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Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour Wrap Up

Would love to take this chance to thank all the blissed-out Mamas that shared their gleanings on this trip that is Mamahood. Thank you ElenaShannon, Maggie, Michelle, Shawn, Anna, Pippa and Lindsay.

You made it possible for me to really embrace the heat wave properly in these parts by spending my mornings preparing for my upcoming teleseminar all about busting through Mama Overwhelm and the afternoons applying copius amounts of natural sunscreen on my slightly pastey-white offsprings until they shone like all dolled up little Geisha Dolls.

In between reslathering sessions I contemplated what I deemed my own definition of Mama bliss. Here’s some of what bubbled up in a quiet moment:


Mama Bliss Is...


 Mama Bliss is remembering that our kids chose us for a reason.

A friend shared this with me when I was pregnant for the first time nearly a decade ago. There’s a Tibetan belief that when a couple is making love a baby’s soul gets attracted to the energy the couple puts out. Luckily, I put out a lot more energy back ten years ago when I was putting out so we caught ourselves the perfect matches that endure our best attempts to parent in even the most challenging of times.

I find this idea so beautiful, and forgiving, to think that our children chose us – flaws and all.

And this concept eases the guilt that occasionally rises up when I’m elbows deep in work, shorter in patience, or just simply not Mama Bliss Poster Mama. When they see aspects of my personality that are less than Pinterest-worthy I realize that overwehlm’s creeping in and it’s time to hit pause and see which of my four pillars to Mama Bliss might need readjustment (self-care, creativity, values and simplicity).



Mama Bliss is recognizing glimmers of myself, and all those I love,  in them.

And I don’t mean this one the egotistical sense like, hey, check it out, – the kids got my naturally straight teeth and easy tanning skin because, well, they totally didn’t.

But it’s more like my bliss explodes when I catch the more subtle nuances that remind me of aspects of myself I’m proud of or of someone else that’s made an impression on me in a positive way.

Such moments include when Kale looks exactly like my little brother did when he was five years old laughing at at a clever knock knock joke I came up with, or Edie has that same mischievous smirk my best friend in highschool had right before we got up to no good.

The glimmers happen too when I see Craig’s grandma’s kindness resurface back into our planet with Edie’s generosity or my dad’s love of flying reflected in my son’s play.

I feel that my intensity of my love for my children allows me to fall in love with humanity itself (not to mention ex-boyfriends – but not in that way) all over again despite the atrocities, injustice and greed out there.


Mama Bliss Is...


And on that note, Mama Bliss is rediscovering hope for the world.

I deeply feel that Mama Bliss is a healing process for the world that begins within Mama herself. So many abrasive aspects of my life’s journey has been soothed by allowing this Deep Love to guide me toward allowing more compassion toward myself and in turn, to those around me.

All decisions I’ve made since finding out I was to become a mom have lead to exploring aspects of myself I’ve neglected, been fearful of or haven’t yet explored.

For instance, I ended up nursing my kids for what felt forever because, first of all,  I didn’t mind. I felt the ritual of sitting down to pause was a balm of sorts to my tendency to ‘do, do, do’ (maybe that’s why her nickname is “Doo Doo”?). And then when I began to mind, three years in, the nursing relationship ended without much fanfare.

Another example is honoring my tendency to embrace a pretty minimalist approach to kid stuff. This decision from the pregnancy test positive get go also lend itself to a lot of boundary building with friends and family but apparently that was a muscle I needed to build up and model to my kids – a life-skill essential to this sometimes complicated Brave New Blurry Boundaries World.

And finally hope is reignited by the strength I feel when I pay attention that my needs are met first by ensuring my self-care SHOES are shined up I’m lending some greater medicine to the world at large. If my self-care practices slide, I’m no good to anyone. And I have a lot of good to share with a lot of people!

Mama Bliss Is...


Mama Bliss is knowing an oasis of peace and love is at the center of it all.

And speaking of goods sharing, let’s talk about overwhelm and how Mama Bliss Coaching can help you contend with that. Actually, let’s talk about it for a whole hour on the teleseminar coming up this Wednesday!

Overwhelm reminds me of the mother of all initiations into motherhood. A little something many of us have experienced: labour.

I remember the intensity of the rushes washing up all over me for what felt like eternity. But in reality they only lasted a few minutes at the most.

Then there was a  pause in the chaos. A moment to gather up my strength again and take on another one.

But even in the throes of the most intense contractions there was always a nugget of the truth that my already undying love for my child working with me to come into this world, is not only worth it but at the center of all that I do. And still is.

Today, the rushes I experience come in the form of overwhelm.

A natural condition in life that’s tricky to avoid these days. The trick is to find the pause button and recalibrate. And this is what I’m going to show you on Wednesday at 10:oo am PST with the help of my top three Mama Bliss Coaching Tools for overwhelm.

You can sign up here as well as get all the details. Little deets like if you can’t make the call live you’ll get the recording emailed to you straight away along with  the first lesson to Mama Bliss Coaching School all about Self-Care for busy mamas.

But if you can make it live, do it!  There’s special treats for those who do.

I thank you for visiting the blog tour stops these last couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you at the Mama Bliss Teleseminar!


love, Kathy

Mama Bliss Is – Lindsay Pera

Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour - Lindsay Pera

Busting with pride to introduce to you today Lindsay Pera of Full Circle Wellness Tools. So honored to have got to met her this summer in Portland and we couldn’t get over some uncanny life parralels (birth a kid in a strawbale house much?).

Here she shares with us her journey into this bliss from Kindergarten to High School (eeps)!


It seems no coincidence that I am writing this on the eve of my eldest child starting high-school.


Like some kind of wonky reverse-rite of passage, all day I have found myself bouncing around in my mind’s eye between him as a newborn, then him already graduating, then as a four-year old, even him leaving home.


I’m pretty sure it’s even worse than the kindergartner thing.  Because when they are five – the whole future seems to stretch out before us.  And though we are tossed under by the awareness of how fast it all goes – there is still the promise of so many years ahead.


High-school is a whole different matter. By this point we’ve been on the journey long enough to REALLY know how fast it is all going to go. Parenting is this crazy contrast between sometimes seemingly endless moments… all wrapped into seemingly fleeting years.  It’s the craziest thing ever.  And so, it seems a fitting time to lay it all out here.  That the time is almost passed to finally figure out this whole “mama bliss” thing once and for all.


For starters…I think I know what Mama Bliss isn’t…even though these are so often the things we are sold and promised as we naively enter into mama-dom.

Check out the rest of her post here.

Thank you so much sweet Lindsay!


love, Kathy

Mama Bliss Is – Pippa Best

Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour - Pippa Best

Our next blog tour stop takes us to Pippa of Story of Mum -  a magical online community for mums (in a enchanting land where moms are mums) to share their stories, doodle insights from this blissful experience and score gold stars along the way.

Speaking of gold stars, Pippa gets a big one for this beautiful contribution!


It’s only since becoming a mama that I have experienced true bliss.

An all-consuming tingle of joy, a sense of being right where I am supposed to be. Completely present in the moment.

And it’s only since becoming a mama that I have experienced despair.

An all-consuming exhaustion, a feeling of failure, inadequacy and pain. Impossible tears.

How is it that those stories sit side by side so comfortably?

Does each give greater potency to the other?

There is bliss in moving away from despair. In learning that I cannot fail when I trust my instincts, that good enough is good enough, and pain will pass.

There is bliss in the moments where I let myself be.

As I step deeper into motherhood, I try to count the successes more than the failures.

And when I struggle, I try to slow myself down.

Read more of Pippa’s story here.


And thank you so much Pippa  for sharing with us your poetic perspective on this beautiful dance that make up Mama Bliss!


love, Kathy


Signed up for the teleseminar where I”ll be sharing my top three Mama Bliss Coaching tools to bust through overwhelm yet? Be sure to do so here today before you forget (mama overwhelm does that to you)!


Podcast #31: Tapping with Dana Machacek – Mama Bliss Coach

Podcast #31 - Dana Machacek - Mama Bliss Coach


A rainy day has finally fell upon us offering us much needed relief after what feels like a forever sort of heatwave. Along with that, we discovered the perfect excuse for a long overdue ‘pajama day’.

After a morning spent at swim classes, the kids and I made a pit stop at the video store and got all cozied up on the couch watching Fly Away Home – a true story of the little girl from The Piano raising a gaggle of Canadian Geese from hatch and then teaches them to fly by learning to fly herself – via an ultra light aircraft.

I feel like such an ultra light aircraft hopper right now (expect I’m now the big girl version – aka the hottie from True Blood) as I introduce to you today the first of a series of podcast episodes featuring Mama Bliss Coaching School Grads.

All these ladies have experienced an intense three months with me and other bliss seekers as I’ve helped them paint an intimate portrait of their own bliss, shared my coaching tools and had them practice with others on top of passing on all my best online marketing practices to help them get their adorable webbed coaching toes off the ground.


The first of my flock to introduce to you is my dear friend Dana Machacek.

Click here to listen to our conversation.

When Dana isn’t busy helping her husband sell his amazing artwork at the she can be found offering coaching and energetic healing through grounding, crystal healing, guided visualization and EFT to women.

In this 31st podcast episode, Dana also shares:


starHow she’s simplified her life by stopping this business of ‘should-ing’ all over herself.

starHer strategy of feeling joyful on purpose.

starHow she turns endless cartwheels of joy when she  imagines women saying yes to themselves and to their dreams.

starThe power of one small word to bring us closer to our personal bliss.

starAn EFT session (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) which you can tap along to. This practice has helped me so much this winter and Dana explains to us why it works

starThe three touchstones to her coaching approach: Trusting, Allowing and Healing
You can read Dana’s seasonal yet hilarious blog here and reach her at dana.m.machacek@gmail.com to book one on one coaching to experience personalized tapping or other energy medicine session combined with her Mama Bliss Coaching training.

Thank you sweet Dana! I’ll stop flapping my arms now.


love, Kathy


Interested in joining my flock of fledgling Mama Bliss Coaches? You can fill out an application here for the next session coming up mid-September. Early bird tuition ends August 31st ~ so we best get cracking (I’ll stop with the gosling talk now)!

Mama Bliss Is – Anna Brouhard

Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour - Anna Brouhard

So excited to introduce you to Anna from Mama Blossom - a blogger, motivational speaker and daydreamer. Today she records some of her bliss-filled daydreams and shares them with us a part of the Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour as well as offers us some starting off points to journal our own.

Here’s a snippet from her post this morning:


These are the things of think of when I think of Mama Bliss. It’s noticing the small moments after they have already happened and committing them to my journal over coffee.

Documenting what life has to offer has become a form of art created out of the ordinary day-to-day of motherhood.

For all the times it feels so hard, chaotic and out of balance I write. Writing as a form of gratitude for the present chaos of raising two boys.

Can we find peace and bloom where we are planted?


Click here to read more and to dive into the journal prompts Anna so generously shares to encourage all of us to capture the mama bliss from the ordinary moments.

Thank you Anna! Love the energy coming from you and your three boys ;)


love, Kathy


Read more from the Mama Bliss Blogging Tour by checking out Elena‘s, Shannon‘s, Maggie‘s, Michelle‘s and Shawn‘s contributions so far. It’s a Mama Load of Bliss this week at Bliss Beyond Naptime! And there’s still more to come. Stay tuned!

These are the things that I think of Mama Bliss. It’s noticing the small moments after they have already happened and committing them to my journal over coffee. Documenting what life has offered becomes a form of art created out of the ordinary day-to-day of motherhood. For all the times it feels so hard, chaotic and out of balance, I write. Writing as a form of gratitude for the present chaos of raising two boys. Time will grow my children. Eventually the house will turn quiet and deseperately welcome phone calls form college. For now Mama Bliss is enjoying the moments of whatever may come. It’s accepting the challenges with the joy and not fighting or pushing the present.

Can we find peace and bloom where we are planted?

- See more at: http://www.mamablossom.com/mama-bliss-is-taking-notes/#sthash.0bbLDTex.dpuf

These are the things that I think of Mama Bliss. It’s noticing the small moments after they have already happened and committing them to my journal over coffee. Documenting what life has offered becomes a form of art created out of the ordinary day-to-day of motherhood. For all the times it feels so hard, chaotic and out of balance, I write. Writing as a form of gratitude for the present chaos of raising two boys. Time will grow my children. Eventually the house will turn quiet and desperately welcome phone calls form college. For now Mama Bliss is enjoying the moments of whatever may come. It’s accepting the challenges with the joy and not fighting or pushing the present.

Can we find peace and bloom where we are planted?

Mama Bliss Is – Shawn Fink

Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour - Shawn Fink

You’re in for a treat today Mama Bliss Is Blog Tourists! Shawn Fink always puts an abundant heaping of love and mama soulfulness to her blog posts and she didn’t hold back today when asked to ponder the question “What is Mama Bliss to you”?



I work with a lot of mothers on creating unique-to-them self-care rituals and practices and when we talk about being happy and feeling blissful, they instantly start thinking about the BIG moments. And how hard it is to be happy because motherhood — parenthood — is so hard.

They think about a gym membership or a yoga class. Or they start thinking about their child’s milestones. Starting school. Or learning to walk. Or speaking in full sentences. Or they think about their career like going back to work or starting a business.

However, when I really ask them about what really makes them happy, their answers aren’t in the big moments at all. And often they are surprised by this.

Turns out, being happy in motherhood isn’t as hard as we make it.

Turns out you can find your bliss as a mother pretty easily.

Click here to read how!

Thank you so much sweet Shawn for, as always, beautifully sharing all of your insights on bliss and mothering!


love, Kathy


To help you get more abundant with your own dollops  of bliss remember to sign up for the Mama Bliss teleseminar coming up next Wednesday where I’ll be sharing my top three Mama Bliss Coaching tools to tone down any overwhelm along with offering a sneak peek into Mama Bliss Coaching School by emailing all signer uppers the very first lesson – all about self-care!

Mama Bliss Is – Michelle Ward

Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour - Michelle Ward

For today’s Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour I’ve invited my own career coach from when I had yet to grow up -  Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach.

Michelle and her husband adopted a baby girl a few weeks ago, and he turned to her and said, “Although I left my full-time job to be a freelancer over a year ago, I didn’t realize I did it for the here and now - being able to spend time with our daughter and not have to be somewhere else for 40+ hours a week.”

Today, Michelle gives us her 22 reasons why it was worthwhile.


A statement like this, especially from my husband, makes me the happiest.

I realized how right he was, and how lucky worthwhile it was to take the blood, sweat, tears and years of discovering and building our dream careers.

I also liked how he incorporated all of his previous experience and decisions in his realization.

It wasn’t only about being a freelancer now so he can spend entire days with our Baby Girl. It was about the fact that he spent years building up his skill set and connections in order to actually make it happen.

Here are 22 of my own personal reasons for why I’m so thankful and proud that I took the “risky” route and created my dream career.

Click here to read the risky route reasons and thank you so much Michelle for sharing in the seriously cute little newborn bliss!


love, Kathy


Speaking of dream careers, did you know that Mama Bliss Coaching School is once again open for applications? If this sounds like something you’ve been dreaming about, I”d love to talk. You can find out how to apply by clicking here.

Mama Bliss Is – Maggie Patterson

Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour - Maggie Patterson

So excited to introduce to you today my friend Maggie Patterson, copywriter and communications strategist, and, above all else, but not often talked about online, a bliss-filled Mama.

In her contribution post to the Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour she shares how freedom is the ultimate high note when it comes to publicly relating to Mama Bliss. 



When Kathy invited me to be a part of the Mama Bliss Is Tour, I thought a lot about how this fits with my focus on communications, storytelling and messaging. But then it became clear. Being a mama is part of my story. It’s not one that I talk about a ton, but I’m definitely not hiding it either, so here we go.


For me, Mama Bliss Is… Freedom.

My journey as a mother and an entrepreneur are inextricably tied. Becoming a mom is what gave me the push to go out on my own. To leave the golden handcuffs in search of a life with more freedom as an entrepreneur because I knew the “usual” way of doing things wasn’t going to work for me or my family.

For some reason, quitting my fancy title, big pay check position didn’t seem like a risk. The bigger risk was that I’d not have the time, space and freedom to explore the world of work and life as a new mom in my own way.

I felt so convicted to do this that there simply was no question.

Until recently, it never occurred to me how gutsy making this big of a move towards freedom truly is, especially when you are a mama. Ditching security when you have no clients and diapers to buy (even with a husband with a solid pay check) is not what we are supposed to do. This is straight up b-a-n-a-n-a-s. (You need to sing bananas like Gwen Stefani sings it in Holla Back Girl for maximum effect.)

But more than 9 years later, here I am. Free.

Read more of Maggie’s post on why freedom can’t wait by clicking here.

Thank you so much Maggie for this amazing perspective and tips on getting the freedom we mamas crave! You always have such a way with words.


love, Kathy
And speaking of words, come hear me say an hours’ worth of them by signing up for the Mama Bliss Teleseminar on August 20th. Here I’ll be sharing my top three tools to contend with overwhelm as well as answer any of your questions you might have around the recently opened applications doors to Mama Bliss Coaching School Fall 2014 session. Sign up for more bliss and freedom today!

Mama Bliss Is – Shannon Kinney Duh

mama bliss is blog tour - shannon kinney duh

Today’s stop in the Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour is a mama familiar to the Bliss Beyond Naptime readership. Shannon Kinney Duh from A Free Spirit Life  was a recent podcast guest and has won me and my listeners over with her passion for creating a life full of creativity and bliss for the whole family through simplicity and connection time.

Here Shannon shares how she describes her Mama Bliss and remember, I’m curious about yours too!  Share on Facebook and twitter by using the hashtag #mamabliss and I’ll find your bliss.

Without further ado, here are Shannon’s gems:


I just spent the last 5 days with one of my dearest friends.  It’s that timeless friendship that picks up right where it left off, no matter the distance or space between visits.  We met as newbie freshman in college and now our lives have expanded to include our husbands and our 5 boys. Together during our past visit we enjoyed lots of downtime, dancing in the rain, nature walks, good food, laughter, bonfire and s’mores, and catching fireflies, among other summer fun.

What I was reminded of this past week is that deep, intimate friendships with other women are vital on our journey as mothers.

Being a mom is overwhelming at times.  A good, authentic friendship gives you a sounding board, someone to relate to, and the inspiration and support that is so needed on this mothering journey.  Good friendships remind you that you aren’t alone, that you CAN make it through the rough times, and that there is so much goodness and beauty to celebrate.

Today I’m sharing a glimpse of our week together and what mama bliss is to me.

Click here to read the rest of Shannon’s blog tour post.

And thank you so much dear Shannon for sharing your words and bliss epiphanies with us!


love, Kathy


And speaking of bliss epiphanies, a Mama Bliss Teleseminar slated for August 20th. I’ll be sharing in this one hour call my top three Mama Bliss Coaching Tools to contend with overwhelm so you can cram more bliss in to your busy days.

You can find more information (including the sign-up bonus of receiving the first lesson to Mama Bliss Coaching School that  unlocks the secrets of cultivating more mama bliss through self-care), and how to sign up for this free call, over here.


Mama Bliss Is – Elena Lipson

Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour

So honored to introduce to you today my friend Elena Lipson as the first stop in the Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour, a blog tour helping to spread the word about the importance of mamas tending to their needs first so they can recognize and cultivate the bliss from within and then spread it around their families and communities.

Would love to hear how you would finish the sentence that begins with “Mama Bliss is” too!  Share your gleanings on Facebook and twitter using the hashtag #mamabliss and I’ll come seek you out.

But first, here’s Elena and her bliss:


Mama Bliss is such a personal journey and has changed for me over the years.

For me, mama bliss has always been about those moments that pull you into the present with crystal clarity of what is most important. Here are some of the highlights of those raw, feel your skin tingle, smell the air, burned in my memory forever mama bliss moments:

The first glimpse of the ultrasound.

That moment he was laid on my tummy the very first time.

The feel of his skin. Even today.

Those little feet that were impossibly small. Growing every day.

The latching on moment of nursing my baby. Knowing that I am nourishing this beautiful little soul and he is counting on me. What a blessing.

Watching him lay on my husbands bare chest and nap together. That is bliss.


Read the rest of her touching post that would make my mascara dribble if I wore such things everyday over here..

Thank you Elena!


love, Kathy