years since I’ve delved into the coach having world and it’s honestly only recently I can now smoothly spit out the words  ‘my coach’ without choking on them, feeling like a bit of a diva or mumble them and quickly changing the subject.

Now I wave my coach-having flag high and hard.

Seriously, it’s probably my greatest expense this year (don’t tell Craig. Luckily he doesn’t read my blog anymore). But it’s because I’ve seen so many positive shifts in my life because of it.

It’s like everything else that might feel awkward at first but slowly feels as natural as flowing armpit hairs once you realize the crazy cool benefits outweigh the social judgements. Kinda like breastfeeding in public or eating a grass-fed T-bone with your bare hands and parts of your face.

There’s a bit of mental hump at first to get over the coach hiring idea. And I have to admit even I kind of giggled the first time I heard the word (‘life coach’- not ‘hump’).

It reminds me of that time way back in 2000 when I was practicing ashtanga yoga on a beach in Maui. In the middle of Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (standing big toe posture. Not the daintiest position to be in in a bikini) a couple of youngens in their twenties approached me asking me what the what I was doing. They’ve never seen such a thing.

Yoga was pretty weird just fourteen years ago. Similarly, coaching is getting a little less weird everyday too.

To answer the question I received from a Mama Bliss Coaching student last week when she was asked the question from a potential client:

What kind of Mama needs a Mama Bliss Coach?

My answer might sound a little weird today but not as weird as it might have sounded yesterday:


All Mamas Need A Mama Bliss Coach

Or a life coach, or a counselor, or an acupuncturist who’s a crazy good listener, or a best friend who can have dish out some juicy catch up sessions at least once a month, or a mastermind of like-minded mamas.

Every mama needs a reliable sounding board who can remind her to remind herself that she has the answers and strength not too deep within.

Sometimes this sort of support can be tricky to nail down with our pressed for time or added expenses lifestyle that unfortunately feels that many of us are married to. But the beauty is that by slowing down just enough to tap into basic and alternating self-care practices, budget time for creative play everyday, lean into our values and invite even a dribble of simplicity to all areas of our lives we can invite all the tools and support we need to really make powerful changes to our bliss and sense of overwhelm.

To get even more specific on who might need a mama-centered coach out there, imagine me in a bikini, standing there in front of you with one big toe gripped tightly in one hand, over my head, the other big toe firmly dug in the sand, it all appearing totally normal, telling you:

1. A mom who feels isolated.

I know I felt that way right after my second was born there our bathroom.  I didn’t leave the house for 45 days. And that not leaving the house thing kind of turned into a sort of habit. A habit I’ve only recently started to shake off.

Although I felt super talkative (lattes turned into my best friends) I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house much. My non-latte best friend (who also had the same age babies) and I spoke over the phone a bunch that connection showed to get trickier to pull off the more steadily busier our lives became.

2. A mom who wants a sounding board to her dreams.

All moms are creative by nature. My theory is that there’s a kick start nature to the creative process once an egg is fertilized. And with that we harness that inner knowing that we can create almost anything we set our bionic mama hearts to. Dreams are powerful destiny shapers. A coach on your mama bliss team will listen. And take notes!

 3. A mom who knows what works but simply needs a reminder or two.

We all know what we need. We know what has worked in the past, what hasn’t, what might if given just a couple of hours here and there. And the Mama Bliss Coaching philosophy is based mostly on the pillar of self-care. Without a well-rested, well-nourished mama, the other three pillars to stand your bliss on get wobbly (creativity, values and simplicity in case you’re serious). And once you’ve got that area at least drizzled with some attention, your intuition and inner mama wisdom can recall or bring forth the answers, strength and inspiration from within.



Take good care of yourself, Mama by taking into consideration where you might be able to find that extra support or build up your self-care practices to start coaching yourself to bliss. And if you want to chat with me for thirty minutes over the phone to see if we’re a fit, I’ll happily dig out my antler hat and bikini for you.  Just click on over here and I’ll remind you just how normal you, and all this, actually are.


love, Kathy