Podcast Episode #23: Freedom Seeking with Caroline Cain

Freedom Seeking with Caroline Cain

Today’s pre-interview rambling has been brought to you today by my musings on bugs and Buddhism.

The main bug of concern was the 24 hour one that hit Kale and I on Easter Sunday morning. I spent the whole day laying in bed only to get up every 45 minutes to baste the turkey in the oven. Talk about Bird Flu!

The bug tangent will lead you down the fascinating path of our family’s history of ant infestations and, surprisingly enough, eventually to my own personal connection to Buddhism.

And, yes, this episode includes yet another one of my Craig impersonations.

Our special guest star in this episode is the Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor Caroline Cain from www.CarolineCain.com.


If you’re interested in a value-rich lifestyle business, this is Caroline’s zone of genius.


She helps women define the lives they want to live and build profitable businesses to support them.

She is a mother, girlfriend, practicing Buddhist and successful entrepreneur who is totally in love with the life she has created based on the principles of freedom of time, location, expression, and financial independence.

We discuss simplifying mamahood while running a successful business and living a 5 star lifestyle. And not the champagne and caviar one unless that’s the way you roll, High Roller!

Take a listen to our conversation all the way through for at the very end Caroline offers all my Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast listeners a very special deal indeed on her Intensive Sessions.

Enjoy this five star interview with one five star Mama!


love, Kathy


Rotating Your Bliss Tires

Podcast #22: Rotating Your Bliss Tires

Have you ever noticed how some of your most Happy moments are followed by Scary ones?

In this podcast, I not only talk about my adventures in horseback riding, but I share some of my past business ventures . . . the good, the bad and the scary — For more stories, sign up for my free Money Bliss eCourse — and how “rotating” your interests and passions can bring you happiness – in your business and in your mamahood.



Simple Parenting and Play Planner Blog Tour Pit Stop

Simple Parenting and Play Planner

Everything is richer with a plan. Even parenting and play! And the leading expert in my eyes, due to interviewing some of the world’s leading experts in such things (including me ~ hee!) but also to this side hustle of hers called being an awesome mom, is Melitsa Avila from the Raising Playful Tots podcast!

Melitsa was kind enough to approach me to be part of her blog tour to launch this beautiful project straight from her mama heart ~ ~ The Simple Parenting and Play Planner.  Check out our mini-interview and how you can enter to win your very own copy of this sweet planner intended for the whole family!


What was your inspiration for coming up with the idea for the Simple Parenting and Play Planner?

Melitsa: Moms.

I wanted to carve out a special place where we could regularly reflect without guilt.

Moms are finding themselves busy in areas they don’t like and stuck doing the same actions hoping for a different outcome. Somehow both work and household duties have taken over their lives and while they know they are important, they start to feel the squeeze it’s having on their time with the kids- time with themselves- time with their partners.

Writing down what we want to do is powerful.

When we write it, things get done. Same thing when it comes to having the home, family atmosphere, family haven and play you want.

My kids love the game freeze tag. As a group you run around until you’re caught ( tagged). You must stand still. You can look around. During that pause you can see things clearly. Along comes your friend to untag you and off you go in…..the direction you choose. I’d like to think the Simple Parenting and Play Planner is that friend.


I love freeze tag friends! How do you recommend a mama goes about using the planner?

Melitsa: First flip through and see what sticks out to you. Where do you need to be unstuck? Where would you like to dwell more? What would you like to change?

Take that one part.

Keep the ideas small and doable.

It’s easy to slide to the opposite of what you’re doing and get discouraged. Join the Facebook group too so we’ll go through pages together and take inspiration for each other. It’s not a book to read and do cover to cover but a tool for the family. Take only what you need right now.


How often should a mama review her planner?

Melitsa: Oh this is a good question, Kathy.


New things pop up and the family needs to be nimble to make these shifts. We take time to plan our two week holiday on the plane to somewhere lovely in detail. We make sure to plan for everything from safety to fun. But our lovely growing family that’ll be with us longer than two weeks ( often longer than 18 years!) we don’t do any planning at all.

This planner is different because the aim is not to put everything on paper one time and hope you get to it throughout the year or years. There’s space to develop goals that are long and short term and develop them as your family grows. As we use it during our family gatherings it becomes a part of family life.

This planner you dip in and out of. It’s a living and useful member of the family as you refer, write and review what’s there. We all need reminders. This type of planner works because it doesn’t have time to collect dust on a shelf. We use it in our everyday life to keep us on track.


Pencil me in! Why is play so important to plan?

Play is how our children learn. It’s also easy for us to overlook the many different areas of play because of time and our situations. Nothing stays constant in family which is our big challenge as parents. We must be intentional about adjusting our schedules to include downtime, unstructured play, independent play, connection time, family time, clubs and group activities. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or fall into bad habits and situations . We need our buddy the planner to encourage us. If play is how our children learn and have fun we need to give it the priority and space it deserves in our family.



Thank you Melitsa! And if you’d like to enter the draw to win your very own Simple Parenting and Play Planner please leave a comment over on my Facebook Page on the update for this post sharing how you plan on playing yourself this spring while your kids are out frolicking in the sunshine. I’ll be drawing from these entries on Wednesday, April 15 at midnight PST.

You can also enter to win at some other playful mama-friendly online hubs this week. Check out the sister sites also participating in this simple and playful blog tour:


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And remember, if you simply (ha, ha) can’t wait to start planning some simplicity and fun for the whole family go ahead you can purchase one right now over here for $15  (not an affiliate for this product by the way ~ just love all the love and support she puts out there for all us mindful but busy Mamas!).

Thanks Melitsa!


love, Kathy


Hot and Steamy Bite-Sized Bits of Self-Care

Hot and Steamy Bite Sized Bits of Mama Self-Care



Being a work at home mama sometimes feels like you’re constantly putting a 750 piece puzzle together. It always takes longer than anticipated. The progress is slow and steady. When you take a glance over at the picture on the cover of the box, then look over at the messy pile of all the small bits, overwhelm can wash over if you trip out on it too much.

But when you find the pieces that snap together perfectly? Ahhh…

Yeah, I just plopped in the final piece of the biggest business-related puzzles I’ve yet to put together and wanted to celebrate by treating the family to a spring break getaway. A gesture of thanks to them for their patience, understanding and ongoing support as Mama has been a particularly busy bee with this project pretty much ever since the Christmas holidays.

Hot and Steamy Bite Sized Bits of Mama Self-Care


We headed out to our usual Straycation destination, a hotspring cabin that has a private hotspring water filled hot tub on the deck, and just deeply relaxed in our pajamas for a couple of days. Eat, soak and play. Totally what the Mama Bliss Naturapathic Doctor ordered.

Especially since this Mama caught a nasty cold  at the home stretch of this virtual marathon. What a treat!

But I embraced the cold not only as an early spring cleanse but as an opportunity to review my SHOES situation.

SHOES is  a clever acronym I came up with to remind my clients of the five areas of self-care we need to shine our spotlight on regularly. If you’d like a handy dandy worksheet to explore the state of your SHOES check out my free three day ecourse, Money Bliss. It won’t take long to get your hands on it for it’s in the first day’s lesson. It’s that important.

But if you simply can’t wait those five minutes, here’s a review and an offering of Mama Bliss Bite-Sized Spring themed tweaks (so doable ~ even for the busiest of WAHMamas) to make your SHOES all shiney and new for the start of this celebratory season ~ the rebirth of life!

(Speaking of which, Sweet Baby Jesus, I can’t wait to get back into the garden!)


Hot and Steamy Bite Sized Bits of Mama Self-Care



Spring ahead and lose one of hour of sleep. Awesome! In fact, this one is what did me in and made me susceptible to that last virus that rode as a stowaway in one of the kids’ nasal cavity from school. I even remember the moment. The night we were to turn the clocks forward one hour I couldn’t get to sleep because I was worried I was going to sleep in for a morning meeting and was obsessing about what time it is really.

Kept waking up, hour after hour, obsessing. Lack of blissful sleep really messes me up and I’m sure it’s not doing you any favours too. Do what you can Mama to eventually get an extra half hour even!

Mama Bliss Bite Sized Sleep Remedies:

star Get just in bed just ten minutes earlier and treat yourself to ten minutes of just-before-lights-out reading.

star Splurge on a brand new to you set of vintage sheets.

star Start a new bedtime ritual with sleep promoting herbs or essential oils involved. Passion-fruit tincture in my tea before bed was an Oprah-send.

star What’s doable for you today to get just even five more minutes sleep tonight or turn up the lusciousness of your sleep quality up a notch?



That’s water! Had to go with the periodic time table version because SWOES would have been trickier to remember and has a depressing ring to it for some reason. Drinking more water can fix can remedy most issues. That’s the visual I share my kids. By drinking a glass of water we’re filling up our body’s toilet tank to flush all the gunk out.

Still, when I get busy I forget a. forget to go to the bathroom and b. drink the delicious stuff. I’m no body fluids engineer but I wonder if there might be a correlation there. But, ironically, I always remember to treat myself to water’s dehydrating first cousin ~ latte!

Mama Bliss Bite Sized Hydrators:

star Fill up two  large mason jars full of the stuff, keep them on the kitchen counter and take little sips throughout the day as you pass by.

star Drink a whole cup upon awakening to ‘shower’ your insides.

star If you’re vain in a mid-life crisis type way like me, imagine your skin glowing with dew and plumpness as you fill up your hot Mama-tank.

star What’s a Jedi mind-trick you could play on yourself in the H2O department?


Organic Living

Oh, no, the ‘O’ word. Buying organic’s expensive but my stance is you vote with your dollars. But beyond what I’m getting at here with ‘organic’ is not only eating but living more mindfully, simply and local as possible. Consider how to surround yourself with the least amount of toxins as possible. These days there are is no escaping chemicals and heebie jeebies out there. Trust me. I tried. There are many different directions I can take off here but at a certain point I too need to shine a light on a middle path.

But it’s been this way since way back when I was a kid. The best we can do is ease off the toxic burden on our system where we can. So for today, see how you can move away from poison and lean toward natural medicine that is life in its natural state.

Mama Bliss Bite Sized Organic Bits:

star Spring’s a perfect time to start a garden ~ even if it’s just potatoes in a bag – my favourite straight from the garden treat (after kale, of course)! Put the family on a spring cleanse but eating super clean for ten days. I’m talking brown rice, lots of green veggies and nothing that has more than five ingredients on the box. Nothing that comes in a box come to think of it.

star Toss out one or two cleaning and body products that have creepy ingredients and find a more natural alternative.

star Make an appointment with a naturapath, herbalist or another recommended alternative healer in your area and mention you want a simple spring tune up.

star What’s a slightly cleaner alternative to something your body’s communicating to you it needs a break from?



A little bit everyday Mama! I was careful to at least get a decent walk in each day during my launch. It actually helps we have a dog now to make this one a non-negotiable. But its evident that without some sort of movement everyday things back up and energy stagnates and immunity drops. Move it!

Mama Bliss Bite-Sized Moves:

star Sign up for a class you loved as a kid. Last year I was all over hip hop. Today, in fact, I’m calling the number I found to sign up for horse back riding!

star Just a couple of yummy stretches can stand in for a yoga class once in a while (try my bed yoga video or check out my five minute mama one).

star I discovered when I was pregnant that walking’s the best movement option ever. That and yoga and you’re set up with your own personal, at home gym wherever you go. Wear comfy shoes and, if possible, pick a destination that combines a daily task with it like walking to the mailbox, feeding ducks that live ten minutes away or grabbing a morning coffee.

star What can you do movement wise to celebrate this time of year for movement that was next to impossible in the season prior?



Vegetation’s not just for vegetarians! So good for you.  Stillness is the non-toxic glue that binds all the other SHOE bits together. Here we can take a deeper listen to what aspect of our self-care habits might be lacking and needing some extra attention. Not only an opportunity to observe what our body and soul’s communicating to us, with continuous pockets of stillness in our busy lives we can reacquaint ourselves with the contrast between constantly doing and simply just being. And then maybe giving a soft whisper of thanks.

Mama Bliss Bite Sized Still Bits:

star Love my five minute timer trick. Tell the kids Mama’s going to lie down on her bed for five minutes. Tell them when the timer goes off, you’ll get up (but really you put the timer on for ten ~ hee!).

star Take five minutes to meditate upon awakening and/or before bed. Five minutes!

star Hide if you have to. Bathroom’s a great place. Or a say you have to run out to the car for a second to grab something and then just sit there slack jawed for a few.

star What can you let go of for just this season to create space for more stillness?

Hot and Steamy Bite Sized Bits of Mama Self-Care


And that 750 piece Unicorn puzzle Edie and I attempted together? We completed the periphery and only one unicorn from the herd. But look at him. It’s like he’s trying to tell me something. What’s he trying to say?

I think he just said:

Be gentle with yourself, Sweet Mama. And spiff up your SHOES in one small way today.


And if you need a little extra support for your self-care plan might I suggest other posts like this written for Story of Mum’s Self-Care Carnival? It’s a celebration of a beautiful program called the Story of Mum’s Do It Yourself Retreat Kit. In Pippa’s words:

Story of Mum’s Do It Yourself Retreat Kit is a gorgeous digital pack brimming with beautiful printables and easy to follow videos. It contains everything you need to host your own 3 to 4 hour Mamas’ Retreat. Just add friends, clear a gentle yoga space in your living room, and bake something delicious…

Check it out. I did, it’s really beautiful and I think I want to organize this sort of mama-only retreat pretty quick with some of my book club ladies. SHOES shopping is always fun with a few Mama friends in the mix I’m sure!


love, Kathy

Podcast Episode #21 ~ Resilience Coach Lynne Newman

BBN Podcast Episode #21 ~ Lynne Newman


Lynne Newman truly epitomizes resiliency.

She has struggled with infertility, then the joy of a successfully pregnancy, only to discover that her husband has stage 4 melanoma. She lost her job followed by the birth of her first daughter. She was forced to simplify her life, declutter, deal with her stress and change her environment.


This 21st episode of the Bliss Beyond Naptime Podcast is heartbreaking yet inspiring. Take a listen as we learn how through all her life’s ups and downs Lynne’s strength is rooted in her belief that everything will be okay, no matter what.

In today’s show this Resilience Coach, Simplicity Coach and pediatric occupational therapist shares (who can be found at www.LynneNewman.com):

star how she’s learned as a recovering perfectionist that there are some things that are just out of your control.

star how she’s decided to take charge of what she can ~ simplifying and letting go.

star by changing her diet, focusing on extreme self-care, journaling and simplifying mamahood, she has turned a cancer diagnoses into an opportunity to simplify and allow her family to grow closer.

star tips on one of her coaching specialty areas~ picky eaters! I couldn’t wait to pick her brain in that realm.

starfinding her balance between mama, wife, care giver and entrepreneur.

star her passion for giving back to the community. Lynne and her husband are in the process of launching a new apparel business 10% Check out www.tennpercent.ca to learn more.


And though my head cold during time of recording caused the following quote to short-circuit my delicate brain wirings, I have a feeling it’s a good one to share with your twitter community:

10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you respond. (click to tweet!)

Enjoy the show and please pass along with anyone you feel needs an extra dose of inspiration to respond with love, simplicity and trust to all of life’s challenges. No matter what.



Talking Money With Your Honey

talking money with your honey

I often get this question from my clients:

“How do you go about telling your husband you’re about to plunk down some serious cash on a big business investment?”

The truth is: I don’t.

In all fairness, we did discuss my two coaching training investments but since I began my practice our current arrangement consists of my having my own visa card that’s set to a relatively low limit. As long as it’s kept paid off each month he’s cool with what I executive-style decide to invest in for Bliss Beyond Naptime’s reach and growth.

But I want to open up these conversations more often in a more team building manner this point forward. Especially since my work is starting to really gain traction.

In today’s video I share some pointers to approaching this sort of conversation. Those heart-a-flutter type exchanges that happen after you decide you want to take that next step in investing in your life calling, passions and work from home dreams.

Ways to keep that money talk sweet, but not sticky, with your honey:

starMake an appointment with each other. Mention sometime during the day that you want to chit chat once the kids are in bed about something you’re really excited about.

starMeditate a bit beforehand to bring clarity to yourself that this is indeed the next step. Feel into your bones that this is truly what you desire,  envision how this might help bring you closer to your vision, how else these skills or experience can enhance other aspects of your life and how and when  you foresee yourself making your investment back.  Lay down this strong foundation before entering the conversation and then speak from your heart’s truth

starAnd if it helps, go grab him to watch the last half of the video where I try to butter him up some for you!


And speaking of taking the next step and investing in your dreams, applications for this quickly upcoming session of Mama Bliss Coaching School are being accepted until  Thursday, March 20th. Submit your form today and we’ll still have time to discuss whether this might be the next step that speaks to your soul.

Spring 2014 session begins next Monday and is offered at discounted introductory price this round only. Lipstick not included.

Hope to talk with you soon, Mama!

love, Kathy


A Superhero’s Life ~ Andrea Scher

BBN Podcast Interview with Andrea Scher

Andrea Scher from Superherolife is this week’s podcast interview!

I’ve developed a bit of a mama crush on Andrea ever since I’ve stumbled upon her wish tree post a couple of years ago. And the deeper I dove into her world the more in awe I became.

She is a writer, photographer, artist, life coach and mentor.

In this 20th episode of our bliss loving podcast she shares how stepping into an intuitive’s realm is like a coaching session on steriods, why mamas should get more help than they think they might deserve and the importance of discovering that magical sweet spot between missing our kids and needing a break.

Without the guilt.

Andrea is the superhero of ecourse creating and a whiz at showcasing the healing powers of creativity. Next one coming up is Treasure Hunt: Color Collecting ~  30 days of photo prompts to seek out and celebrate the beauty that surrounds you.

Colorful eye candies coming your way on this here blog.

Hue have been warned.

Enjoy this super episode by clicking here. And while you’re at it leave a review over on Itunes for a superhero-sized thank you!


love, Kathy

Fear Busting Moves

Bust a Mama Bliss Move


I’ve been working on a little treat for the new students enrolling in this spring session of Mama Bliss Coaching School. A welcome dance number to celebrate this giant step forward to a new leg of their Mama Bliss journey!

And it just dawned on me how it wasn’t too long ago I used the thought of signing up for hip hop classes with my friend Jennifyre as the example I used for popping fears in day seven of my now retired Ten Days to Get Yummy ecourse. A fear that almost kept me from reaching my maximum Mama Bliss.

Perish the thought!

Now, as you can in the outtakes below, I’m a dancing maniac.

Emphasis on the word maniac.

And dropping down a big chunk of change into a program definitely falls under the category of being both tail and fear wagging inducing. Especially if it’s the first step toward making a pretty major step toward shifting your mindset, and day to day reality, from full-time stay at home mama to at least a part-time work at home mama.

I remember almost puking the first time I did the chunk drop.

And I’m not talking about some hip dislocating hip hop move either.

The first big chunk of change in terms of investment I made in my business was a coaching session with Leonie Dawson herself. At the end of our luxurious, two-hour,  crazy awesome as you would imagine it to be, conversation she dared me to make back the cost of the session within two weeks.

I was all over that challenge like Wild Donkey Kong (inside Leonie’s world joke), and did it. And I used that mindset from then on whenever I signed up for something in that magnitude. I was going to do what I can to reap back  my investment back ten fold in either monetary, energetic or clarity-shifting magical ways.

Lately I’ve been getting loads of questions emailed, and over the phone, from Mamas who know they’re ready to invest in themselves at this point of their mama career but can’t decide between B-School, Mama Bliss Coaching School or working with me one on one.

It depends where you’re at Mama!

There’s B-School

If you’re considering B-School this year you better giddy up. Doors are closing Wednesday, March 5 at 3 pm EST.  You can read all about my B-School bonus here  and remember to be careful to use this link to, well, be sure you used my affiliate link!

B-School would be an awesome choice for you if you have a pretty clear idea on what it is, more or less, what you want to offer in the online world. I loved the resource I received at the beginning of the process called “Start the Right Business” . Totally confirmed that I was indeed on the right, Mama Bliss-paved path.

B-School is also the way to go if you’re ready to start making real connections on line. Each year I’m involved in this community the peers I’m rubbing virtual shoulders with are making more of a significant impact on my bottom line. It’s truly supportive and the impact of this support only strengthens as our businesses and friendships grow.

There’s Mama Bliss Coaching School

This program starts in three weeks and we’re already 1/4 of the way to filling the class so be sure to get your application in sooner than later Sweet Mama!

This one’s the way to go if you know for sure working either one on one with mamas in some coaching capacity is in your future, want to add coaching to your existing online offerings or if you can see yourself leading self-care for mothers type workshops in your community.

I say go for this option too if you want to experience what it’s like to coach yourself to a strong foundation of Mama Bliss which will see that you have a place of clarity and strength to grow from as you explore all of the amazing options we mamas born into this special age have at our disposal if we want to be sharing our gifts from home while also contributing to the family income.

Not to toot my bliss teaching horn but here’s what some of my beloved beta-testers are saying about this current session that just entered its third module:

Mama Bliss Coaching School is AWESOME because I love your weekly e-books full of mama bliss wisdom, our inspiring Skype calls every week and how your coaching training has already changed my life in so many beautiful ways. THANK YOU KATHY!!!! ~ Halina

 I’ve been a part of a number of online programs, and the way Mama Bliss Coaching school is tailored and delivers content to the busy entrepreneurial mama is spot on.  Mama Bliss really hits the mark if you are looking for practical tools for mamas with self-care, creativity, aligning values, and simplicity. ~ Ellen

I love how the Mama Bliss Coaching School program walked us personally through the very steps that we will eventually share with coaching clients of our own. Having a solid foundation of self-care, creativity, and simplicity in place from the beginning is completely invaluable! The flow of the course is perfect– stimulating without being overwhelming.  ~ Dana

 Kathy’s unique gift as a “mama-nurturer” really comes through in the class materials.  I find the tools and resources so far to be approachable as a coach and well received as a client.  MBCS is a supportive community–and fun too! ~ Jennifer
Mama Bliss Coaching School has given me a sisterhood of artists, mamas, women, and friends to grow with, explore uncharted territories, and flex my new coaching wings as I wade through the process of learning what I truly and uniquely want to offer the world through my coaching practice.  It is a safe place to ask, share, learn, and relate to others and I feel emboldened every day with our emails, calls, assignments, and check-ins with our Mama Bliss family.  Love, love, love Kathy and her blissful vision!  ~ Laura

And then there’s One On One Coaching

Always a classic choice (said with a Carribean accent for some reason). While it will be just you and me for four luscious hours (prices are going up next month, quick heads up) we will be limited to the tools I’ll be sharing with you and to, well,  just four hours. The coaching school‘s cool to see all that I have to offer and you’ll have the time and space to really dive into the process and seeing which ones truly resonate with, and work for, you.

But if you’re feeling super muddled and frustrated with lack of rhythm in your world and time for yourself sweet mama, I’d love to hold your hand as we move you toward more peace, flow and clarity.

Ugh. So many choices. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again:

With each kid we birth we expel a yogurt container full of decision-making cells.

Good luck to you mamas out there with three plus kids!

Below are some outtakes to my warm welcome video to my Spring Sesh Coaching School students (and if you B-line to B-school through my link, you get to see it as well because Module One is part of the bonus deal!):

What has the making of this video reminded me?

Perfection is over-rated.

And there’s never the perfect time to do anything. We would never would have had our beloved puppy if that was the case.

And if neither of these options to work with me aren’t a perfect fit for you right now, no fret. As always, there’s more bliss enhancing goodness from where that came from. In fact I got something up my bliss sleeves right now. Should be out just in time for Mother’s Day of course!

Stay tuned, Sunshine…

love, Kathy

Radical Wonder Woman ~ Shyloe Fayad

podcast episode #19 - Shyloe Fayad

Brand spanking new podcast episode to share with you today and you’re in for a treat!

Today’s interview is with Shyloe Fayad from Radical Wondering.

Shyloe is a Transformational Life Coach, single mother of four and an empowered feminine leader. Not to mention a real life buddy of mine. AND we share the same birthday.

(Not to be a goose bump giver but I just realized that’s the case too with Epidsode 18‘s guest, Keri Kettle, as well. Crazy!)

In this 19th BBN Podcast Episode, Shyloe shares her top tips for mama bliss while simplifying your mothering experience including:

startaking time for yourself regularly and truly being present in those precious moments
starher observation on how diving into the same bliss everyday might make them lose some of that special magic (eeks!)
starconnecting with friends in deep ways can bring mama wellness
starsetting  clear boundaries with your children and be organized with regular mealtimes and tight snack rations (a mama after my own heart)
starturning your kids into your very own Downtown Abbey-type crew of servants (complete with matching uniforms!)

And so much more! So be sure to take a listen here!

Shyloe’s approach to coaching embraces challenges and situations in a nonjudgmental way. Instead, from a place of wonder. Isn’t she wonder-full?

To learn more about Shyloe, visit Radical Wondering.

She’s also generously offering three mamas in the audience a Hot, Happy, and Healthy Breakthrough Session. Simply be one of the first three people to email her at radicalwondering at gmail dot com and type “Hot, Happy and Healthy” in the subject line. You might just get hot, happy and lucky.

Enjoy the show and remember to subscribe to the show through iTunes so you don’t miss any of my lovely ladies!

Love, Kathy

I Want to Be Your B-School Doula


It’s that time of year again! B-school is open for registration! I’m pretty honored to have been chosen to be an affiliate again this year. To help I wanted to put into the perfect, freshly scribed words how much B-school has changed my work-at-home mama life, but it looks like I pretty much nailed it last year in a post around this time so I’m going pretty much share what I said then.

So below is what I wrote but with some updates on the bonus offer if you sign up through my link.

There are loads of juicy bonuses out there to sink your B-School hungry teeth into, but I’m going at it at an angle that’s a little more, shall we say… intimate?

Like doula intimate.

I’m talking one-on-one stuff, Mama. Something that the ‘hot shots’ vying for your affiliate cut can’t deliver. Guess that makes me a ‘lukewarm shot’ . But that’s okay. Especially for you because..

Ego-sponsored existential crisis aside, I want to be your B-School doula!

Read on to get the bonus details on this intimate, one-on-one, ‘dehydrating your placenta if I could’-style support as you push the business baby inside you out!


I remember the moment that I decided to take the plunge and make a serious investment in my dream to be a successful work-at-home mama. The dream of finding  clarity on how to combine my passion for slow living and simplicity parenting with helping mamas milk their bliss and rediscover themselves.

I was in Portland. In mid-picture-taking of yet another pretty piece of latte foam art (you don’t see much of them foam art thingies here in the bush).

The whole time I was on my mama-battery recharge trip, I kept flip-flopping between signing up for Marie Forleo’s B-School or not. But then, serendipitously, the new best friend I made on that trip informed me she was signing up. I figured her signing up was a sign, so with many a butterfly and latte art in my belly, I went to the sign up page and signed up myself. Gulp.

I was scared.

But just for a split second because immediately I was hooked up with an amazing pre-B-School module that grabbed me by the shoulders and shook my chakras Mama martini style: The Implementation Formula. In it, I picked up life long habits to get poop done and pull up blinders to shiny objects pulling me away from this sacred mission, and immediately my mindset was shifted from crafty blogger to going pro.

All this happened mere hours after signing up. Then it just kept on getting better.

I’ve mentioned this before but many of my coaching clients seem to be lovely mamas with four-and-a-half-year old sons (statistically speaking) who are ready, or need to, get back into the workforce, but have a deep desire to work from home or become their own boss. They just don’t know where or how to start or how to most lucratively merge their passions with a strategy.

I tell all you mamas to four-and-a-half-year olds: Consider signing up. You’re in good hands with Marie and her ginormous community of grads, which includes every single hot shot you can come up with, including myself. (Winking and nodding my head slowly at the same time.)

This has been, hands down, the biggest but also the best investment in my mama entrepreneurial journey. Ever.

Since completing this eight-week program a year ago (future Kathy here reminding you that this was originally posted last year):

  • My income from this little operation has tripled while still only working away while my kids are technically unconscious (due to natural circumstances of course).
  • I have gotten inspired to think outside the box, dream BIG and because of this, I am on the cusp of announcing a HUGE dream that I’ve been incubating largely due to the tools I picked up through this legendary program.
  • I’m still part of an amazing and active community of entrepreneurial mamas in a private Facebook group (Bschool Mamas ~ woot!) where we share resources, encouragement and support.

And that’s what I want to offer to you too. But on a more personal level.

If you want to join me in B-School this round, sign up through my affiliate link (very, very important you make sure you use that link, Mama!). Then email me right away to let me know you did it at kathy at blissbeyondnaptime dot com.

Here’s what you’ll get for doing so:

Bonus Number One:
Mama Bliss Coaching Four Pack

I’ll set you up with four one-on-one coaching sessions to help you process, brainstorm, implement and have a living, breathing sounding board on what’s coming up for you in this fun, exciting and life changing process.

I have the Mama Bliss Coaching skills (a fusion of my simplicity and creativity coaching training on top of my nine years of online entrepreneurial mama experience) to help you bust through the common blocks of overwhelm and creative chaos that such a program can drum up so you can more easily relax into this awesome experience. And I’ll be pouring all over you my contacts, secrets and other tricks up my sleeve to see that you soar! ($800 value)

Bonus Number Two:
Mama Bliss Coaching School ~ Module One

Experience the foundation for success for any work from home mama. You’ll be invited to participate in the first four weeks of Mama Bliss Coaching School ~ Fall Session, planned for September 2014. In this four-week module, delivered through email and four weekly group coaching calls, we deeply explore and embrace the four pillars of Mama Bliss that are so crucial to establish an optimum work from home experience, in which the whole family thrives. ($1000 value)

Bonus Number Three:
Mini-Mama Mastermind!

No, this is not a bonus reserved for mamas under five feet one ~ everyone’s welcome! Everyone, that is, who decides to have me as their B-school Doula. (Get started by clicking on this link right here. It’s very important you do so.)

This special crew is privy to a weekly one-hour Google hangout as we sip our hot beverage of choice and discuss that week’s lesson or anything else B-School related. I’ll answer any questions you might have, offer you face-to-face time with other B-School participants and group coaching exercises to help tend with B-School/mama life balance finding. I’ll also occasionally throw my favorite party tricks to keep you on your toes ~ ever seen my ‘dislocated elbow’ illusion? (PRICELESS!)

What do you get when you cross a B-Schooler and a Mama Bliss Coaching Client? A Bliss-Schooler.

What some Bliss-Schoolers from last year want you to know:

littledana“B-School was a life changing experience for me! I was nervous at first to sign up for the program, because of both the financial and (imagined) time commitments involved. I’m so glad I made the decision to sign up. The modules themselves came in all sorts of formats, so I could listen to them on my iPod (on a sunny backyard patio, obviously), watch them online, or print them out and take notes if the nerd in me really wanted to shine.

Kathy’s approach to coaching is a really nice complement to B-School material. Kathy’s focus is on maximizing bliss through self-care practices, creativity, simplicity, and getting clear on our values. Without these bases covered, it’s easy to get distracted and to lose sight of our true goals. However, Kathy’s coaching ensures that her clients are strongly rooted and are therefore able to grow their businesses into tall, strong, and beautiful trees! B-School and Mama Bliss Coaching are a winning combination for sure.”  ~ Dana, MartyCultural.com


Libby“I was worried about signing up for B-School at first because of not enough money or time and I wouldn’t be able to do the work. But I signed up through Kathy’s affiliate link and I’m so glad I did. The B-School community alone is an absolute treasure and getting the personalized attention and being able to figure out how the course material works with the actual life of a mama was invaluable.” ~ Libby, MothAndSquirrel.Blogspot.ca


kelly ehrman“Thank you so much for all of your loving support Kathy! I signed up for Mama Bliss Coaching through your B-School Bonus offer – there were so many offers out there, but when I saw yours I was over the moon because your vibe is so personable. I knew you would make me laugh, and I couldn’t wait to work with someone who understands the realities of being a business-building-kiddo-raising-homeschooling-bliss-seeking mama.

You have such a knack for helping an overloaded mama relax, get playful, and find her energy and motivation! You helped me think outside the box and find simple next steps and even more than that you let me jabber your ear off and work through my stuff. I got off of every call feeling calmer, more confident, and more clear about what to do next.” ~ Kelly, LavendersBlueHomeSchool.com


Sound pretty cool? No, it’s pretty B-School, which is cooler than cool.

Hope to see you there!

Click here to become a Bliss Schooler today! Once you’ve signed up, email me at kathy@blissbeyondnaptime.com.

love, Kathy